If You’ve Been Saving Those Moonie Jokes…

Use them now, because Washington Times reporter Eli Lake is moving on up to Newsweek. Lake is the latest Iraq hack and all-purpose neocon instrument to demonstrate the one rule of post-9/11 journalism: there’s always work if you’re always pro-war.

All jokes aside, I’m happy for Lake, who seems to have found his perfect match in Newsweek boss Tina Brown. Just imagine what Lake will be able to do with her crack Photoshop staff! I’m already picturing the “Saddam at 75” cover story, with Hussein and bin Laden wearing matching Code Pink T-shirts.

27 thoughts on “If You’ve Been Saving Those Moonie Jokes…”

  1. [B]ecause Washington Times reporter Eli Lake is moving on up to Newsweek

    So a journalistic hack is moving from one dying, irrelevant rag to another. I'd hardly call that "moving on up," although it's amusing to see what these propaganda-pukers consider "career advancement.."

      1. I doubt that even those ragged copies you find in such offices are the product of subscriptions. If you look carefully enough at the mailing labels, you'll notice that, more often than not, they've been conveniently "forgotten/left behind" by patients who obviously had no use for them.

    1. Yeah, I wouldn't call it "moving on up," either. Certainly not to a rag that was sold for $1 awhile back (and the buyer got shafted at that price).

      I'm reminded of an old Twilight Zone episode where some poor damned soul must spend eternity going from one doomed ship to another. First the Titanic, then the Lusitania, then the Andrea Doria. Welcome to MSM Hell, Eli.

  2. "I’m already picturing the “Saddam at 75″ cover story, with Hussein and bin Laden wearing matching Code Pink T-shirts."

    Dang it, Mathew, you just made my break out in my Jim Bovard laugh as I was swallowing my whiskey!

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