Travelers ‘Feel a Little Safer’ Seeing Rape Victim Dragged Across Airport by Police

In an example of how quickly many members of the public have become not only comfortable with by comforted by the harsh and seemingly arbitrary treatment received by others at the airport, 56-year-old rape victim Claire Hirschkind was hurled to the ground and dragged across the airport by police yesterday, reassuring others that the TSA was right on top of things.

It makes me feel a little safer,” noted Emily Protine, one of the other travelers who witnessed the arrest, the consequence of Hirschkind not wanting her breasts felt by TSA agents. “It is for our protection so I have no problems with it,” added another witness, one Gwen Washington.

Hirschkind was apparently singled out because she has a pacemaker implanted in her chest, but objected when TSA officials announced they intended to feel her breasts. When she argued there was no due cause “the police actually pushed me to the floor, handcuffed me,” Hirschkind report, prompting the extreme comfort of fellow would-be passengers Washington and Protine.

The TSA insisted that Hirschkind’s arrest and her treatment were perfectly in keeping with their orders, and an airport spokesman added that she had the option to “not fly” if she objected to having her breasts groped. The TSA added that only about 3 percent of travelers are actually subjected to the treatment. The other 97 just get to feel a little safer because they didn’t get singled out.

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  2. What is wrong with Amerikans??? The comments on here about feeling safer due to the groping of individuals is totally off this planet. The next thing you know, they will be allowed to poke your rectum, just to make sure you’re not hiding a bomb up there. For heavens sake! What on earth are you afraid of? I’d be more afraid of your govt than from any supposed terrorist. I fly allot, to various countries in the world, but I’ll never go the the U$A. And for those who won’t fly, you can’t escape the money making machine. These procedures have already been planned for bus stations, and other ‘user friendly’ places. Even if you drive your car, there are plans in place to have you screened. They’ve already got large portable units, ready to be used around shopping centers, sporting grounds, etc. This is all money and fear driven. Even the military in Iraq have found that dogs are the best detectors of explosives. But hey, I guess that some people just love to be groped, as it makes them feel ‘safer’.

  3. America has gone down hill and we are all to blame for deserting our watch. Of course they have thugs, thieves and perverts doing this kind of a job, no decent human being would subject another human to this kind of treatment, they would walk out of their job. We live in a perverted society, most people have no morals to begin with, so, what do you expect? If you don't want to be treated in this manner, don't fly, call the airlines and tell them you won't fly unless they do something about getting rid of the scanners and TSA. Hit them where it hurts, their wallets!!!! But, people are stupid, they will continue to be abused, herded like sheep, ruled by fear. Got it? That's how the people are controlled, add the tasers, and they will look like cattle being forced into the slaughter house!!!

  4. I posted earlier and may have offended some, sorry, let me explain. I got profiled in the early 90’s while flying. No arrest record, I just created a blip in some data base. A sniffer dog was brought to examine my luggage. The dog barked. Based on this, airport security confiscated all the money I had on me.
    Nobody ever believed this story. In America, cops robbed me at the airport and didn’t even arrest me. Would some believe me now after seeing this whole TSA thing? Bend over, spread your bum cheeks and cough for freedom, because I don’t really care. I felt as if there was some justification for all this after 911 when I felt patriotic for about five minutes until the 5 Dancing Israelis tipped off that whole scam.
    As long as beer and football (bread and circuses) satiate the masses, you’ll not see any changes, but to those of you rubbing your eyes in TSA shock, hi. Can’t say it’s good to see you, but I suppose some company is nice.

  5. I have a idea TSA should only hire good looking young women to do the screening, and we get to fondle and grope them back, and of coarse we have a private room to do what we like, I might even start traveling by air then. give up your libertys everyday and soon you will have none

    1. Well, that's all nice, but I'm tired of trying to make a difference, only to be flooded with ten thousand requests for funding.

  6. guys……. read it and weep…… its all about control… there was no real threat to airlines on 911… the whole thing was an an inside job… why?!? to instil FEAR…….. and thats exactly what there doing now with all this tightened security…… when are people going to stop looking on the outside and look to the real cause and reason

  7. There is the old question: What came first – the chicken or the egg. Going back to the early history of this planet there were always wars. These wars were mostly power struggles among the ruling classes The general public never started a war. They were cheerfully ready to being shot at, injured or killed. After the conflict was over these same monarchs, kings, rulers etc. were sitting together discussing the results of their dirty business. We, int he so called free world, are wondering why all of a sudden there is such a hatred toward the west. Only after looking into the past history and checking out the countries where this hostility started, can one appreciate their urge to harm those who they feel have done them wrong in the past. Unfortunately, again those who are suffering under these circumstances are the little people. We can only hope that reason will prevail and some day those who are the cause of these problems will get their deserved reward. That may be wishful thinking.

  8. People who seek a controntation with airport security personnel should be punished so as to discourage this by other people.

    This silly woman should seek alternative means of transportation, or as they say, "get over it."

    1. You might be feeling different if you'd been the victim of rape. Maybe you should think about that instead of passing judgement on things you know nothing about.

  9. Laws are passed for the masses today, and not the few , that think them up..Control is the order of the
    day, and for tomorrow..Fear has a snow ball effect, and in the USA, the administration is actually pushing for a war, to get itself out of hawk..Only the USA administration is so adamant, that only they can possess , Nukes, and are crying on deaf ears..Make no bones about it, as long as they keep doing, undeclared wars , they most certainly will get hit, and seal up their country like a "Mason"Jar.. They will create a country of citizens in detention centers, and that is their building dreams for the future..Their empire is in a state of collapse, and she will take many with her..

  10. This message is for North America-Canada_USA-Please stop, trying to lead our citizens around, as though we are very young children, in need of your protection, as no-one has asked you to do this.
    One of your presidents has stated, The worst Fear, is fear itself, as you are trying to implant , into the minds of your people..You have the world where you want them on ""edge'' , and you do this out of ""greed""..Out of greed, You are about to manipulate a severe market down turn, and if it will put you at ""war, '' this is were you want to go, as an administration, on behalf of the Corporations that feed you , with their ""keep silence money–(Tax Dollars) Where money is concerned, people do not count., give them a few pennies, let the Corporations and the Administration,s and Governments reap, the balance and the advantages, crooked Government s bring..People wake up, stop these
    people , keeping you so occupied , with your debit, you fail to see , the" Forest" for the "Tree,s"..

  11. Hitler started this way.. he hyped up the fear, and pushed the 'We are the best" nationalistic message, while promising jobs, security and getting rid of criminals..

    He said; "Just give me the power" and the people did… just like today. The jails filled up, jobs appeared, but you had to join the Natzi party to get them, and soup was given to all. Then the money ran out, and no one wanted to release criminals back on the street.. The solution? Gas them all. Problem solved, no more expensive housing of worthless criminals.

    Oh, then there was the pesky problem of terrorists coming in and bombing government buildings, (It was an inside job by the way) which then created the need for wars of revenge in foreign countries, to no end. The excuses were all the same as today…. we are exporting freedom and democracy and we are the best.

    I know a Jewish man who left this country recently. He said it is the same as what happened right before Hitler came to power.. All of the same things are in place.

  12. They won’t be laughing when the velvet glove comes completely off the iron fist of these Communists.

    Americans are stupid and will indeed get everything they deserve very soon.

  13. Gwen Washington has a twisted take on reality. If watching her fellow citizens being mistreated makes her feel safe I can only wonder how happy she would feel watching them rounded up and put into camps.

  14. What really gets me, is how many are actually buying into the "terrorist fantasy". They were "made up" by the CIA, among others, to support the military industrial complex, and perpetual war. What TSA is doing, is assault and battery, and child porn. Our rights, and the law, don't stop at the airport door. Being arrested for refusing to be assaulted, is a false arrest, and a huge lawsuit. This pre-Nazi America we've had inflicted on us calls for violence if necessary, since the government's way of handling this is with violence. The ones that submit to this abuse are the ones to worry about, the weak and gullible, mindless f*cks that do whatever they're ordered to do. The ones that are co-opting with the Gestapo to hand over their inalienable rights. The TRUE American will never submit to this domestic terrorism, perpetrated by our government of criminal's.
    America has become an embarrassment, a third world cesspool with a terrorist government spreading death and destruction around the globe, as well as in the homeland. Our government is no longer beneficial to the people of America, as if it ever was, it has become a power hungry control freak, causing way more harm than good. All the unconstitutional laws they enforce are null and void, yet they continue to violate our rights unabated. It's up to us people, this aint going to fix itself.

  15. I choose not to fly to the US of A now in fact I don't even fly in Australia – why? – because the world governments are actually the terrorists – they create fear – fear is control – control is terrorism!!!

  16. Thankyou TSA for doing your job. Papa Bill O’Really told me the terrorists hate us for our freedoms. So obviously the solution is to stop having freedoms.

    And the terrorists need to know that we got rid of our freedoms, so it’s vital that these incidents happen frequently and are widely publicized. Of course the fact we have two millions locked in cages shows we stopped having freedoms, but the terrorists don’t know about that, since they only know what’s on TV, and TV won’t talk about all the prisoners.

    If you don’t like being groped, forget about busses and trains. You can’t even buy a bus or train ticket without government ID. I know, because I quit flying 25 years ago. The Border Thugs routinely board buses and trains looking for brown people. I’ve seen this many times. Train passengers are randomly searched. Either submit, or you don’t get on.

    The whole world is a prison; some of us have slightly bigger cages.

  17. Emily Protine is totally scary. How can you possibly think that this is OK? Get some education! You don't know what you are giving away with your ignorance. Do you really think the Patriots (NOT the football team!) of this nation risked everything for you just so you can throw it away? Not to mention those brave soldiers of the past and present risking their very lives just so you can pretend everything is all right and just because it's the Government, it must be legal, ethical, moral, or lawful? Just how far do you want them to go? Do you want them to set up their "security" stations at the grocery store? The Mall? Your child's school? They're already talking about the subways and train stations.

    You can bet if I am faced with this situation, I WILL put up a fight. I'm a 52 year old grandmother and I am going to do everything I can to protect this nation and the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF ITS CITIZENS THAT IS BEING IGNORED AND MANIPULATED BY THE MEMBERS OF "AUTHORITY". I am not afraid to die. If it is my fate to blow up at 30 thousand feet, then so be it. I won't be sitting in my chair waiting for it to happen. I am afraid of where this nation is headed and the corrupt leaders we are allowing to send us there.

    God bless you, Claire. You are a true patriot of this nation.

    "A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government." – Edward Abbey

    "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." ~Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

    "We have enjoyed so much freedom for so long that we are perhaps in danger of forgetting how much blood it cost to establish the Bill of Rights." ~Felix Frankfurter

    "Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it. The history of liberty is a history of resistance." ~Woodrow Wilson

    "I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations." ~James Madison, speech, Virginia Convention, 1788

    "Liberty is always dangerous, but it is the safest thing we have." ~Harry Emerson Fosdick

    "It is easy to take liberty for granted, when you have never had it taken from you." ~Author unknown, sometimes attributed to M. Grundler

    "Men fight for freedom, then they begin to accumulate laws to take it away from themselves." ~Author Unknown

    "We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home." ~Edward R. Murrow

    "Men fight for liberty and win it with hard knocks. Their children, brought up easy, let it slip away again, poor fools. And their grandchildren are once more slaves." ~D.H. Lawrence, Classical American Literature, 1922

    "Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed – else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die." ~Dwight D. Eisenhower

    "Nations grown corrupt
    Love bondage more than liberty;
    Bondage with ease than strenuous liberty."
    ~John Milton

    "Most people want security in this world, not liberty." ~H.L. Mencken, Minority Report, 1956

    "Freedom is never free." ~Author Unknown

    "Live FREE or DIE – Death is NOT the Worst of EVIL." – General John Stark of New Hampshire

  18. Thank god I am not actually required to fly anywhere.

    Although if I am I would probably make strong hints that i'm from the generation where if anyone but ma or pa touched my special place… GO FOR THE EYES!

    Ah well. The american sheeple had plenty of opportunities to actually change their country. They've now waited to long and its off to the slaughter house.

  19. Getting angry at Americans who are going along with this anti-freedom surge coming from the direction of the US Government is no solution.
    They obviously like living in an authoritarian society (synonyms for fascist: dictator, strongman, Big Brother, adviser, despot, leader, oligarch, magnate, authoritarian, extreme right wing etc.).
    Which begs the real question, do we feel like living with them?

  20. 10 Years is not that long…Remember all the talk at the time the Patriot Act was being rammed down our throats – about how our Constitutional freedoms and rights were being eroded and given away – and how, as Benjamin said that if we give up our rights for momentary security we'll end up with neither (paraphrased)… Well, take a good look around you. What we allowed to happen has blossomed and what we have now is less then what we had 10 years ago – and we ain't gonna get it back. And those who sit back and allow the "authorities" to have their way with our citizens who may be less capable of defending themselves is what we have earned for being "patriots" and "good citizens."

  21. Having lived in an african democratic country which our govt. supported. I travelled freely, but would not allow my african friends and collegues families to be abused at check points enroute to work sites. For example; at one temporary check point [they could set up at their volition] they started checking each woman and opening and empting all personal baggage and food onto the ground. I went to stop this harassment and in seconds had 4 M-16's in my face. All I can say is that I tried as they continued their so called duty and dumped everything onto a pile as we had to watch. the men in the group could do nothing for fear of their life or physical beating. I was the one that needed to stand up being an expat. We slowly give up little right and soon there will be no rights. we need to stand up with our fellow citizens. What if 100 travellers came to her support how would that be handled or 1000 what wuld they do arrest the whole mob. I will not allow it to happen, What do I have to lose, my life? So be it! Come on people, We need to take back our country, Why will the majority keep quiet. It only takes a few to bring it down.

  22. Quit your belly aching, and don't fly! Ride a bus or a train, or better yet drive yourself. TSA workers are just doing as ordered. They probly hate it as much as you do. Ever bathed or diapered an old person??? It doesn't make you a pervert. Someone is just doing their job. I felt embarrassed washing their private parts when they couldn't. But if I where in their diaper, I would hope someone took the time to do the job right. Also, if TSA misses a bomb and it kills your loved ones, you all would be standing in line to sue the slackers. SO SHUUUUUT UP!!!!

    1. No, YOU shut up! If people like you were here in the 1700s, we'd still be drinkin tea and paying taxes to Her Majesty, the Queen.

      We don't, because people chose to fight the power, and a new nation is born.
      Now that nation is slowly being subverted by people who know that you monkeys won't fight for your freedom.

      If the TSA misses a bomb, chances are it will be in all that unscanned luggage you're sitting on at 60,000 feet.

  23. Emily Protine you are a pathetic excuse for a human being. I would love to tell you that right to your face. No one should be subjected to that kind of behavior. And just because you might willingly go along with it doesn't make it right. You may not mind being groped but lots of people would.

  24. I simply will not fly until they get the government gets their act together. If that is NEVER, then so be it!! I have plenty of metal in me & I'm sure I would set off most detectors. My question is, how were they able to fire the people that they said they did..considering that they are Federal Employees?? Those are normally the only ones you cannot get rid of.

  25. OK , I am done with flying! I have been patted down five times within the last two months. I am a white male 38 years old, regular looking man. Sure enough when the TSA agent is done, I get phone numbers handed to me by several TSA agents! I am tired of these fags! I'll drive. TSA is the Transsexual alliance"

  26. I hope people keep this article in mind the next time they're pestering the children in their lives to do well in school. I can't imagine a better way to create mentalities dependent enough to demand this than to tell children that they'll be nothing in life if they don't allow a large portion of their thoughts and actions to be dictated by random "trained professionals". As for those cops, I'm sure they're very proud to be "meeting standards", and have long ago had any concerns over the significance of their actions defeated by all those years of blindly following pointless orders.

  27. The FBI and CIA use bomb-sniffing dogs who are far more efficient at actually finding explosives than this perverted, idiotic, rip-off TSA business. Russian airports use the dogs too. I wonder sometimes how much Americans will take before they finally really rebel, or maybe just go insane.

    It's all a scam anyway because those 9/11 "terrorists" didn't actually do a suicide plane bombing, those supposed "terrorists" were mostly found alive in various parts of the world after 9/11. There's lots of circumstantial evidence it was an inside job. The terrorist nonsense gets repeated until people believe it, but there's no proof any terrorists committed 9/11. Quite the opposite. 9/11 sure was convenient to certain people though, it got rid of an old asbestos-filled building, got rid of evidence against Wall Street fraud, and scared Americans into accepting any number of infringements on their rights, while paying billions in hyped-up "security" measures that only cause trouble and paranoia.

    And the burgeoning "security" business people rake in the dough…

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