Droning On: More US Bombs On Yemen?

Why is President Trump continuing the failed Middle East policy of President Obama? Last weekend’s drone strike on Yemen was supposedly aimed at al-Qaeda operatives, but it also killed a significant number of innocent women and children. And al-Qaeda? They are the greatest beneficiaries of the US-backed Saudi war against Yemen. We are supposedly fighting al-Qaeda while backing those who are helping al-Qaeda? Does it make sense? We discuss in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

6 thoughts on “Droning On: More US Bombs On Yemen?”

  1. Good discussion but no mention that none of the Saudi Arabian aerial attacks on Yemen could be carried out without in flight refueling being provided by US military aircraft.

  2. The administration is employing and deploying Human drones, like the psychotic right wing ‘christian’ extremists who recently burned down two mosques in Texas. Funny how that isn’t making a big splash in the MSM. The haters have brought the wars back to here. It can be argued that the Revolution and Civil wars never actually stopped, just smoldered for so very 240 years.

    But the bottom line is the war mongers are just as busy under this regime as they were under the last. And the one before that. And the one before.

    Great Fleas have Lesser Fleas
    Upon their backs to bite ’em
    and lesser fleas
    yet smaller fleas,
    and so, ad infinitum.

    The Air Force drone operators at least get paid. The domestic goon squads are doing it for free. Only they think it’s for freedom. Very close to the Air Force recruiter ads.

  3. It’s all evil but now that we are in a transition period from Obama to Trump, the emphasis should be taken off the use of drones. Killing people in foreign lands on false pretenses is the issue. Any emphasis being placed on drones is lessening the importance of condemning the use of bombs from 30,000 feet.

    Please Ron Paul and company, make the transition quickly and show your sincerity for protecting the lives of US bombing victims.

    1. In the end it’s one person loosing a weapon on others. Repeatedly. And more expensive ammo that can kill a lot of people with one twitch of the trigger. And people making that ammo and getting paid one f… of a lot of bread for it. (paraphrasing Ike before he sold out to the MIC) And literally less real bread for the children to eat. Grownups too. Dropping bombs from a jet so far above the ground “targets” that they can’t see it as it passes over, going so fast it’s over the horizon before the bombs hit the ground. That’s just the beginning. The four horsemen, the first is war and every other plague and famine springs from that.

      If there’s a consolation prize in the Mad Game, the poor die a more humane death, because it’s quicker. The madmen who made a living from others dying, theirs is more drawn out. And with a lot of fear leading up to it. Deep, painful fear. The destruction they unleash on others, when it can’t feed on the poor, it will turn on it’s former masters.

      1. I hear your antiwar message loud and clear and I’m with you on that.
        You can stick your religious bullsh-t right up your krsityun as-hole. It sickens me to hear anyone suggest that there’s a consolation prize for those poor who die under that which you sick, sick relgion has brought to the world.

        luv from Canada.

        1. It sickens me that people will kill to make a profit. They hide behind the name Christ or God but that’s not the motive.They bring their own destruction, and after that blame gods or God. My truest belief is the more “elite” ones know that and just don’t give a damn.

          I also know they can change, and exposing their true motives is part of the process. Or a monumental waste of time, but I have to do something, and at least try. That’s my thought. If I’m wrong, it will come back on me and if I’m smart enough to recognize it, then I can change that too. In the meantime I’m not killing anybody. The less damage one does, the less damage one has to repair.

          I also recall clearly the process the Military uses to basically turn people into unthinking drones. And learning some ways to undo that. One of the principles of Neo-Pavlovian conditioning is actually in the Bible, what you confess with your mouth you believe in heart and … it guides your actions.

          In the military you have to chant, with 39 others (that’s their magic number, 40) that you need somebody else to do your thinking for you. That’s just one of many. I’ve been out of the military 38 years almost, and I still find hidden commands to not decide or think, from so long ago.

          It’s easier to spot them, now, because I affirm, confess with my mouth, that it’s better to do things like controlling my own mind. And soul. And to pass it along, the ways it was passed to me.

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