Crack It Open for Bradley Manning

I’ve exposed perhaps too much of what makes me weepy in these pages; here’s more. It turns out PFC Bradley Manning, the 22-year-old intel analyst who risked his life to expose the banally recorded daily atrocities committed in service to the imperial project, is simply a good guy. He’s not a fame-seeker, unlike the slimy self-promoting pig who outed him, or on the side of The Terrorists. He simply wanted to do what he thought was right. I’m convinced of this now — as I read endless reams of coverage, I keep coming back to the human dimension of Bradley. He’s 22.

“Everywhere there’s a U.S. post, there’s a diplomatic scandal that will be revealed,” Manning wrote of the cables. “It’s open diplomacy. Worldwide anarchy in CSV format.”

He’s also a bit of an excited badass. Is that wrong?

You can read a better and longer analysis of the virtues of Bradley Manning in recent and forthcoming pieces by the tireless Arthur Silber. But if you don’t have time to read it through, you can get to the distilled essence of it here: a courageous, rash, intelligent, disillusioned, young man has risked his life to expose what he, and most of us who read this website, consider the world’s worst evils. If that doesn’t make him a hero deserving of your help, or at least your vocal sympathies, what would? As we continue sifting through this data — and there is MUCH more to come — how important will this man have been to the cause of peace, looking back from the future? Scott Horton summed it up in a recent interview with Mike Gogulski, the creator of the website championing Bradley’s legal defense:

“This ought to be the Dan Ellsberg moment — the part where people finally decide that they’re over it and they no longer support this, and they want and end to it sooner, not later.”

Open your wallet for Bradley. I’m sending him $100. You can also change your various profile photos to this “Google Bradley Manning” image — I have just changed mine. The London Times might be wringing its hands over the alleged outing of Afghan “informants” (likely mostly bribed tribal elders) as the “human cost” of the leaks — never mind the wars themselves, I guess — but Bradley tried to strike a blow for all humans.

Of course, we aren’t sure if Bradley leaked these particular documents, but it seems likely he did in light of his admissions and his access to US military records. If it later turns out he did not, his case will still be important for future whistleblowers. If there’s anyone who hates when their authority is challenged, it’s the authorities, and the brave people who defy them need all the help they can get.

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  1. All military personnel take an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States, which is also why their is the 1st Amendment.

    1. When your in another country there in no constitution to up hold, your told to do w/e your CO says no matter how immoral, and the US solder fights to up hold the establishment of the US government not the people, the government would true the guns of their solders from "terrorist" to US citizens at the drop of a hat.

  2. Agreed on Manning motives, but nowhere near your illusions about the world being anywhere remotely near 'peace', or even wanting peace enough to actually address the root causes of war. Lots of bandaid to braintumour brigade, but very few root cause problem solvers.

    There will, and can be no peace, while people breed exponentially. That wisdom comes from way back in the bible, and one of your forefathers. Till the world adopts zero population growth and sustainable economics as their lifestyle choice there will be wars to cull 'useless eaters' and for the purpose of using cannon fodder to in resource war acquisitions for growing population needs.

  3. One of the most commonly used words In the Bible, Tsedeq — found in Psalm 72, 85, etc; — in its fullest sense, meant “world in balance” both ecologically and politically. This was not only the responsibility for the Gods, but also kings and people, and when this carrying capacity law was ignored or violated, Prophets Isaiah, Habakkuk, Joel, Hosea and Nahum warned of pestilence, war, famine and death.

  4. “What becomes of the surplus of human life? It is either, 1st. destroyed by infanticide, as among the Chinese and Lacedemonians; or 2d. it is stifled or starved, as among other nations whose population is commensurate to its food; or 3d. it is consumed by wars and endemic diseases; or 4th. it overflows, by emigration, to places where a surplus of food is attainable.”
    — James Madison, 1791, U.S. President

  5. Bradley Manning may well never see the light of day. Ever again. Manning is being held in Kuwait? I'm thinking that is the case. Military prisoner. Yikes. But and I did ask Mr. Garris, how does a private in the U.S. Army "allegedly" gain access to one mountain of classified intel? Army Privates are now doing the "analysis" for American military? That seems odd. But then military intelligence seems oxymoronic. And then there is Mr. Julian. The big wheel at Wikileaks. Curious duck there boy.
    The entire affair is odd. I'm thinking that Pvt. Manning is a mere pawn in one nasty game of global stab-you-in-the-back. Then there is the mainstream infotainment spin. Holy classified documents! Brian Williams and all his pals trip over one another to "break the news which isn't really bad in the first place." Obama says, "nothing new here." Odd. Curiously odd.

  6. Very nice but:
    1) Is this authorized by Bradley Manning or his representatives. Does he have a family? Why no press coverage? Has anyone met with Manning?

    2) Who is in charge of the cash? I do not see details about escrow agents, or anybody taking responsibility for this. The only name is Mike Gogulski, future stateless person, in Slovakia.

  7. Good Luck,
    It is reported that Bradley Manning's residence was Potomac, MD. This is a rather ritzy area just off the Beltway. Used to be for the polo playing set; now heavily populated by foreign diplomatic people. Most likely, he has a family of some substance.

  8. @Good luck:

    Manning's military counsel and family are aware of, and grateful for, our efforts. The agency holding the cash is Courage to Resist, a project of the International Humanities Center, a 501(c)3 corporaton.

  9. My gratitude to those who have initiated the Bradley Manning Support Network, and all others who support it, be they social networking friends, bloggers, commenters, etc.

  10. while "Bradley " was being courageous , and enjoying this " Ellsberg Moment " [in a jail cell ] , hads he or any of his approvers given thought to the people who will now die becvause of this hacked information ? Did the hiding author of wiki-leaks ever give one thought about redacting out the names of the Afghani informants ,or their families who are now put at extreme risk of losing their lives [if not already ] ?
    FOR THIS MANNING DESERVES , and will most likely and SHOULD get a long prison term .

    Ellsberg may have saved lives , whilst the punk Manning will cause lives to be lost . There is no comparison to what Ellsberg did and what Manning did .
    Did he think about the Afghans in his moment of "bravery " …you know …other human beings who will surely die now ? Or don't they count ?
    I'll save my money thank you .

      1. yea , that's one way to rationalize it , unfortunately the "sick war criminals " are not the one's whose blood will be spilt due to Mannings thoughtlessness . .
        I guess it's that "ole' Pontius Pilot Syndrome " eh ?

  11. that should keep "Brad " entertained in his jail cell . Afterall , the people he is directly responsible for ,are nameless and faceless , and he'll soon forget , that they will be tortured and killed due to his "self-less " act .
    Hope he likes jail-food .

  12. Those 'nameless and faceless' taking money to help us kill their cousins set themselves up for a fall. Look how much we dislike Manning for outing our 'less than honorable' activities and imagine how much more our paid stooges might be hated by their own family.

    Manning is as much to blame as the bozo who left identification data in a report he thought was safe.

    If you cared as much about Afghans as you imply, none of this would be happening at all.

    1. good backpeddle popsiq , we as humans , tend to rationalize just about anything , including Mannings deed . So lets "blame the victims ' ….gee where did I hear that before ?

      And btw , if Mannings intentions were as altruistic as you have been duped into believing , and obviously enamored '' over , perhaps he would have given some thought or concern to those he surely knew he was sentencing to death , But I guess those "stooges " have families who must be stooges too huh …so the hell with 'em eh popsiq ?
      I know you are unaware popsiq , but you are engaging in the same as that which you criticize . lol….so you know the "good afghans from the bad " eh popsiq .
      They'll get what they deserve eh posiq ?

  13. I guess you dont mind Manning "outing " any of our sons and daughters either , hey they're just stooges right popsiq ?

    Exposing policy is one thing ….exposing people to harm another , but I see you dont differentiate between the two .Smells like a bit of hypocrisy .

  14. LOL….earned a minus 2, truth usually hits raw nerves . Some should learn to get out of the "echo chamber " and step back from their statements , and assess the reality of what they're saying . It's called "thinking before you speak " .

  15. A cout martial is what he deserves for betraying his own country. Coward!!!

  16. Let the military industrial complex lead you into the next invasion with your head up your butt. This is propaganda to lead us into Iran. And also to censor the internet. Don't say I didnt warn you. Now we must control the internet because you see what can happen?

  17. By the way, I just donated to the Bradley Manning defense fund at thru Courage to Resist. Keep your blinders on if you wish. I prefer not.

  18. I served in the 25th ID in Afgh form 03 to 04. My units actions were described in the war diary. Those who’s names were in the lists will be affected by this. And the Fed’s complaint is that “everyone will know our techniques”. Most of you have never been to a 3rd world place. Go to Makaha Beach Park, Oahu where the indigenous people of Hawaii are forced into homelessness living on the beach. I served the infantry for a total of 6 years, and Brad is a funkn hero. He has done more good in 1 single act than you will ever do in your life. Step up to the plate and do something with your self, for everyone else.

  19. Bradley Manning, Is a poster child not unsimilar to Columbine, or Virginia Tech. He is an individual angry, bored, pissed off, looking for someone to blame and in desperate need to tell a story. As with any of these poster children they all share a few things in common. Instability, is usually a good sign and the delivery of telling their story is usually extreme. A stable person would express their feelings vocally, or in an article, or in a manner that did not endanger the lives of fellow citizens. They certainly would not consider telling their story if it meant harming others. Like Columbine, and Virgina Tech, what Bradley did was tell his story (which incidently was NOT his to tell, it was a story that was protected by the secrect laws and oaths he swore to protect) and release information that potential does two things. It pisses of the muslim radicals further against the americans and could further insight another 9/11. secondly, it potentially discloses our state departments official documents and wires to other countries, Thus weakening our fragile national security even more. Bradley Manning needs to feel the full impact of this treasonous act.

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