Congress Lines Up for Israel’s War on Gaza

Both houses of Congress lined up in near-unanimous support of Israel’s war on Gaza. Yesterday, the Senate passed their version of the resolution without a single dissenting vote.

Today’s vote in the House produced only 5 “No” votes: Ron Paul (R-TX), Dennis Kuchinich (D-OH), Maxine Waters (D-CA), Nick Rahall (D-WV), and Gwen Moore (D-WI). 22 voted “present” and 16 didn’t vote. See how your Congressmember voted.

The resolution is totally one-sided, blaming only the Palestinians.

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    1. It is not just only the Congress an Israeli occuppied territory,it is the whole US is an Israeli occuppied territory from the smallest town halls,state assemplies,churchs’ halls,universities,press and media,legal system,and the people minds.

    2. While the rest of the world watches in disgusted disbelief, the government of the United States, this time the House Of Representatives, gives poignant testimony to condition of slavery to which it has so willingly submitted itself. Does anyone for five minutes really think that the wording of this resolution expresses the will and outlook of the American people or even comes close to expressing it? Yet all but five of these comodified slugs voted for it. With such blatant ownership by AIPAC openly on display, how can anyone in truth assert that the government of the United States is a functioning democracy, who in honestly deny that representative government here has utterly failed and that the promise of 1776 is a fantasy?

      There will come a time when the American people will experience such cost in tolerating the ownership of their “public servants” in this and similar ways that they will rise up en masse and dismember the system that has made it all possible. And they won’t stop until every last one of these vermin are brought to account.

      1. There will come a time when the American people will experience such cost in tolerating the ownership of their “public servants” in this and similar ways that they will rise up en masse and dismember the system that has made it all possible. And they won’t stop until every last one of these vermin are brought to account.

        John, I do pray with every fiber of my being that you are correct. Unfortunately, try as I might, I simply do not see any signs among the general population of either the awareness of the extent of the decay, or a level of collective rage sufficient to foment action. While it is theoretically possible that the incoming Obama administration, in continuing to build the imperial and unaccountable presidency that began with Lincoln and has so far peaked with Bush Junior, will enact an extra-constitutional fiat so egregrious as to ignite the spark of revolution, it appears that the public has been so thoroughly brainwashed and conditioned to accept and depend upon the status quo as to make mass rebellion unlikely. The “divide and conquer” strategy, mostly in the form of a warfare-welfare state that selectively picks the pockets of the productive to benefit the unproductive (the latter being infinitely more numerous than the former and showing its gratitude at the voting booth each November) has worked too well, with so many Americans being dependent on the State for a key part of their sustenance as to make killing the golden egg layer out of the question, even after the exhausted creature ceases to yield fruit.

        In the end, look for a psychologically battered population to exhibit political Stockholm Syndrome to the very bitter end, even as the nation disintegrates as a result of the political class’s malicious incompetence and arrogance. (And to bring this rant back on topic, what sweet vindication for the oppressed and battered Gaza Palestinians to watch Israel’s golden egg laying goose get cooked!)

  1. Let’s just make an enormous effigy of Uncle Sam with his middle fingers sticking up and float it over the entire Middle East.

    Congress is not merey occupied by the Zionist lobby. In an occupation, such as Palestine, human beings resist. Our congress is utterly and willingly subservient to the Zionists.

    1. And don’t think the rest of the world doesn’t know it too. The USA has zero credibility in the Arab world, the Islamic world and elsewhere.

  2. So let me get this clear: You folks believe that only five members of the United States House of Representatives have any integrity at all? So you are saying that all the other four hundred and thirty members have no integrity and have been “bought and paid for” by AIPAC and the Zionist lobby? Do you have any evidence to support your claims? Specifically, how much money has AIPAIC and the “Isreal lobby” donated to these House members? How much have they given to Charlie Rangle? Shelia Jackson Lee, Jack Murtha, and many others. Does anyone have specific numbers? Specific evidence to support your claims? Maybe I am going out on a limb here, but perhaps, just perhaps, many of the House members voted for the resolution because they actually believed in it?

    1. Whack-a-mole! Tim R.Oll pops out of the same hole every time. Many, perhaps most, House members voted for the resolution out of a sense of self-preservation. These are the cowards. If the rest believed what the resolution said, then these are the morons.

      And get the last part of the resolution’s title: “…and supporting the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.” Hoo hah!. Is this rich or what?

    2. Tim I agree
      Politics are not for the faint hearted, although some of the congress might be jack asses a great deal of thought and soul searching must go on. Peace for everyone is a noble goal but human ideologies seem to cock it up lets hope common sense and not human sense wins the day.

    3. Tim, with respect, I believe that the resolution passed reflects more strategic concerns and interpretations of the term ‘defense’ than moral issues. It is hard to believe any person could support this offensive, that has claimed so many lives, from a moral position.

      Besides support for a strategic ally, I suspect that misguided notions of Israel’s right to self defense motivated a substantial proportion of the vote. What many fail to recognize is that claims of self defense do not legitimize war crimes against a population.

      Reference was merely made to Israel’s attacks in the context of defense, thereby defining (or implying) its actions as legitimate. The question is, how does the bombardment of a trapped population (through a brutal blockade) with illegal weapons (WP, DU, DIME), that wounded thousands and killed hundreds, constitute self defense? Did it stop the rockets? Was there any chance it would stop acts of retaliation?

      Attack is never defense. If we accept the premise that attacks are acceptable forms of defense, we then legitimize the Hamas rocket attacks as a form of defense against the Israeli blockade that created a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. This is the reality of the absurd argument of justified violence.

      Both sides have violated International Law. My main concern is the resulting humanitarian crisis.

      I would like ask the question, what did Israel achieve through this military operation?

      This brutal offensive has seen worldwide condemnation of Israel while the Palestinians have gained sympathy but at a staggering cost in lives.

      The unconsidered policy of ‘Operation Cast Lead’ did not benefit Israel strategically, politically or morally. Like Hezbollah, Hamas need only survive the assault to gain power and influence. Did Israel not learn from the offensive against Lebanon in 2006?

      From this perspective, Israel’s offensive is a complete failure. Why do they repeat the same mistakes? I would argue that as a result of this operation, Israel is under far more threat from acts of retaliation. Is this in Israel’s security interest?

      1. If the Israeli leadership woke up to themselves and realized that their actions are in reality, putting the security of Israel at risk, maybe only then will they sincerely pursue workable relationships with their neighbors.

        1. I think the government of the United States blind support for every policy pursued by the Israeli government against its Arab rivals is what enables such strategic blindness on the part of the leadership of the Israeli government. It is ironic that the people who supposedly hate Israel such as the readers of are advocating the Israeli government implement policies, such as a just and generous peace with the Palistinians, that would do the most to ensure the security and survival of Israel and give its younger people something to look forward to other than killing Palistinian children. At the same time those who supposedly are the best friends of Israel, such as Tim, continue to support polices such as the IDF’s barbaric attack against the civilian population of Gaza that destablizes the dictatorships of Egypt and Jordan which pursue that most moderate policies towards Israel, strenghthens the forces of Islamic extremism in the Arab world, and virtually guarantees that if Israel survives the strategic blunders of its failed leaders, it will only do so as a garrison state at perpetual war with its nieghbors.

    4. “So let me get this clear: You folks believe that only five members of the United States House of Representatives have any integrity at all?”
      In case anyone hasn’t figured out by now, TimR is probably one of israel’s or aipacs keyboard army – they go to sites with specific talking points to try to derail and cloud the issue.

      Notice how he never really responds – except occasionally capitulating ‘might is right, palestinians need to get over the fact they lost’ – in other words, he is deliberately posting things he knows are lies or obstructions – like his UN 181 post earlier.

      Then posters burn up energy and time proving the world is flat.

      I appeal to common senses with this question TimR – Yes when it comes to israel only a handful of congress does have any integrity – and these five have been heavily targeted by Jewish American money that is funneled to their opposition candidates – in small middle class and working class districts millions in outside money pours in for any candidate who will take a pro isreal stance.
      its well documented in “They Dare Speak Out” (Findley) and “The Lobby”

      I appeal to common senses with this question TimR:
      a. do you think all the other governments and people who are opposing this invasion have no integrity?
      b. do you think the red cross and UN humantarian workers and observers have no integrity?

      so someone is lying or covering up the truth here. Given YOUR track record thus far, I think we know who it is.

    5. I don’t know, Tim, the US has vetoed dozens of UN resolutions condemning Israeli atrocities while support for these resolutions was near unanimous otherwise.

      Are you saying that the US and Israel are the only nations with integrity or that every other nation just falling for “Hamas propaganda”?

    6. Tim-

      I think the proof is in the Soviet-style numbers of the vote. But if you need more proof, the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs tracks donations to Congress from AIPAC. Go to

      Americans must fight the odious AIPAC with a relentless counter campaign. AIPAC’s strength is drawn from inimidation. If people show Congress (who I think is inclined to do the right thing but has been bullied by AIPAC minions on Capitol Hill) they’re not cowed, we could see a shift. EVeryone should write to the 5 members who voted for this bogus resolution to thank them.


    7. “So you are saying that all the other four hundred and thirty members have no integrity and have been “bought and paid for” by AIPAC and the Zionist lobby?”

      No, dipshit.

      We are saying that 430 members of the House are cowards.

  3. The U.S. congress is the best government AIPAC’s blood money can buy. Shame on them. America’s political class is cowardly and corrupt.

  4. “So you are saying that all the other four hundred and thirty members have no integrity and have been “bought and paid for” by AIPAC and the Zionist lobby?”

    That ; being blackmailed (Mossad will know all their filandering, corruption, and sexual deviance secrets) ; or putting their political career before whatever moral principles they retain.

    We are lucky to have five uncorrupted men in that shower of cunts.

  5. The vote endorses the Israeli war process and “…the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.” Wicked and absurd.

  6. Democrats took back congress and the executive office largely on opposition to the Iraq war. They made vague promises of ‘change’ and reneged, big time. I can guarantee they will SPIN, courtesy of Rham & the other israel hawks.

  7. When I try and make sense of the how the government acts in regards to Israel I find it helps a lot to just think of Israel as the 51st state. The govenment doesn’t go around criticising itself why would anyone expect them to say anything against Israel? The governments here and in Israel are both essensialy the same corrupt orginization.

    The only thing that might change this is the economic collapse of the US and the wakening of the sheeple. I have been preparing for this (guns, gold, silver, food, seeds, land, etc.) and I hope everyone starts to see the writing on the wall and get ready. I have been trying to wake the sheeple for 20 years but now I’m convinced it’s too late. The tipping point has passed and it would take a miracle for the US to come out of this in one piece. Get ready people it’s coming down hard and fast and soon, and it ain’t going to be pretty or fun. We should have been fighting harder to save our country, now we might end up fighting each other over what’s left.


    1. But the 50 states in very serious economic state with many in deep budget crisis.They do not have money to pay for even eduction!

      1. You mean no more money for government indoctrination centers! I think you might have found the one silver lining to this entire ugly empire business.

    2. Brad, your concerns are justified. Many in office have overlooked the fact that Russia and China have substantial contracts with Iran relating to oil, gas and nuclear energy (Iran is part of the SCO) . It is highly probable that when Israel ‘justifies’ an attack against Iran, and the U.S. runs to its defense, World War Three will be underway.

      Former Pentagon chief predicts Iran crisis soon

      War with Russia is on the agenda. By Paul Craig Roberts, 26/08/2008

      Why Iran will lead to World War 3, by Mike Whitney, 08/08/05

      Blowback from Bear Baiting, By Patrick Buchanan, August 15, 2008

      The New American Cold War. By Dr. Stephen F. Cohen, Professor of Russian studies at New York University, 21/06/2006

  8. Lessee, how does the equation go: Three Billion USD to Israel = 500 000 USD to AIPAC =
    100 000 USD to Congress = Three Billion USD to Israel

    I wrote my Congressman that the next time I’m voting for Ronald McDonald.

  9. So far, there is now 800 dead Palestinians and thousands wounded in a tiny piece of land known as the Gaza strip. Their situation is desparate. They have no weapons to defend themselves against the mighty Israeli juggernaut. Simply put: what is happening to the Palestinian people is nothing less than mass murder. The world watches, but there is no one, or no nation, that dares to come to their rescue.

    So, as a Christian, I pray for them: dear Lord Jesus, please help the Palestinian people in their desparate time of need. I plead with you to hear their anguished cries for help. Please, turn back their oppressors. Please, put an end to their bloodshed and their suffering. Lord Jesus – son of the most high – in your precious name I ask this. Amen.

  10. Aren’t you American men ashamed of yourselves, for letting the Jewish State of Israel put Christian, Muslim and other non-Jews to death, man, woman and child, it doesn’t matter to those varmints, with the full approval of your government, and the encouragement of the leaders of American Jewish organizations, that visited Israel in November, and with the pretentious use of the Zionist media by the Jewish mayor of NYC? Get a backbone, you men that ask us women to give up reproductive freedom.

    Israel did 9/11; Mossad did 9/11. Spread the word.

  11. Surprisingly, no one commented on the most offensive portion of H.RES.34 that is repeated three times throughout the resolution:

    “[t]o ensure the welfare, security, and survival of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. . . .”

    Since when is ensuring a particular ethnic group’s continued domination a security issue? When did the United States (or any other country) ever ensure that any country (including our own) remain Christian? What ever happened to “one man one vote” (with the right of return)?

  12. It is astounding that the political, economic, and military affairs of the United States rest in the hands of legislators remarkably ignorant, incapable, and unable to correct the errors which have placed the country in the difficult position it now confronts. The foolishly inappropriate legislative resolutions in support of the latest Israeli government atrocities only underscore the separation between the American people and their “elected” leaders who have been pre-selected as the choices available to voters by big business interests in sham elections. How else can one explain the repeated undertakings and failings of military adventures by the US government which the general US population opposes, the repeated overriding and dismissal of public sentiment against trillion dollar bailouts to financial trusts and conglomerates, and the kneejerk reflex support to Israeli governments as they engage in war crimes only possible with collusion and support of United States governments? By their repeated actions one must conclude that insanity rules the US federal legisalture since they must believe that doing the same things over and over yields different results.
    This also forewarns the public that the upcoming economic “stimulus” will be “more of the same” policies and practices which created the current economic morass.
    In evolutionary terms, those who are ill-adapted,i.e., the present US government and its representatives, will continue to do what they do until they go extinct. The challenge for the American nation is to remove or neutralize these harmful actors as soon as possible to minimize the harm they do until the time when the system which they operate itself goes extinct and is replaced by a mechanism more suited and responsive to changed world conditions.

  13. Israel is now the new National Socialists (NAZIS). When resistence groups within the NAZIS’ occupied territory fired on them or stood up to them, the NAZIS like the Israelies now would bombard, shell, and obliterate those areas that resisted.

    What Israel is doing now is a war crime and not only should the leadership of Israel face the same punishment as the former leader (Milosevic) of Serbia, , but our lapdog Congress members who voted for this resolution should also face the same punishment. These Congress members are a fraud and I detest both parties that they represent. They need to be removed from power. They only serve their unique interest and the people who bought them and that includes here in the USA and abroad. They absolutely do not represent America or its Constitution anymore. They are traitors. Maybe we are in need of a Thailand option, which is, when the civilian government of Thailand becomes to corrupt and depraved and violates its constitution, the military immediately overthrows them. However, the military doesn’t hold on to power for they allow new elections to take place shortly. The Congress of the USA have become too corrupt and depraved and they absolutely violate their oath of office. Maybe just maybe a Thailand option is needed here.

    Then, we can strip them of their USA passport and send them over to fight for Israel.

  14. U.S. Congress = The Knesset of the West. *sigh* Thanks to the 5 Congressmen and woman who had the courage to stand up to “Israel” and say No to theirb government’s senseless barbarity.

    1. gary there is LITERALLY more debate in the Knesset about supporting Israel’s policies than there is in the Congress (remember, I think about 15% of the knesset are palestinian) there is literally more debate and frank editorial criticism and reporting in Israeli papers than in US ones.

      In fact, one might argue that AIPAC/Jewish ELITE’s domination and control of our foriegn policy not only undermines our democracy (or what’s left of it) but Israel’s as well.

      One wonders just how long it can go on…but people said that during the 73 war and our blatant support of Israel then. It will just keep getting worse and I dont see americans ‘waking up’ any time soon.

  15. Based upon what I am observing, it seems that Israel is going through the same thing that America went through with civil rights for African Americans. Enough people on both sides getting so sick and tired of the unfairness and barbarity of it all that they are finally forcing the issue by shaming and discrediting the Zionists with their own propaganda. It will reach the point in the not too distant future where to be on the “other” side will seem absurd just as it was after the Nazis were finally beaten. Many thanks to the Jewish patriots worldwide who continue to come forward and say “Thats enough”.

  16. Why is it that American policians put the interest of the Israeli first instead of their own people? 911 didn’t happen because the islamist are jealous of the American way of life. Far from it. American interventions, foreign policies and their unquestionable support for Israel is the root cause of the turmoil in the ME and around the world.
    As a catholic I regard all human life precious. I don’t agree everything in the bible. I believe Jewish priest wrote those passages in the bible to benefit the jews.

  17. The US has reached very sorry and troubling state of affairs,and only American people could change the direction the US is headed to.

  18. The first African-American Governor of the State of New York, David Paterson, came to a big pro-Israel rally today and declared that Israel has to defend herself. I guess he is being paid off by AIPAC too?

    1. If he showed his face at a pro-human rights rally he would be a one term Governor. But you already know that don’t you Tim?

      1. If he had attended a rally in support of the people of Gaza hewould labeled anti-smite terrorist supporter.That would be the end of his term.

    2. Tim, please, use some common sense: the state of New York is home to more Jews than Israel itself, so OF COURSE Paterson is going to attend a pro-Israel rally. He is, after all, a politician and as such will pander to whatever constituency is critical to his political survival and that will advance his ambitions for power. If New York’s population consisted of massive numbers of self-confessed child abusers, Paterson would no doubt be appearing regularly at NAMBLA conventions, despite the fact that he might personally believe that these people and their organization are despicable scum of the earth. Simply stated, his political ambitions are a much higher priority than his integrity (or what little of it any career politician can possess).

  19. We all know that the internet is the last place for us to get the truth with regards to Israel. I’ve also found out that zionists are going to great lengths to change this. Recently, the ADL weezled their way into censoring YouTube. Myspace is now censored heavily. And now we have an Odigo/IM type of technology called Megaphone that directs jews to various news articles and sites that reflect badly on Israel. Compared to the 2006 Lebanon war crimes Israel perpetrated, the amount of pro-Israel comments on vile videos of Gazan civilian slaughters has jumped greatly. I believe this is from Megaphone. With J Street, AIPAC, ADL, JDL, WZO, B’nai B’rith, SPLC, etc., it’s getting quite ridiculous the amount of “human rights” organizations that jews fund. In reality of course, it’s all of us that fund it since Israel always sends back about a 1/3 of the 3 billion annually they get from US taxpayers. Anyone have any links to any good investigative articles on Megaphone? I think this is something, along with Campus Watch, that needs to be written about. Did you hear about the high school teacher who was fired for simply bringing up Israel’s fault in the 2006 Lebanon war? A 15 yr. old student called Campus Watch and next thing you know he was fired. It would be interesting to know how many teachers have been suspended and/or fired because of these jewish groups? Please someone here at AntiWar write about this.

    1. Your points are well-taken. I am against censorship of any kind. I believe in free speech, whether or not I happen to agree with what is being said. The idea of “hate speech” and using charges of racism, anti-semitism, Islamophobia, or anything else, in an effort to shut down free speech is appalling and we should all be alarmed by it.

      1. A man was just convicted with broadcasting hezbollah’s cable station in ny.
        Jewish groups in candada got al-jeezera banned from cable and made it a crime to broadcast it.
        It is illegal to US businesses to boycot israel.

        Are these the freedoms they hate?

  20. I am amazed at the short-sighted view point of the Israelis. Don’t they realize that someday they will have to live in a small land surrounded and out-numbered by people who can never forgive them, scorned by all other civilized societies, and left to their own devices by their bankrupt, erstwhile adoring benefactor, America.
    Tim R – wake up. People like you are telling a drunk; “If you insist upon driving home in your condition, here borrow my Corvette – it will get you there faster.”

  21. Here is trivia question for all you Israel-haters who say that Israel is barbaric nation, akin to Nazi Germany. Here is the trivia question: Who committed the greatest mass murder of innocent Muslim civilians, including children in a single day? Who killed over 8,000 of them, in cold blood in one day? (here is a hint, it was not Isreal, the United States, or zionists)
    But then again most people on here don’t care, because it seems that if you can’t blame Israel for it, its not important.

    1. Hyena,

      The answer is Israel, the United States, and zionists, whether directly, indirectly, or otherwise.

      Here’s a question for you, since I share your love of trivia:

      What Christian killed more Jews than any Arab or Muslim ever could?

    2. 8000 unfortunately, is not the greatest. but you’re referring to the Jordan.
      but once again you’re just trying to divert the issue.

      Gee, I guess because say Nazi germany killed X number of jews, it ain’t so bad if someone kills under that number? that’s the “logic” here.

      1. Stalin certainly was responsible for more deaths. He PROBABLY killed more Ukrainians then Hitler did Jews, (not that you will hear much about that). How many people have heard about the Holodomor?

  22. No! Israel as we are told over and over is a civilized and democratic nation in the midest of barbaric un-civilized peopole.

    1. Israel just banned about half the arab political parties from elections. As with bush’s ‘crusade for democracy’ it comes with fine print.

      1. Funny how Bush was never interested in democracy when it came to Arab countries like Saudi Arabia that did what he wanted them too.

        1. Andy,

          You have an excellent point regarding Saudi Arabia. It is a disgrace that we call the Saudi Arabian government our “Friends” and it made me sick to the the way President Bush rolled out the red carpet and was happy to hold hands with King Abdullah. Recently in Saudi Arabia a 47 year old man was allowed to marry an 11 year old girl. This marriage/child molestation was allowed because the girl’s father owed money to the 47 year old pedophile and the girl was given to pay off the debt. Also, let us not forget that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi. We had the wrong war. We should not have invaded Iraq, we should have invaded Saudi Arabia. They are the true enemy.

  23. Almost 900 hundred Palestinian dead and over 3,600 wounded. There are 1.5 million people in the Gaza strip. This compares to 300 million people in the USA as 180,000 dead and over 720,000 wounded. Great numbers of these are women and children. Note too how Israel won’t let the media see what is REALLY going on. Note too how Israel has just banned political parties that are essentially based in the Arabic community (this is democracy?). Note too the use of the term “war in Gaza” as if the Palestinians had warplanes, helicopter gunships, Tanks, etc all supplied by that soulless whore the American government, bought and paid for by AIPAC. There is no guarantee that the Arab world will always be backward and weak. Look at the growth of countries like China in the last few decades. This will all come back on Americans someday. There will probably be another 9/11 (or worse). But of course, as the Bushling says, they just hate us because we are “free”.

  24. Guess who’s coming to the presidential inaugural?

    “President-and vice president-elect Barak Obama and Joe Biden will be there – and so will Ariel Lang, a 22-year-old resident of a small settlement near Jerusalem, who has been officially invited to attend the presidential inauguration in Washington on January 20.

    But Lang, who immigrated from Chicago to Israel as a child and thinks that US President George W. Bush “wants to destroy Israel,” voted by absentee ballot for Republican presidential candidate John McCain.”

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