A Poisoned Generation in Fallujah

An updated Al Jazeera report on how we liberated Fallujah, Iraq:

Antiwar.com columnist Kelley B. Vlahos wrote a brilliant piece in April 2011 in The American Conservative cataloguing the scientific support behind the conclusion that this ongoing suffering in Fallujah is caused by the US weapons used in America’s siege of the city in 2004.

6 thoughts on “A Poisoned Generation in Fallujah”

  1. This is a mistake the US will be paying for for generation. I wrote a novel about the forgotten people of Fallujah. Mostly five star reviews. Check it out if you're interested. Amazon.com: title: Falcons on the Floor / Justin Sirois

  2. Remember – Churhill used WMS – chemicals in Iraq before WW2 – including in Sadam's birthplace city

    War criminals all

  3. Unfortunately nothing new, DU was also used in Yugoslavia. And in Vietnam as of today there is still a high number of babies born with birthdefects caused by agent orange. Thats how the US fight wars. Actually they are using WMD, only the effect is slow and effective for decades.

  4. It's low-level nuclear war and it's a war crime. Any president who has used it is a damn war criminal.

  5. Such atrocious acts committed by the USA are scarcely reported and the vast majority of Americans just don't care, even if they are informed about it. Just as long as such acts or not being done in the homeland and on the American people, life goes on.

    Until of course, someone who does care an awful lot and can not bare seeing the oppression on his people, decides the perpetrators of these atrocious acts need to pay.

    Then you get something like 9/11, only then Americans get a jolt of reality that shocks them from their American dream. Such are the consequences.

  6. Why the generation became poisonous..please let me know the information about this.Please update me time to time now.
    thanks for info..:)

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  8. Sunderland and short-termism
    I must be careful ca cuoc t? s? bóng ?á online of writing a team off in September. It was a mistake I (almost) made last season, only for Burnley to respond to their dire start.

    That said, what Sean Dyche’s side lacked in ability they accounted for in effort and team spirit. Dick Advocaat’s Sunderland currently have none of those qualities. They look like a collection of highly paid but lowly motivated individuals, no cohesion with each other or loyalty to the club.

    Sunderland’s entire ethos is centred around short-termism. They have a manager who had to be persuaded to take the job after initially rejecting it, and is on a one-year deal. They have an owner under enormous pressure from supporters and a number of players signed signed in desperation by a manager who will leave before they do. They have kèo da banh had five managers (Advocaat, Poyet, Di Canio, O’Neill, Bruce) in the last four years.

    The longest-serving player in Sunderland’s starting side against Bournemouth was Billy Jones, who has been at the club for less than 16 months. That breeds a team with a critical lack of organisation and unity.

    Once again they were made to look shambolic defensively and blunt in the final third at Bournemouth. Jermain Defoe is the only Sunderland player with more than two shots on target this season, and the only one with more than one goal. Even he has only registered an average of 1.8 shots per match.

    The biggest worry for Sunderland is not their results, but the cá c??c bóng ?á trên m?ng opponents who have put them so firmly in their place. Leicester, Norwich, Swansea, Aston Villa, Tottenham and Bournemouth – an averaging finishing place last season of 14.7th in the Football League ladder. Advocaat’s side are struggling to breathe against the lesser sides in the table. The best sides will surely squeeze the life out of their flimsy Premier League existence.

  9. 10) Reece Oxford (West Ham)
    The youngest member of our list, deserving of his place based on 90 fabulous minutes at the Emirates on the first weekend of the season. Oxford has played just 54 league minutes since that victory, but his display in central midfield that day indicated that he has the qualities to be an enormous Premier League success.

    In truth, Oxford probably needs a loan move to gain vital first-team football, but there is no rush even on that front. Making your Premier League debut four months before you even turn 17 leaves plenty of time for patience, and West Ham will make sure their star walks before he needs to run. He was born after Believe by Cher got to No. 1, for goodness sake.

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