Fox Business Channel Cancels Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano

UPDATE: Please contact Fox Business to ask them to reverse their decision.

Irena Briganti, Senior Vice President
Media Relations
Phone: 212-301-3608
Fax: 212-819-0816

Be respectful but be sure to convey your outrage at this matter, and state that you and many others will boycott the network if the show is taken off the air.

Very bad news.

Fox Business Channel has unceremoniously cancelled Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Ratings were not an issue, since the show was one of the top-rated shows on Fox Business Channel. Since no reason was given, one can only assume it was the consistent antiwar, pro-freedom, and anti-establishment views.

Fox’s press release stated:

Currently one of the leading judicial analysts on television, Judge Napolitano will continue his role on both FOX Business and FOX News, providing key legal insights surrounding the growing intersection between Washington and Wall Street.

Freedom Watch will be replaced by re-airings of shows run earlier in the day.

2 thoughts on “Fox Business Channel Cancels Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano”

  1. Unbelievable.. My favorite show and one of the only reasons to watch FBN. I will continue to watch Stossel and Asman but Freedom Watch was one of the best shows on

    We will miss you Judge Nap!

    1. I agree! Fox has lost my viewership. I may as well watch a liberal news show or maybe reruns of Seinfeld or something. Fox Biz has lost the only true voice for America on television today! Owned by the Saudis at 17%, there has been a filter to the "Fair and Balanced" network for some time now.

      Fallacious & Biased is more like it!

  2. They should have cancelled that self-important windbag Bull O Really and his Nothin but Spin Zone

    1. I was thinking , how can he get away with speaking the truth and asking the tough questions. I will never watch fox business news again unless they bring back the Judge

  3. Done! Wrote Irena a very respectful email asking her and the network to re-consider. If they don't, this will finalize my divorce from Murdoch Networks. (Aside from the occasional fling with WSJ, I can't quit her yet).

  4. Considering all the statists at Faux I'm amazed the show was ever aired and even more amazed at how long it lasted.

  5. Outragious — Probaby a political decision. FreedomWatch is the one program on FBN that I almost always watched. Since that is one of the few programs where I felt I could get the truth instead of media lies and properganda, apparently FBN would prefer to cancel a popular program that tells the truth and give their viewers programs that misleads or just wortthless garbage. Since that is their attitude, I have decided tgo find other networks to watch and avoid FBN.

    1. I totally agree with you the Medias does lies to it's veiwers Freedom Watch is a good program it is very truelyful. I hope boycott the newtwork.

      Jocelyn NH

  6. It was only a matter of time! Personally, I don't know how he lasted this long. With the support of Ron Paul and his ideas growing at an unprecedented rate, it was only logical that they cut one of the heads off of the message for restoring liberty to America. You will be missed brother!

  7. I don't watch "Faux News", FBN, Communist News Network, "See-BS", Amerikan Bolshevik Company or Nothing But Crap. All a waste of electricity.

    1. Don't forget that ultimate waste of electrons, MSNBC, which several years ago did the exact same thing to Alan Keyes, replacing him with the blow-dried airhead Phil Donahue. One can imagine the horror in the MSNBC inner sanctum when Keyes' stellar ratings came out. "What? A black conservative? A popular black conservative?? AAAGGHH!! Dump him now!!"

      I find it telling that FBN can't think of a viable replacement, so they just do reruns.

  8. Judge Napolitano was the only one on fox that made any sense… I guess his message wasnt consistent with the Neo-Cons…. I only hope Judge will put himself in another maybe more viable and accessable podeum to speak to the masses… how much more can the USA take,,,f-ck Fox and Cnn

    1. Ron Paul should immediately announce that if he becomes president, Judge Napolitano will be his attorney general.

  9. This tells me I should stop watching Fox as they no longer appear balanced and unafraid.

    I guess Soros got to them too.

    About the only place left to get the truth will be The Blaze.

    1. Absolutely! There certainly must be a more suitable broadcast venue from which the Judge can air his words of wisdom. Quite honestly, it's a testament to the Judge's character and principled decency that he was able to put up with the neocon scumbags at the Faux Bulls*** Network for as long as he did. Furthermore, while I would like to believe that his program changed at least some of the minds of that network's brainwashed O'Reilly/Hannitard-worshiping regular viewers, I'm very skeptical that this was the case. I always felt that the Judge was casting pearls before swine.

      Again, as you stated, let us hope that he finds a new, more freedom-friendly venue from which to continue his essential work.

    2. Current TV is run by Global Warming SCAMMER, Al Gore, and an ex IDF officer. Current TV still claims that the armed AL KADA terrorists contracted by the War Usury and Industrial Genocide Complex's marketing loss leaders, the US UK ISRAEL FRANCE ITALY, etc, were armed Libyan protesters instead of mercs hired by western intelligence services. Current is a beep – bop.

      Maybe the Judge can bring some vote fraud cases against (at least) the Iowa, NC and Nevada caucuses. Current TV is where fired mainstream media personalities go – the Judge don't have that kind of resume.

  10. I never understood how he was allowed to have a show on Fox anyway. It baffled me. I guess it took them awhile to realize he was a conservative hero, hold the neo.

  11. I'm surprised this didn't happen a long time ago. The same thing (cancellation with no reason while still being a "contributor") happened to Glenn Beck when he started to really come down on President Obama and George Soros.

    I truly believe Fox has become subtly pro-Obama over the years, especially given the way the Trump/Bachmann birth certificate charade was handled.

    1. Glenn "I love Israel and Martin Looting Communist" Beck is no great loss. And his phony tears were a joke, too.

  12. This is the letter I wrote to Ms. Briganti:
    Dear Ms. Briganti,
    I cannot believe that you are allowing the best program on FOX BUSINESS NEWS, Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano, to end. There can be no better program to put in this time slot or better use of this time slot on FOX Business channel than Freedom Watch. Judge Napolitano is the ONLY person on your channel or on FOX News who is a true Conservative, as well as being highly educated in the law and the Constitution, not to mention he has the most pleasant personality of all of your hosts.

    PLEASE RECONSIDER THIS EXTREMELY BAD DECISION. If you let him go, you will have made a grave mistake and whoever or whatever you replace him with, will be a sorry replacement for Freedom Watch, and I predict that the ratings for this time slot will plunge drastically.

    What is your "person in charge" thinking? Are they being intimidated or threatened? There is absolutely NO LOGICAL reason for this. It can't be that he doesn't have enough listeners – or is it that he has TOO MANY listeners and certain people are becoming "concerned?" Could it be that they never anticipated just how successful Freedom Watch would become? Could it be that he is having too large an effect on rounding up Ron Paul supporters? Why is this being done? I can see no logical excuse for this.

    SO MANY PEOPLE are upset over this. Glenn Beck is gone and now Judge Napolitano. Those were the only true Conservatives you had on either FOX NEWS or FOX Business. Is this going to become a trend? Why even watch FOX with these two people gone? I used to watch only because of Glenn Beck. Then I watched FOX Business only because of the Judge. I know that there are thousands of people out there who feel the same way as I do.

    Please SERIOUSLY THINK ABOUT THIS DECISION AND RECONSIDER THIS HUGE MISTAKE. Once he's gone, he may not want to come back. Like Glenn Beck, he may move on to bigger and better things and then where will your ratings be?

    1. I couldn't have said it better. Rupert Murdock must be getting pinched. When is the right and the left going to figure that we in the middle will prevail and we had facial recognition of all these talking heads that preach a bunch of nothing. The will be the first to be unemployed a re-constitution of the Constitution of the United States of America. Ron Paul has it right. Alan West has it right.

  13. So why can't they go to another channel? Does no other channel exist besides Fox? All Fox has left, basically, are American Idol and House. House is over end of this year and American Idol is fading fast. No one trusts their "news" because they have very clear and visible one-sided loyalties.

    Why is anyone surprised that Fox acts ridiculous? Get some backers, go to BBC America or take over an indie network and make it bigger than Fox. Replace MSM news failure channels with respectable indie news channels already. Jeez.

    If more people would petition for a la carte cable TV packages worries like this would disappear.

  14. im very upset – jumped up to go check on the computer if this was really happening. MY faovorite show !!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Judge go to RT you'll be appreciated there as well as your views and your endorsement of the only viable Republican candidate RON PAUL

    1. Good one.
      It is the only channel that one can trust.
      He would also be a mighty VP for Dr Paul. At least give him the Justice DEpt or Homeland Security – to dismantle.

  16. Big mistake by Fox. The Judge probably was out doing Oreilly and they coul`nt have that now could they.
    Bill has taken the wrong side so he stays. The Judge was helping to many average people wake up to the truth therefore he had to go.

  17. Well Judge, I always knew you were not a neocon. This proves it.

    We'll find you wherever you continue your defense of liberty and the U.S. Constitution.

    God bless you.

  18. My favorite show with Fox! Really liked Judge Napolitano! We hope Fox network will reverse their decision on airing the Freedom Watch show.

  19. Now there's no reason to watch FBN at all.
    Maybe Bloomberg? Or Al Gore's network? Or a slot on "Democracy Now"?

    Fox has a lock on cable channels because their anchor stations which have grandfather rights on cable channel assignments enable them to continue FBN, ans HLN (Headline News which promised 20 minute snapshots of the news, but now delivers the worst tripe on TV – Nancy Grace).
    And the have 20th Century Fox's fims to barter with.

    I sort of hope that the Internet develops as an alternative to Broadcast TV, and Cable TV, but when that happens FOX will buy its way in, or get our government to control the Internet too. Look at all the countries that already block content. We';re becoming, slowly but surely, internet prisoners.

  20. Fox Business Channel Cancels Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano is just wrong if this gets canceled.I for one will protest this issue! and as far as fox business channel. goes we will not view any other programs on this network for this was the reason i started viewing your channel PS…WHAT YOU PEOPLE CAN'T HANDLE FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM THEN YOUR ALL LOSERS…THE SAM

  21. listen fox news,,,, freedom is something every generation has to fight for,,,freedom is'n free you got to pay the price you got to sacrifice for your liberty…freedom watch was the only show that i watch on your channel and so doe's my groups we are going to boycott fox news and not only that but boycott all of fox's networks to…..the sam

  22. One of the reasons to never watch FOX news again. You are puppets, not a worthy news agency. How can the public decipher right from wrong if you become bias, controlled by a force other than our constitution. There is NO reason to watch a news agency you can not trust. In fact, I strongly suggest and hope people TURN FOX NEWS OFF before you are led down the wrong path by believing everything they say, especially when they hide the truth from the public. Bring back the Judge, bring back the truth in reporting.

    1. hi…i'm sam Johnson look me up on Facebook Tucson please join our group freedom fighters help us by picking up the flag of Paul freedom will march on with-out fox news …the sam

  23. Yes I think the Fox was finally getting worried about the Judge in that he was waking to many of those in the Coop.I will have to say that I never watched to much on the FBC and caught Mr.Napolitano segments mostly on Blogs and Youtube clips.So I guess you can say I watched in-directly.I don't think there is any place he can go from here to have another show,Whats left,all the main stations are corrupt and put the propaganda feed out to the viewers.The Judge seemed to be a Dr. Paul supporter and maybe that is why Fox is ending it.Idea here!!! All and I mean all Ron Paul supporters should consider talking to Mr.Paul on the Idea of starting a new Media Station.One that is financed by donations from Dr. Paul supporters and the Revolution.There seems to be millions of supporters and a few dollars a month from each would run it for sure.Think of it as a another PBS but on Commercial broadcasting funded with Paul supporters with out the spin.Over time I think enough people who have watched the other stations (ABC NBC CBS FOX MSNBC ect) would finally wake up to what has been fed to them in the past.

  24. My Heart is broken. The man spoke the truth. He was the only reason for watching . A true constitutiuonal conservative. Without him i will no longer watch. Where do we go now for the truth?

    1. Same here Paul. At least we have the internet, for now anyway. You can't believe in the Constitution anymore and be able to speak freely without ridicule. I get ridiculed a lot. Maybe I am one of the ones on the list of the concentration, er FEMA camps.

  25. Bunch of slack jawed mouth breathers.

    It was ALL about the ratings. The Judge was bringing in about 50,000 viewers. O’Reilly gets almost 3 million. The repeat of O’Reilly gets more than a million viewers.

    There are no conspiracies to shut the guy up. He had a high quality show, but WTF do you expect from a country that watches Jersey Shore and elects a community organizer as president.

    Fox News has the top 12 programs on cable news. Maddow is 13. Several other Fox showa fill out the top 30. The Judge was nowhere near the top. He may have done well on Fox Business Channel, but FBN ranks below Headline News. Cavuto is in the top 12 and his reruns will run circles around Judge Nap.

    He’s a great guy and he will still show up often on FNC. You need to get over your delusions that people are out to get you. You’re much more fun as blessed lunatics than conspiracy theorists.

  26. Seems to be a recurring theme throughout history. Honesty attracts honesty and is its own reward.

  27. If Freedom Watch is not restored I will no longer watch any Fox channel. I stand firm in this.

  28. This is a disaster. I specifically chose programming packages that included FBN strictly for The Judge and Stossel. I'll be writing in, spreading the news, and cancelling subscription. Hopefully The Judge creates a show elsewhere, preferably on the only network that can't censor him- the internet.

    Make sure to buy his books and support him!



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