Who Says They’re Not United?

GLENN GREENWALD: You know, it’s just such a somber reminder of the fact that while there are huge differences between Republicans and Democrats, …there are also huge areas of continuity, where it makes no difference who ends up winning. And what’s so remarkable is the Afghanistan War is now in its 17th year, under its third president. Obama—Trump is the third president to escalate it, after campaigning against it. And we barely ever talk about it anymore….

Greenwald: Supporting U.S.-Russia Relations Should Be Encouraged, Not Viewed as Sign of Treason, democracynow.org

5 thoughts on “Who Says They’re Not United?”

  1. Why is Glenn Greenwald supporting the phony narrative being pushed by all of main stream media that Russia influenced Washington elections? If he is such a great investigative journalist why is he now sucking up to this bull.

    1. Last I looked, Greenwald does NOT support the “Russians interfered” narrative, Tom Mauel. He’s carefully pointed out there’s no evidence of such. Amazing how that sort of carefully accurate contradictory position is interpreted as supporting it.

      Here’s a gold-standard of interfering with elections and their outcomes – – –

      …the CIA has finally admitted its role in the overthrow of Iran’s nationalist government 60 years ago today. On August 19, 1953, the government of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh was toppled in a coup organized by U.S. and British intelligence. Mossadegh was targeted after nationalizing Iran’s oil industry, sidelining the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, which later became known as British Petroleum, or BP. The crushing of Iran’s first democratic government ushered in more than two decades of dictatorship under the Shah, who relied heavily on U.S. aid and arms. The CIA has now fully declassified an internal report acknowledging the coup “was carried out under CIA direction as an act of U.S. foreign policy.”…


      BTW, what do you think about 17 years of Afghanistan war?

    2. I didn’t really read it that way. He actually seems to be trying to talk some sense into the Amy Goodman crowd.

  2. Yes, support the improvement of relations between Russians and Americans. It’s in the clear interests of both peoples. End this dangerous and unnecessary cold war that entrenched warmongers in Washington have unleashed.

  3. As long as Russia follows their own interests and fails to knuckle under to the EU/NATO/IMF/Bankster New World Order they will always be in the cross hairs. After all even, Soros and the Koch Brothers can agree on hating Russia.

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