Palin Thinks US Is Now at War With Iran

On October 31, Sarah Palin said that in the first 100 days of the McCain administration, we would “shore up the strategies that we need over in Iraq and Iran to win these wars.” (About 17 seconds into the clip.)

38 thoughts on “Palin Thinks US Is Now at War With Iran”

  1. This comes on top of the comments from Biden about Obama being tested early in his administration, should he be elected. What exactly do our political leaders have in store for us?

  2. If the U.S. DOES end up in a war with Iran, (whichever of the two basically indistinguishable establishment parties is in power) it will be a catastrophic mistake.

  3. The US is at war with Iran…has been for some time now. The war with Iran is still in it’s early stages (covert ops, economic attacks, and the smear campaign) but make no mistake it’s already underway. The american sheeple don’t know that they’re at war with Iran because the MSM hasn’t instructed them to begin thinking that they’re at war with Iran.

    LMAO! The common american is so f#&kin’ thick-headed that he must be told – by government “officals” via the MSM – what to think and when to think it! XD

  4. I suspect that Palin in her mind sees no distinction between the insurgents in Iraq and the government of Iran. To her, to be at war with insurgents in Iraq, the Taliban in Afghanistan, or in diplomatic disagreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran is a distinction without a difference. I mean, after all, they’re all “towel-heads” aren’t they? And after 9/11 you know what “them towel-heads” deserve. Here we have the danger of the programatic lies so easily churned out by the regime in the course of the Iraq horror. In the end it is productive of a disguised kind of Muslim-baiting. Had this been 1930s Germany, one might as easily heard someone like Palin denounce Bolshevism as a Jewish reality.

    What worries me more – but apparently not Eric – is not the likely loser we’ve seemed narrowly to have dodged, but the winner, the poseur, that we’re about to face.

  5. With so many top universities in the continental United States, why are there so many morons running for office? Has the great far-right campaign to slander and smear intellectuals actually worked?

    And the once-proud Republican party is now dependent on idiots like Palin and their lying plumber. Is this the bottom for them, or can they possibly sink further? Do they realize what a joke they have become? American media is far too nice to them. If they were running this campaign in Canada or Europe they would be laughed at day and night and exposed for the dimwits that they are each news cycle. This totally explodes the rightwing myth of the liberal media bias.

    1. I’ve wondered about this, too. The smartest Americans almost never go into public life — usually business or something like that. Politicians in the US are usually lawyers, with the occasional failed businessman.

      For my part, I know a fair amount about history, and read 10 languages (some better than others); clearly I’m too intellectual for a country where people are afraid to get too smart, for fear they might not believe the Bible anymore!

      Lester Ness

      1. Oh, you’re no intellectual, Lester. You’re just religion hating filth, that’s all.

        1. Don’t confuse me with the other Lester. I’m an ex-Evangelical, current Roman Catholic. I just don’t hate Jews or Muslims enough for some people! Buddhists and Taoists don’t bother me either. The local pagans (called ben jia) have always treated me fine. Likewise Black Americans and Asians of all sorts.

          By some curious coincidence, every time I’ve been pinched with pliers, kicked, forced to eat vomit, brainwashed into self-hatred or chronic depression, it’s been by some White Anglo-Saxon Protestant type, usually boasting about how superior their conservative morals are! That’s why I believe in Original Sin, even Total Depravity: I ran into it so often in the USA. That’s why I don’t have as high an opinion of my fellow White Americans as they usually do, either. Not all are torturers and brain-washers, but some are.

          Lester Ness

    1. She is an Armegeddonite and (probably) a Dominionist, someone who wants her sort of Xtn to rule the rest of us with a rod of iron.

      Check out (cautiously) for an account of Palin’s ties to dominionist cults.

      Lester Ness

      1. Palin’s yahooism is bad enough, Lester, but the anti-Christian five minute hates eminating from Daily Kos – and all too frequently you – are worse yet. Have a story along the lines of the Protocols of Zion for us as well do you? If either of you knew what you were talking about you’d realize that “Dominionism”, so-called, at least in one of its most defining aspects, is the very opposite of “Armagedonism”. The former in its origins with John Rushdoony was self-consciously post-millenial, not premillenial. You might even find one adherent regularly over at Lew Rockwell’s site, Gary North, Rushdoony’s son-in-law. Rushdoony utterly rejected the dispensational premillenialism at the core of Palin’s eschatology. But to rabid Christian haters like yourself this kind of detail is an inconvenient annoyance that gets in the way of the Christian baiting. Cross you legs, your breath smells, Lester.

  6. Well, the term Judeo-Bolshevism was appropriate…One has only to read the US military intell of the era…or the telegrams fm US, British or Canadian ambassadors…But, hey, better to dodge reality ( and all the Trotskys, Bela Kuhns, Rosa Luxemburgs and Bolsheviks fm places other than Russia who Russified their names ) than be called an anti-Semite..

    1. Bill,

      That there were Jews that were Bolsheviks is undeniable, Bill. But to identify Bolshevism as a specifically Jewish phenomenon is a canard. There is an excellent analysis of this whole question in Jan Gross’s, Fear: Anti-semitism in Poland After Auschwitz. You may want to read it.

  7. Palin thinks? Doesn’t just channel the Almighty, like GWB did?

    Lester Ness

    1. That explains much of the current atmosphere in America.

      The Dominion as the Republicans with the poorly-educated masses of clones serving those with little in common with them. Just like what we see now.

      Then you have the Democrats as the Federation – a group of like-minded people from all backgrounds, with higher education levels working towards a central goal for the benefit of all.

      What it doesn’t explain is why Democrats end up emulating some of the worst aspects of the Republicans once handed the reigns of power.

  8. Talking with an acquaintenance who favors the Palin brand of Christianity; he was amazed that Jews could be Democrats as it “is well known that Obama is a Muslim and will sacrifice Israel”. He further related that a Glenn Beck (of whom I am blisslfully ignorant) said on his talk show that New York Jews perversely trusted Obama more than they did the Evangelical Christians. My acquaintenance added in amazement, “and to think that evangelical Christians have nothing but love for Israel”.

    1. Richard,

      This acquaintance of yours is the sort of grotesquely misinformed automaton modern day America seems produce in abundance. I have increasingly begun to suspect that American culture- or the absence thereof- deprives its subjects of any sort of critical or analytic capacity. The spectrum of acceptable discourse in America is famously narrow, and this may contribute to a lack of imagination on the part of its listeners. But perhaps the educational system is most to blame. I don’t know- I’ve had only nineteen years of physical existence to observe matters, and I lived in America for about ten of them. You’ve doubtless inhabited the country far longer than I have, and I’d wish to ask you how representative this particular genus of stupidity is of America as a whole and, if so, why Americans are so bloody ignorant. Who or what, in your view, bears the greatest burden of responsibility?

      1. From my extensive travels through the lower 48 it was pretty clear to me that some Americans take perverse pride in being morons. Everything seems to begin and end with what they learn for two hours every Sunday.

        1. Aye, but why? What conditions could give rise to such an apparently unique cultural propensity?

        2. Dang good question, Kenneth. I’ve no special insight as to why we Americans prefer ignorance, but lack of insight has never stopped me from speculating on other matters. Here goes: We’re incurious (just like Bush) because we see ourselves as masters of the world, or the pinnacle of western development. Because we don’t have to carefully examine our tenets, we don’t.

          Did the typical ancient Roman ever wonder about some obscure Teutonic tribe shivering on the Rhine, or reflect on the suffering that his proud Roman armies inflicted across much of the known world? You can bet the Greeks tagging along with Alexander the Great didn’t much afflict themselves with introspection about the “barbarians” they routinely slapped about. It’s a sort of unconscious hubris. Why take effort to learn about or empathize with people lower on the civilized ladder than you are?

          To have a buck for every time some poltroon yaps about America being the richest, the most powerful, the finest, the freest country on earth! He never says the most beautiful city on a hill, or light unto the nations, but usually some imperialistic piece of buffoonery. We suffer from what Bill Kauffman calls “aggressive ignorance.” It’s not necessarily stupidity–I’ve met lots of people who are accomplished, can fix things, figure out arcane problems, and in general run mental rings around me. But they lack critical and analytical skills, see no need for such things anyway, and are content to see or be told the world is a footstool for America and its values.

          A certain amount of self-regard is normal and healthy for any nation. Americans, never much of a contemplative people to begin with, carry that regard to the extreme. As the most evolved (so we think) culture, we are constitutionally incapable of putting ourselves into others’ shoes. That’s why it makes perfect sense to many of us that we should war with Russia (even with its 12,000 nukes) over Georgia so we can use the latter as a staging point for attacks on Iran, which has never threatened us. And yet were we to be treated even slightly like we treat others, in our rage we would call down fire from the heavens upon our enemies.

        3. R. Nelson,

          An excellent answer, and one which hadn’t yet occurred to me. Imperial dominance breeds self-regard of the basest kind. I daresay one would find similar pathologies in Rome or Britain during their respective zeniths. But the depth of ignorance, I think, can also partially be imputed to the conspicuous absence of any real notion of civics or even, I would venture, the “public space”, from the American psyche. Sure, they’ll vote, but they don’t wish to involve themselves in politics and all that it entails, least it distract them from their pusuit of consumerist nirvana. But the self-absorbtion seems to be individual as well as collective, so a certain measure of it seems to be embedded in the ersatz culture of America. What do you think? Mind you, I’m only nineteen years of age, and I’ve lived in Canada since eleven, but I’ve had ample opportunity to read about and observe America from afar, as well as personally encounter some of its output, and it seems that a certain deficit of empathy, of emotional imagination, toward even individuals viewed as equals is a part of the “national character”. Has this been true in your experience? What, in your encounters, does the average American seem like?

        4. Americans are indeed extremely unempathetic. I simply cannot get my fellow Americans to put themselves into the shoes of those (even the innocent civilians) they want to kill, hurt, or force to be like us. This defect likely has to do with our materialism, which can be a great squelcher of introspection and ethical balance; our accustomed perch on what we think is western civilization’s peak; our having escaped the fate of so many other nations conquered or partly laid waste by external enemies, as well as other factors I suppose.

          It’s been bred into our bones, it seems, to think ourselves the guardian and enforcer of the world’s morals. Our perpetual war standing since WWII is not coincidentally synchronous with our now utterly casual belief that we are justified in behavior toward other nations–war, special ops incursions, spy and warplane overflights, sanctions, detainees–that we wouldn’t countenance for a moment. It’s a little surreal to discuss politics with my local auto mechanic, who’s a smart guy, and hear the same world view of our “right” to set the world straight that you might hear from any crazed academic neocon.

          The average American is a bit of Jekyll and Hyde. Generous and friendly but typically not thoughtful, and a vengeful maniac toward those he thinks threaten us or are upstarts in any way. Maybe insecure too, as all those who monarchically think they are in charge are. We don’t want any economic or military organization to form without us at least in the background, and the only sphere of influence we will allow is our own.

          For me, I just wish we would mind our own garden and let the world be. Fat chance.

  9. I am sick of hearing that Palin “energized the base.” These Christian Zionists are not a huge demographic (maybe they are 1% of the country at the max), and the apparent McCaine-Palin defeat proves it. Palin gushed about how much she loves Israel, and threatened Russia in her acceptance speech. She scared the true base, who are middle-class suburban Whites, away from the GOP. The Democrats protect the poor, the GOP protects the very rich; both parties protect Israel. Suburban, middle-class White Americans are the “Cinderellas”: We do ALL the work; we pay ALL the taxes, and what do we get back? NOTHING! We hate all these losing wars; we hate the lack of oversight that allowed reckless lending; we hate abortion, the gay agenda and outsourcing. But no candidate ever reaches out to us. That’s called a “democracy” — being totally ripped off and ignored. McCaine reached out to the lunatic Rapture bunnies like Palin, but he never thought about us, the REAL Americans.

    (Let’s give McCaine credit for one little insight: he did reject Lieberman.)

    Oh, and by the way, yes, the Bolsheviks were Communists. Comparing the NS to Palin is grossly unjust; the NS leadership were intelligent and reasonable men, not a bunch of addle-brained war-mongering ditzes. The German NS really only wanted a strong middle-class society, which is why they are so vilified in the US. But that’s not what your PolySci100 teacher told you? Read Mein Kampf and figure it out for yourself.

  10. Majority of Americans are bloodthirsty barbarians seeking to plunder and enslave resources belonging to others.

    Jewish Carpenter mythology and other nonsensical religions help them justify their crimes against HUMANITY!

    Now they have a Black Terrorist in Chief, just proves that skin color doesn’t have much to do with morality or RESPECT for human beings.

  11. John Lowell – for a self-proclaimed Christian you have quite the gutter mouth on you.

    “Cross your legs – your breath smells”??


    1. I Agree, he is a joke. Both John and Eugene have an amazing ability to be condescending at the drop of a hat. But don’t question anything they say or how they say it. They are the experts in everything after all.


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