Syria Gas Attack: Assad’s Doing… Or False Flag?

Would Syrian President Assad launch a chemical attack on civilians just as peace talks are about to be held and where government gains against ISIS and al-Qaeda rebels give him the upper hand? He would be literally committing suicide. Who benefits from the attack? Not Assad. But the rebels and the US neocons and the warmongers benefit a great deal. Are we about to be taken to war yet again based on lies? Tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

23 thoughts on “Syria Gas Attack: Assad’s Doing… Or False Flag?”

  1. The neocons are crying for Syrian children. Hypocrisy at its best! They killed five hundred thousand children in Iraq and ‘that was worth it’! They are killing and starving children in Yemen.
    This Gas issue is a CIA plant executed by White Helmets.
    They want to destroy Syria.

    1. Not necessarily planted. Islamists used Chem weapons just about a month ago in fighting in Iraq. I think it was part of their own stash that the Russians bombed (with ot without knowing it) They seem tohave access to more than just what might have been pilfered from Syrian stockpiles prior to Sept. 2013.

      I suspect the pause in the Mousul fighting was in part to allow some Sunni fighters to quit Mosul and transfer to Syria and join the fight against the Government & Russian forces in the wake of Aleppo’s fall. They could have brought Chemical agents with them as well.

    2. The original ‘red line’ gas attacks used chemicals supplied by Turkey and Saudi Arabia, as reported by Seymour Hersh in ‘The Red Line and the Rat Line’, London Review of Books in April 2014.

      Must be something about April. In any case, there are probably lots of the original smuggled precursor chemicals that escaped Russian bombardment, stashed in no-bomb civilian areas.

      If not, new supplies can still be smuggled in, though Kurdish complicity might be needed now that the IS is cut off from Turkey direct. American complicity is kind of a default thread throughout.

      1. It’s worth extensively quoting Hersh on this:

        “the defence laboratory in Wiltshire. British intelligence had obtained a sample of the sarin used in the 21 August attack and analysis demonstrated that the gas used didn’t match the batches known to exist in the Syrian army’s chemical weapons arsenal….

        “On 20 June analysts for the US Defense Intelligence Agency issued a highly classified five-page ‘talking points’ briefing for the DIA’s deputy director, David Shedd, which stated that al-Nusra maintained a sarin production cell: its programme, the paper said, was ‘the most advanced sarin plot since al-Qaida’s pre-9/11 effort’…

        “The DIA paper went on: ‘Previous IC [intelligence community] focus had been almost entirely on Syrian CW [chemical weapons] stockpiles; now we see ANF attempting to make its own CW … Al-Nusrah Front’s relative freedom of operation within Syria leads us to assess the group’s CW aspirations will be difficult to disrupt in the future…

        “Last May, more than ten members of the al-Nusra Front were arrested in southern Turkey with what local police told the press were two kilograms of sarin. In a 130-page indictment the group was accused of attempting to purchase fuses, piping for the construction of mortars, and chemical precursors for sarin…

        “A series of chemical weapon attacks in March and April 2013 was investigated over the next few months by a special UN mission to Syria. A person with close knowledge of the UN’s activity in Syria told me that there was evidence linking the Syrian opposition to the first gas attack, on 19 March in Khan Al-Assal, a village near Aleppo. In its final report in December, the mission said that at least 19 civilians and one Syrian soldier were among the fatalities, along with scores of injured. It had no mandate to assign responsibility for the attack, but the person with knowledge of the UN’s activities said: ‘Investigators interviewed the people who were there, including the doctors who treated the victims. It was clear that the rebels used the gas. It did not come out in public because no one wanted to know.’…

        “The officer ultimately responsible for the planning and execution of the attack was General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the joint chiefs. From the beginning of the crisis, the former intelligence official said, the joint chiefs had been sceptical of the administration’s argument that it had the facts to back up its belief in Assad’s guilt. They pressed the DIA and other agencies for more substantial evidence. ‘There was no way they thought Syria would use nerve gas at that stage, because Assad was winning the war,’ the former intelligence official said.

        “The full extent of US co-operation with Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar in assisting the rebel opposition in Syria has yet to come to light. The Obama administration has never publicly admitted to its role in creating what the CIA calls a ‘rat line’, a back channel highway into Syria. The rat line, authorised in early 2012, was used to funnel weapons and ammunition from Libya via southern Turkey and across the Syrian border to the opposition. Many of those in Syria who ultimately received the weapons were jihadists, some of them affiliated with al-Qaida….

        “In January, the Senate Intelligence Committee released a report on the assault by a local militia in September 2012 on the American consulate and a nearby undercover CIA facility in Benghazi, which resulted in the death of the US ambassador, Christopher Stevens, and three others. The report’s criticism of the State Department for not providing adequate security at the consulate, and of the intelligence community for not alerting the US military to the presence of a CIA outpost in the area, received front-page coverage and revived animosities in Washington, with Republicans accusing Obama and Hillary Clinton of a cover-up. A highly classified annex to the report, not made public, described a secret agreement reached in early 2012 between the Obama and Erdoğan administrations. It pertained to the rat line. By the terms of the agreement, funding came from Turkey, as well as Saudi Arabia and Qatar; the CIA, with the support of MI6, was responsible for getting arms from Gaddafi’s arsenals into Syria.

        “By late summer, the Syrian army still had the advantage over the rebels, the former intelligence official said, and only American air power could turn the tide. In the autumn, the former intelligence official went on, the US intelligence analysts who kept working on the events of 21 August ‘sensed that Syria had not done the gas attack. But the 500 pound gorilla was, how did it happen? The immediate suspect was the Turks, because they had all the pieces to make it happen.’

        As intercepts and other data related to the 21 August attacks were gathered, the intelligence community saw evidence to support its suspicions. ‘We now know it was a covert action planned by Erdoğan’s people to push Obama over the red line,’ the former intelligence official said. ‘They had to escalate to a gas attack in or near Damascus when the UN inspectors’ – who arrived in Damascus on 18 August to investigate the earlier use of gas – ‘were there. The deal was to do something spectacular. Our senior military officers have been told by the DIA and other intelligence assets that the sarin was supplied through Turkey – that it could only have gotten there with Turkish support. The Turks also provided the training in producing the sarin and handling it.’ Much of the support for that assessment came from the Turks themselves, via intercepted conversations in the immediate aftermath of the attack. ‘Principal evidence came from the Turkish post-attack joy and back-slapping in numerous intercepts. Operations are always so super-secret in the planning but that all flies out the window when it comes to crowing afterwards. There is no greater vulnerability than in the perpetrators claiming credit for success.’…

  2. This is the same as last gas attCk , Israel want Assad gone , trumps son is everywhere lately don’t trust him, now trumps sacked bannon

  3. Seems awfully convenient doesn’t it. in 2013 incidents – in which BTW the UN investigation NEVER established a perpetrator – at least there was a motive for Assad (or a rogue commander) to use Chem as they were under severe pressure at the time.

    However now, with all the military & political momentum, it’s really a stretch to argue that Syrian leadrship ordered such a strike purely to satisfy some insatiable lust for using Chemical Weapons (when the same people had sat on them for decades without using them…) Assad is not a lunatic like Kim, Governing in Syria has always been complicated, with much thought and compromise needed in the appointments of the cabinet and military positions to keep various factions on side. The manager of such an outfit could not be a impulsive psycho.

  4. Excellent analysis as always from Ron Paul. He is a rock.
    I don´t like the way Trump sounded during the press conference together with Jordans king. Bannon is out of the SC and now Trump sounds like…. McCain. Not good . Not good at all.

    1. He’s got it figured out but he and Daniel don’t hate the balls to say it. In fariness to them, they would be massacred by the American people and labelled as baby haters.

      But it’s going to have to start somewhere and it’s not going to happen on this site. Ron Paul and Daniel have the recognition to start it happening outside of this site.

      Perhaps in a little while when Americans come to the realization that they have been taken for a ride by Trump?

      The Trump antiwar scam is done.
      His health care deal for the middle class and poor is done.
      It can’t take much longer?

  5. The boast made at the start of Gulf Wars 2 had the sitting president’s ex-president daddy said they “knew” the Ba’ath party had the stuff (never found, and there’s a long difference between a million pounds as advertised and the zero pounds actually found) because they “kept the receipts”. In other news, the decontamination and destruction of the massive Nerve Gas stockpile at the corners of Pueblo, Fremont and El Paso Counties, about 25 miles as the crow flies and about 60 miles as the dog trots (that’s how you measure distance in mountains) from Colorado Springs, well, it got delayed again. And this time of the year we get the strongest winds from the southwest. Anybody want to guess where the Nerve Gas repository is relative to Colorado Springs?

    Funny thing about gas… you can be the most powerful person on earth but you’ll never command the wind. What if one party throws caution literally to the wind, like tossing the gas toward Assad’s forces, and the wind shifted?

    Not that I trust any government leader. It’s just a quick knee jerk reaction to assume that Assad actually did it. That’s the reason for the existence of investigators.

  6. There were some early claims that the entire thing is even a hoax, that no one at all was gassed.

    I assume now that some people were legitimately gassed.

    1. Interesting you would say that. The video where they showed the manhandling of little children being hose down? Didn’t convince me at all. And the pictures of others with gas masks on their faces? Not convincing and in fact it looked a bit more counter productive on the cause. So what?

      The best part of this video is that Ron and Daniel are lending credibility to Obama and his ‘red line’ speech and it never being crossed. That will have to be sort of ignored by libertarians. The truth is that now, the antiwar position and the correct position to take is to just admit that Obama and Putin were responsible and indeed successful of ridding Syria’s government of it’s chem/bio weapons.

      A bit of an ‘inconvenient truth’ in that now isn’t there!

      1. Putin deserves the praise there, not Obama. Putin got rid of the weapons.

        Obama was always on the fence. He didn’t really like war, but he couldn’t really oppose the Neocons either. Or that’s how he appeared to me.

        Obama didn’t really want the Libyan war, but he’s just the President. Who is he to oppose a little war… He wussed out.

    2. The required effect we saw in the videos of the children can be easily accomplished with a bit of tear gas. It’s going to make them cry a bit but won’t really do any permanent damage. It won’t cause skn burns but we didn’t see that anyway.

  7. Israeli agents in Syria…that’s interesting. They were in Iran and killed a few of their nuclear scientists…an interesting take. Assad isn’t stupid..why risk everything and go gas women and children…anyone in their right mind, dictator or not, would make that stupid move. Who is really behind this…we need the truth

    1. Don’t get into the Israel stuff that skews the truth. If Israelis had anyting to do with it then it was Israel on behalf of the US. Only Americans would try to move the blame and responsibility and that’s not helpful. In fact, it’s causing a fatal mistake in that it’s legitimizing US actions in a dangerous way.

      The party that benefits is the US and the stage has been set for the war that is planned. It has been being set for pretty well the whole duration of the Trump regime’s time in office.

      It’s pretty easy to understand in terms of Trump’s plan to ‘make America great again’. Military means is the obvious way. The only way! It’s just a wonder that Raimondo is so slow on the uptake on what his Trump is causing to happen.

  8. Without taking the time to watch another 18 minutes of worthless babbling.

    Don’t ask stupid questions boys. It’s only spinning the wheels and shows a lack of courage on stating the truth.

    Of course it wasn’t done by Assad stupid!

  9. This has got to be stopped! Surely something can be done.

    Someone described events as having fallen into an alternate timeline. A butterfly flapped its wings, and Trump went from Paleo to Neocon in the new timeline.

    What an absolute nightmare. If Trump removes Assad, we’re going to have ethnic cleansing, mock surprise (we had no idea this would happen!), and then a permanent US presence there. And of course there’s the risk of WWIII with Russia and China.

    I guess the real Trump turned out to be the one who said, “I’m the most militaristic person there is.”

    I will not concede voting for Trump was a mistake, because much good has resulted from this movement. But this is such a let down.

  10. The claim now is, “Intelligence shows a plane dropped the gas.” And the claim is only Assad has planes.

  11. TS Eliot was wrong. The West appears intent going out not with a whimper but with a *bang* war in Syria. I don’t expect WWIII, but this breaks Trump’s America First movement. So, no reelection in 2020 if this goes through.

    We need Rand Paul and Tulsi Gabbard standing shoulder to shoulder against this. Are there any other patriotic Americans in Congress?

    Rand and Tulsi need to speak out more forcefully also. Those who oppose this today could be president in 2020 or 2024. Tulsi likely has the best shot. A huge segment of America seems to be antiwar. Let’s see some polls. I bet a majority oppose this war.

    Rand is doing good by demanding a Congressional vote, but I hope he makes a dramatic argument against the war. Look at how Trump won. Americans don’t want a wuss who backs down to the powers-that-be. We want someone who is reasonable but also willing to stand his ground.

    1. There appears to be some confusion over the nature of the chemical released. Meaning, if so, the whole thing could have been an industrial accident. Like the so called mining of The U.S.S. Maine in Havana.
      No proof of anything.

      1. Thanks. I hope you’re right. There is an enormous anti-war sentiment among Trumplicans. The GOP has changed.

        So, I hope Trump, even if he wants to, decides the public wont’ support a war.

  12. False flag yes, perpetrated by U.S. & Britain, no. (not that they wouldn’t engage in that type of thing – especially in years past – i.e. Bush Sr. admin.) – but this false flag attack (and the one prior in 2013) most likely perpetrated by Russia. Meanwhile Russia has no problem convincing Assad it was perpetrated by the U.S. (due to U.S.’s past, reprehensible behavior). Thereby Russia alienates Syria from other countries while solidifying Assad’s trust (while he’s actually undermining him, and efforts toward peace in his country). For Putin, it’s all about causing discord, and marginalizing the United States, so that he can emerge as the new, most-powerful world leader. (at least that’s his fantasy, imo). Putin is bad, bad, news. He is playing games and pulling strings, so he can appear the sane, reasonable guy. But he is up to no good

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