Gitmo Prisoner: ‘We all died when Obama indefinitely detained us’


Carl Warner, an attorney defending 11 Guantanamo detainees, appeared in an interview with Russia Today and read a statement from one of his clients, Faiz al-Kandari, who remains detained despite having his charges dropped last year.

Kandari’s statement was the following:

“I scare myself when I look in the mirror. Let them kill us as we have nothing to lose. We died when Obama indefinitely detained us.  Respect us or kill us. It is your choice. The US must take off its mask and kill us.”

Kandari, along with dozens of other Guantanamo detainees, is taking part in a hunger strike to protest his deprivation of legal due process. Warner said he had lost “more than 30 pounds less than a month ago,” his “cheeks were sunk in. He was exhausted, weak, he could not stand.”

“I do not want to see my clients die,” Warner added, “and the fact that they are in this condition is one of the most heart-wrenching things I have had to experience as a lawyer.”

The absolute worst part of all of this is not that these men, who are unjustly and indefinitely detained, are suffering from lack of nourishment. Rather, it is the deafening silence in the US media about their hunger strike. Such protests are intended to create pressure on the authorities to change cruel policies like indefinite detention without charge or trial. But if the media and the public don’t care, then there is no pressure, and hunger strikers simply die.

For two of the best write-ups of this Gitmo hunger strike, see Carol Rosenberg at the Miami Herald and’s own Kelley Vlahos.

4 thoughts on “Gitmo Prisoner: ‘We all died when Obama indefinitely detained us’”

  1. Gulag USA, for those of you who don't know what or where gulag prison was.., reed the history.., now it is USA turn to become a gulag prison under the democratic leadership.

    1. You mean George Bush. George Washington was the anti-thesis of this. You should research that man to take the taste of Bush off your palete.

  2. Hmm … the Nobel Peace Prize committee must be beaming right now with their choice of winner(s). Clearly, in Norway you may torture at will, as long as the skin colour of the tortured is a tint of brown. Thus the choice of Torturer-in-chief as their winner. It's a very exciting game to guess the next Nobel peace prize winner: Adolf Hitler (post mortem) anyone?

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  4. AMERICA is a cesspool of iniquity,crimes, violence and odium…The day she is underground i will gladly unite most generously on her grave-site and write graffiti on her tombstone…

  5. Frogs on Boil with a Case of the Gas Chamber Syndrome…

    Duh red white and blue flying high and majestic
    the clean-cut troops so young and strong fighting for their country
    what a meiotic service for gold they march to and perform on behalf of…but for whom?
    if our enemy is ferocious why do we eradicate their women and children over there yet they never come here?

    Tell me america, what afghan has ever bombed your town?
    what afghan terrorist has ever broke down the door to your home terrorizing you and your family?
    what afghan soldier has ever killed your sister brother son or mother by bullet bomb or drone in your own neighborhood?
    why do you do to them what you came here and did, so long ago, so consistently?

    Everyone over here supports the troops…so they would need you to believe
    everyone within worships the military like they were a sinless unquestionable demi-god
    everyone is expected to obediently blindly support without question, with apathy and distain for their suffering
    everyone in the usa needs to ascertain what is done in their name

    Where is the Iraqi child walking the streets in his home who ever did you harm?
    what Iraqi woman wondering what dreams will manifest in her life ever fired a tank shell at your town then giggled on video?
    which Iraqi man has ever come over here to militarily occupy your nation since you posses what he craves?
    why did you terrorize and occupy for so many years at the price of your soul?

    For just like good german villagers in Bavaria back in 43
    living oblivious to the horror in the smoke coming from the ovens just over the next hill
    a white rose roared to wake up the sleep pretenders but were guillotined for daring to alight conscience
    70 years later a whistleblower here in the land of the free who did the same thing might suffer the same fate

    Do you have any idea concerning the sickening suffering that your support inflicts?
    do you know the numbers or the names of the dead, of the wounded, of the orphans…do you even care?
    i wish i could see all the names of everyone who has suffered from usa military
    float down from the sky on a piece of paper on every school, on every church, every town and government office in the good ol' united states of mordor

    Ah but of course you've absolved yourself of responsibility & accountability so such an act would faze few
    for you've anointed yourself a good christian, an exceptional, an indispensable city on the hill
    you have an untouchable conduct code, a civic compass & always the impeccable moral high ground
    collateral residue your taxes pay for as a condolence payment & its blood money but does it really pay?

    The anguish you inflict is beyond any justification at any level for any reason
    the agony of xenophobic abuse you support with fireworks &hot dogs is a shackle & chain you must bear
    the cost of your sins will reverberate through time and your nation will be synonymous with evil
    the suffering you ignore is the price your kids will pay

    You're manipulated by manufactured fear
    you're dissonant frogs slowly being boiled in your own excretion
    you're a battery, bled milked cheated and above all, lied to
    you're a empire of pompous consuming locust who are afflicted by the Gas Chamber Syndrome…

    1. I am also proud to be American but the sure short thing is this we have to avoid some biggest mistakes we have been doing from last few years with the words. Thanks

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