Ron Paul on Rabbis for the Iran Deal

Recently 340 US rabbis — from the full spectrum of US Judaism — signed a letter to Congress urging approval of the Iran deal. As AIPAC spends millions lobbying against the deal, perhaps the US Jewish community is not as unified as the neocons would like us to believe. Today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report discusses support for the deal:

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

8 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Rabbis for the Iran Deal”

  1. Money does talk louder, all the more reason that level-headed people should stay the course to deprive the demagogues their damaging pursuits.

  2. That's a great news. At last US and Iran settled down their issues. So now both the nations needs to remain honest with themselves. In this way they can create peace and prosperity.

  3. Do not leave these Generals out by the way. Aug 11, 2015 Dozens of retired US generals, admirals demand Congress back Iran nuclear deal

    Dozens of former senior U-S military officials urge Congress to ratify the outcome of nuclear negotiations between Iran and P5+1

  4. While this shows an opposing position to the LameStreamMedia, aren't rabbis the clergy of Talmudism? While peace is certainly the righteous goal, what are they up to & why? Controlled opposition? Where in the Old testament do rabbis get their authority? Before the Babylonian Captivity? Since when has Talmudism been a religion of peace?

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