Mass murder: Monkey see monkey do?

JUAN GARCÉS: "… Hitler asked his generals to be ready to invade Poland, and to exterminate the population in those territories, because German population should replace this population. Some generals say, "My Führer, there will a provoking of cry in the world. Thousands of people will be killed, and there will be blame for us." And the answer from Hitler was, "Why? Twenty years ago was a massacre of Armenians. More than one million Armenians were massacred by the Turkish, in the Turkish Empire. Who remembers now the Armenians?" So, the forgiveness of the first big massacre in the twentieth century was the pretext for encouraging a second wave of massacre that was in World War II." –Another 9/11 Anniversary: September 11, 1973, When US-Backed Pinochet Forces Took Power in Chile

That’s why they MUST be prosecuted!

You know who they are.

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Who’s JUAN GARCÉS, you ask?

AMY GOODMAN: Our next guest, Juan Garcés, was a personal adviser to Salvador Allende. Juan Garcés was with the president when revolting troops bombed the presidential palace and found himself the sole survivor among Allende’s political advisers when the coup had run its course.

More than twenty years later, Juan Garcés has led a legal effort to sue Augusto Pinochet for crimes against humanity in the Spanish courts. Juan Garcés is now focused on getting the Spanish courts to investigate for the first time the crimes against humanity committed under General Franco’s dictatorship.

One thought on “Mass murder: Monkey see monkey do?”

  1. As a child, I remember trying so very hard to understand how German people could stand idly by, and watch their neighbors be hauled away like cattle. I was traumatically horrified that people ever did such a thing. It made no sense at all to me and I thought about it quite often.

    I later started to understand just a little. I realized that those who stood silently watching, probably just did not want attention drawn to themselves. They did not want to stand out in any way, hoping to fade unnoticed into the background., but still…….

    As an adult, I have watched in horror, the people of my own country, turn into screaming talk-hate, warmongers. I have always spoken out, but I started becoming afraid of doing so when the so-called "Patriot" Act came along. It was at that time, that I finally realized, how it must have felt to be a conscientious German. I had to make up my own mind, and decide what I was willing to risk. So, I at least now understand just a little, about how such horrors could happen.

    Evenso, I cannot believe the madness that has grown since 9/11.

    The people that I expected to be the first ones to stand up and to insist that a President who lied to us, (935 documented times), be prosecuted as a traitor and a war criminal, seem to be the very people that are screaming talk-hate the loudest. They seem to think that screaming hate makes whatever montstrous atrocities, murders, drone attacks, kidnapping incarcerations, and degrading tortures, that the USA does anywhere, at anytime, for whatever or no reason, justified.

    You see, fool that I am, I expected Christians who believe that God is Love, to be loving.

    I completely agree with John le Carré who wrote an eassay titled "The United States of America Has Gone Mad" I heard him speaking on Democracy Now, Sept 20, 2010. To read a short transcript of that essay, here is a link.

    What is it going to take for sanity to return?

    Why don't we prosecute each and every one of them? They are no better than you or I. We owe it to our children and to the world, to stop this madness and to stand up and prosecute them! Please remember that we teach our children, and everyone else, by example. As a world traveller, I understand that by not prosecuting these monsters, we send a very dangerous message to the world about America and Americans.

    On the lighter side:
    My personal imaginary fantasy is that people like George Bush, Tony Blair, Rumsfield, etc. be placed in travelling circus cages and hauled around in them, all over the world, so that we could all have the opportunity to throw rotten tomatoes at them.

    1. I agree with all that you said. Facisim (corporatism as Mussolini put, and he was an expert on the subject) has come to America. Whether it is issues of war, a growing police state or bailouts for Wall Street billionaires, politicians in both of the two major political parties have completely sold out the best interests of the American people out to the desires and goals of their masters – the international bankers and the interantional corporations. They seek nothing less total control over the world's resources and total control over the world's populations. Wall Street is now Washington and Washington is now Wall Street. And, sadly, the vast majority of Americans don't seem to have a clue that the old constitutional republic has died and that the corporatists are now in charge.

      1. I sadly agree with you. V for Vendetta is my all time favorite movie. What a sad paradoy! Unfortunately, it could not have been made here.

    2. The only way the madness is replaced with peace and love
      Amongst nations and its citizens is as you suggested, by
      Bringing those criminals who started this madness after
      9-11 to justice and the only ones who are capable of doing
      That are the American people them self's, there's no power
      On earth that can stop America except the power of its
      Own people, America and American were the most loved
      Nation and people of this planet and over night the popularity
      That was belt through hundreds of years of farness, love and most
      Of all the technology you produced to the world, every body
      Loved and favored any product that says made in America
      To be continued,

    3. I too tried to understand the German Jews and the Native Americans. I wondered how they could have allowed themselves to be rounded up or worse, VOLUNTEERED to be herded like cattle. If they had resisted en mass, they would have died "on their feet" instead of their knees, or perhaps found support from others and lived. We will never know. The choice was: Resist or Comply. Yes, some Natives did fight back at Little Big Horn but failed to follow up their victory. They were not united, nor did they recognize the magnitude of their situation. Their very survival was being challenged and they did not identify the coming genocide.

      1. This is exactly what it is like for people today. Should they resist and risk their freedom, maybe even their livelihoods, or comply?

        1. I apologize for saying "exactly". That was really stupid of me. I got excited. I should have said something like "slightly comparable". ;)

  2. Only if they are hog tied and water boarded ,say 10 times , so that they learn exactly what it feels like.Then throw them in jail for the rest of their lives.Now the same psychopaths are calling for more war,this time against Iran.Iran has not attacked another country in the last 300 years,how many has the U.S. ?25-35 ! and that since 1945. Vincent Bugliosi 's book "the Prosecution of George W Bush " for Murder should be required reading in every U.S. home and school.

    1. According to a remarkable article by famed if departed astronomer Carl Sagan,

      Excluding World Wars and expeditions to suppress piracy or the slave trade, the United States has made armed invasions and interventions in other countries on more that 130 separate occasions, including China (on 18 separate occasions), Mexico (13), Nicaragua and Panama (9 each), Honduras (7), Colombia and Turkey (6 each), the Dominican Republic, Korea, and Japan (5 each), Argentina, Cuba, Haiti, the Kingdom of Hawaii, and Samoa (4 each), Uruguay and Fiji (3 each), Guatemala, Lebanon, the Soviet Union and Sumatra (2 each), Grenada, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Chile, Morocco, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Syria, Iraq, Peru, Formosa, the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam [the list is based on compilations by the House Armed Services Committee]. The Common Enemy by Carl Sagan, Parade Magazine, Feb. 7, 1988 & Ogonyok Magazine (Soviet Union) March 12, 1988.

      Of course things have been "improved" since and if you're dedicated and have a lot of spare reading time, you can find a very comprehensive list of U.S. Government violent interferences here:

      –Timeline of United States military operations – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    2. You educated me a lot with this post, Michael. I found Charlie Rose very interesting last night. He interviewed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In my opinion it was extremely amusing. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ran circles around Charlie with humor, wit, and intelligence. i empathized with Charlie because to stay on the air, he cannot admit that America is the controlling thug that she is at the moment.. To vire this go here :

  3. And after 9-11 and like the flip of the coin the love for America
    Turned to hate and by the days and years gone by the hate is
    Grown by the minute, every action has a reaction and if Americans
    Don't do some thing to stop this madness by its government there
    Will be a reaction that the Americans wouldn't like one bit.
    What ever happened from the people and by the people and for the
    People I don't know if I got it right.
    I'm a sixth grade educated Jordanian Muslim who loved America
    Very dearly, I thought my self to only see the goodness in people
    But there's a limit to even love.

  4. You see, fool that I am, I expected Christians who believe that God is Love, to be loving.

    The problem, Barbara, is that there are very, VERY few genuine Christians living in Amerika. Almost all of what you see warming pews in churches of all denominations on Sunday mornings (and evenings too, for those who go the extra mile to make themselves look "holier than thou") are brainwashed nationalists who seek a veneer of religious sanctity with which to coat their bloodthirsty hatred of all things not like them.

    The State has so thoroughly co-opted the "Christian church" that it has reached the point where the only reasonable guarantee of ever meeting a true Christian (i.e., one who lives their life to the best of their ability and God-given strength in accordance with the tenets of the Four Gospels) is outside of established churches. I can honestly say that the only people I have ever met in my adult life who truly lived Christ-like lives were those who did not attend an established church on a regular basis. To dwell on that fact is to realize just how deeply the institutional rot has set in. While the co-opting of the church here in Amerika took a lot longer than it did in Europe (it all started there with the Roman Emperor Constantine's fake "conversion" in the early Fourth Century), the results have been far more pernicious, given the traditional hold the Christian faith has had on American society.

    So, short of a mass spiritual awakening and repentance (a highly unlikely event, IMHO, but of course all things are possible with God), it doesn't appear that things will get any better in the foreseeable future. In fact, look for "churches", or prominent leaders thereof, to be at the forefront of bigot-filled police-state lynch mobs once the current presidential administration is out of power (remember: it's only evil if a DEMOCRAT does it).

    1. In the Gospel of Thomas, (that the Catholic Church decided to exclude from the Bible), I read that Jesus had recommended that when a large group collected itself together to form a Church in His name, to leave it. Any large group eventually becomes corrupted by those who are self-serving and want to control others in order to benefit themselves, and to take the praise and glory intended for God, to themselves……just as Lucifer had done. (This is of course, my own opinion of what I read in Thomas)

  5. Keith, you got it EXACTLY right!

    You seem to have an advantage. Perhaps in being self-educated, you have escaped a lot of propaganda?

    But please don't mistake the U.S. Government — or any government — for “we the people“. We’re entirely different. If you have video, historian Howard Zinn nails it – – –
    Their interests vs. our interests

    –Historian Howard Zinn

    1. "But please don't mistake the U.S. Government — or any government — for 'we the people'; We're entirely different. "

      Yeah, yeah. Just like the german people were really differrnt from the Nazis. The North American people are without exception either cowards or idiots.It is incumbent upoin them to pull down their "governement" but they never will becuse they are suppine. The so called "antiwar" movement, exemplified by the timourous wingeing of ("Make some noise!") does not hate war enough to wage war upon it. In acceeding to the states claimed monopoly of violence, you vindicate that claim.

      1. I agree. It is in sad awareness that needs money to pay it's bills in order for us to communicate, that I am forced to accept the fact that they cannot alenate those who are their main economic supporters…..and so we keep going around in circles…don't we? We must each prove how important it is to be able to speak out, deny ourselves a few pizzas and be willing to put our money where our mouths are.

  6. S'well said, nevertheless the quote, allegedly uttered by Hitler, should be subject to some doubts about its authenticity.

    It would be a bad move for Hitler to publicly go take a wank before his Army Generals and boast about letting loose the Nazi Party Death Squads. Hitler must have been aware that "Poland" was actually part of Wilhemine Germany and not totally in the hand of slaves [the more so as Poland repelled Lenin's Invasion of Europe in 1920, so Bolshevik they weren't either]. Furthermore, Poland was not subject to root-and-branch extermination during the war, though of course Jewish populations were.

    1. I enjoy learning, and being reminded to be accurate. Evenso, many dangerous ego maniacs seem to enjoy saying things that would enlighten if correctly perceived.

    2. Hacklheber, thanks for the link!

      According to that Wiki piece, the accuracy of the notion Hitler made that claim is "hotly disputed" by Turkish vs. Armenian activists. And it's inscribed on the Holocaust Museum.

      Now if I had to choose sides (I don't because I think the logic of Mr. GARCÉS position survives in tact regardless), I'd choose the Armenians because the Turks jail folks who insist such a genocide occurred rather than simply refuting it. Which suggests to me they would contest that statement by reflex.

  7. You break my heart with this post, Keith. After living in the world, and being so well treated, I returned home and was shocked into the awareness of how horribly Americans treat people from other nations. Like you, "I thought my self to only see the goodness in people ".

  8. I'm really surprised that would have anyone on who actually acknowledges the Armenian genocide.
    I have found Justin Ramaindo to be hostile to the subject of the Armenian genocide, and he implictly sides with the Turks, especially now that Turkey has gone toe to toe with Israel, Raimondo's favorite whipping boy. You know, if Israel is wrong then Turkey must be right.

  9. Then throw them in jail for the rest of their lives.Now the same psychopaths are calling for more war,this time against Iran.Iran has not attacked another country in the last 300 years,how many has the U.S. ?25-35 ! and that since 1945. Vincent Bugliosi Drudge's book "the Prosecution of George W Bush " for Murder should be required reading in every U.S. home and school. USA Debt Clock is ticking.

  10. I can still remember this "Who remembers now the Armenians?" So, the forgiveness of the first big massacre in the twentieth century was the pretext for encouraging a second wave of massacre that was in World War II…I hope theres peace…

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