Scott Horton on Fox Business Channel (video)

Scott Horton, host of Antiwar Radio was the featured guest tonight (11/29) on Fox Business News’ Freedom Watch, hosted by Judge Andrew Napolitano. The show airs daily Monday through Friday at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific.

Scott discussed the latest Wikileaks release. Judge Napolitano’s earlier interviews with Justin Raimondo can be found here and here.

Watch the clip:

One thought on “Scott Horton on Fox Business Channel (video)”

  1. Scott: I watched the whole show on Youtube, and you were great! You said everything I hoped you would. Too bad the guy who followed you doesn't get the empire/blowback thing yet. Oh well, we can't win 'em all.

  2. DARN IT! Those vids posted above of Justin on Freedom Watch are no longer available! Grrrrrrr . . .

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