Less Antman’s Antiwar Speech at the LP Convention

This is Less Antman speaking at the Libertarian Party’s National Convention.

Of course, we at Antiwar.com do not support political candidates or parties. But this speech hits on the type of message we have tried to put forth for so long. The state has an interest in war. People do not. The state has an interest in economic and civil control. The people have an interest in liberty and in the market.

The key passage:

Drowning people in fear is the key to power. But we also learned five years ago that antiwar is the health of the anti-state movement. And even if we do nothing other than end ALL the wars, real as well as metaphorical, we will be well on our way to a free society. And millions are ready to rally around that banner.

8 thoughts on “Less Antman’s Antiwar Speech at the LP Convention”

  1. This is an excellent speech. I found nothing, with which to disagree, and much to cheer. I recall neocons, just a few years ago, trying to argue that it was indeed libertarian to fight elective wars. What nonsense! I said it at the time, and did my best to argue those guys down. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. But now, I have a wonderful, moving video to toss into the rhetorical mix, as well. Thanks Less Antman, for being so articulate in describing your principled position, and thanks, Antiwar.com, for posting this.

  2. Less Antman, you should be our next president. You should prosecute those neocons and neolibs for crimes against humanity. Every country should have a leader like you so they can concentrate more on domestic affairs and less on foreign affairs.

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