Biden Pushes Federalism in Iraq, But US Remains Pro-Centralization in Ukraine

The Obama Admniistration has for months been railing against Russian “interference” because the Russian Federation has been advocating a federal system in Ukraine as a way of increasing regional autonomy in the face of secessionist rebellions.

Never let it be said they won’t be openly hypocritical.

Vice President Joe Biden penned an entire op-ed today in which he pushed for a federal system to be declared in Iraq, and that the US would “help” Iraq in implementing it.

The US efforts is the mirror of the Russian effort, trying to satisfy its allied factions in the nation while tamping down a civil war that those factions are likely to lose.

16 thoughts on “Biden Pushes Federalism in Iraq, But US Remains Pro-Centralization in Ukraine”

  1. So who is Joe Biden? Is he not part of USG when he is Vice President, if he is part of the government and pushing for federalism in Iraq against the USG will, then why is he the Vice President. Let me ask you like this Jason, so you mean to say that Joe Biden "possibly" supports ISIS to get his idea materialized in Iraq and elsewhere, if that's the case why is he still part of the government who don't agree with government when in this case he sabotaging the government ideas, is he also supportive of ISIS or other "moderate" jihadists whom are for dividing Iraq! yet the president and Joe Biden both are from the same democratic political party. Can a democrat answer this question please: is us Democratic Party have a platform or…., In another word, who the hell is running the USG!

  2. Hypocrisy has never bothered anyone who resides in the inner circles of power in DC. Joe Biden and the rest of the creeps that run things do not practice the self doubt and self-criticism that reveal and stop hypocrisy. They just stick to the script as it evolves among the powerful.

  3. The USG, with the unquestioning support of its corporate controlled media, which laughingly passes as a "free press," controls the message and all other viewpoints are marginalized. I'm sick and tired of tearing my hair out every day over insane USG policies. Why can't the mass of people see through this blatant hypocrisy and double standard?

  4. Resident Bush called for the federalization of Iraq in his March 9 2003 press conference. It was, as far as I noticed, the only time he said anything specific about his administration's post-invasion plan for Iraq's government – apart from the pablum about "freedom and democracy", which sounded like a recipe for sectarian civil war to me. I was sort of hoping at the time that the structure of the Iraqi state might be preserved under the Hashemite claimant to the Iraqi throne, not because I have aparticular fondness for monarchy or the Hashemites, but because, of all the post-invasion scenarios that the oil boys and neocons might have considered, it was the only one that had any roots at all in Iraqi history.

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