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Anti-Drone Activism:

A nationwide, month-long campaign of counter-drone teach-ins, rallies and protest, called "April Days of Action" by its organizers, will challenge the escalated use of drones for targeted assassination by the Obama Administration as well as domestic surveillance by police agencies around the United States. The actions will call for a total halt to drone killing and surveillance.

Locations, dates, and details can be found here.

This week’s top news:

US Sends Nuclear-Capable B-2 Stealth Bombers to Intimidate North Korea: The Obama administration has sent nuclear-capable B-2 bombers to drop munitions on a South Korean island, in an unprecedented move intended to intimidate North Korea.

US Training Syrian Rebels in Jordan: The military training has coincided with a sharp increase in the CIA’s effort to coordinate the delivery of weapons to Syria’s rebels from countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and others. This, despite the Obama administration’s continuing claims to stop short of directly arming the rebels.

Terrorized by Drones, Afghan Civilians Increasingly Flee Homes: Afghans are increasingly fleeing their homes in fear "to escape relentless airstrikes from US drones," which have markedly intensified over the past year in a process that is "feeding widespread anti-American sentiment," according to a report by The Associated Press.

Police: Four Children Killed in Afghan Night Raid: Local police are confirming that a NATO-led night raid against the Logar Province left at least five civilians, including four children dead, and a number of others wounded. NATO claims all those killed were Taliban members.

Emergency Motion: US Denying Gitmo Detainees Water: US officials have been desperate to stifle reports of a massive hunger strike among detainees at Guantanamo Bay, and the latest tactic, having failed in their attempts to simply deny it, is to punish the strikers.

Violating Own Laws, US Backs Alleged Death Squads in Honduras: US support for Honduran security forces has skyrocketed since the military coup took place there in 2009, even as reports of extra-judicial killings, disappearances and other human rights abuses have increased.

Opinion and Analysis

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