Biden Lets Israel Off the Hook Again

Leading humanitarian agencies poured scorn on the administration’s conclusions

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The Biden administration finally released their report on Israeli compliance with international humanitarian law on Friday. Predictably, the administration ignored the mountain of evidence showing Israeli violations of international law in their conduct of the war and their ongoing efforts to impede the delivery of humanitarian aid. Akbar Shahid Ahmed reported:

President Joe Biden’s administration on Friday concluded its assessment of whether Israel is breaking international and American laws in its U.S.-backed military campaign in Gaza and did not conclude that Israel’s conduct requires Washington to cut off aid for the offensive, according to a copy of the assessment reviewed by HuffPost.

Leading humanitarian agencies poured scorn on the administration’s conclusions. The head of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) USA, Avril Benoit, said, “The Biden administration’s analysis of Israel’s war in Gaza has not proceeded as a good faith effort to uphold US law.” Abby Maxman, CEO of Oxfam America, condemned the report as “a slap in the face to the Palestinian and international human rights and humanitarian organizations that provided firsthand accounts and evidence ― backed by experts within the administration ― on the assumption that their input would be evaluated in good faith.” The Vice President of Advocacy for the International Rescue Committee, Flora Alexander, criticized the administration for ignoring the accounts of humanitarian aid workers:

The Biden Administration National Security Memorandum 20 assessment fails to acknowledge what humanitarians on the ground in Gaza are telling them: that aid is still being consistently impeded by the Israeli authorities. If humanitarian aid was flowing unhindered and at scale, one million people would not be in famine conditions and the U.S. government would not be engaging in last resort options like air drops or expensive maritime routes.

Oxfam’s Scott Paul summed up the findings of the report, “Firm legal requirements to respect IHL & not block aid are being swatted away by a president who campaigned on restoring the rule of law.” Jeremy Konyndyk, president of Refugees International, commented, “Lots of documentation of apparent violations; yet concludes Israel’s assurances on IHL compliance are credible. It’s like they’re staring at all of these trees and arguing there’s no forest.”

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6 thoughts on “Biden Lets Israel Off the Hook Again”

  1. Hook? Line and sinker, JB?! That is no way to make peace, is it?….
    Of course it isn’t!

  2. The document avoided addressing the central issue instead diverted attention to a different issue.
    “ did not conclude that Israel’s conduct requires Washington to cut off aid for the offensive, according to a copy of the assessment”

    Washington will never admit to its complicity, support , and encouragement of the genocidal Israeli actions.

  3. There are more than 35,000 dead in Gaza. Many more than that are suffering famine. Egypt is showing signs of distrust of Israel over the IDF sealing off the Palestine side of the Rafah entrance, stopping humanitarian aid from coming into Palestine. Meanwhile, Israeli settlers shot driver, torched truck carrying aid, threw aid off of trucks then set it on fire. Israel and the media still allege that 1200 Israelis were killed by Hamas, while still ignoring the fact that the IDF killed around 400 by tank rounds and Apache helicopters. This morning I read an article about a “discovery” of the bodies of several Israelis killed on 7Oct, with the picture showing a burned out car in the background. This was discussed months ago. It is apparent that the cars were hit with missiles from drones or Apache helicopters. A witness to the tanks hitting houses, a survivor of the 7Oct attack, her name is Porat, said that the tanks fired shells into houses that had Hamas fighters and Israelis, including the poster girl, Liel. Israeli news sources still say Hamas killed her, not the tank rounds.

  4. Biden lets Israel off the hook again because he is hooked to Israel. He and every president before him let Israel get away with anything including murder. War crime pays for Israel and it’s funded by the MIC, Big Banks Too Big To Fail But Not Too Big To Fail At Making Peace and companies like Raytheon, Caterpillar Products etc.
    Biden is now called Genocide Joe and Trump will be called Genocide Don if he is the next Misleader In Chief.
    Israel is committing genocide in Gaza and might spread it to the W Bank and beyond. Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and George W Bush wish they destroyed Iraq the way Israel is destroying Gaza. They wish they killed aid workers getting into Iraq and would go down in history as great people.

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