Ron Paul on Iran Protests… CIA Fingerprints?

Is it just a coincidence that the biggest protests since 2009 have hit Iran shortly after a secret agreement was revealed between Washington, Tel Aviv, and Riyadh to destabilize Iran? And shortly after a new Executive Order was issued by President Trump allowing him to seize US assets of anyone he deems a “human rights abuser” …or anyone who aids a designated “human rights abuser”? On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

10 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Iran Protests… CIA Fingerprints?”

  1. When the smoke clears I have absolutely no doubt we’ll see US and Israeli (and maybe Saudi Arabian) fingerprints all over the protests in Iran.

    1. Even if these protests WERE originated in Iran without any support or prodding by Western nations, isn’t this a trait of a democratic nation, protests? Law enforcement in the USA is well aware that sometimes protests get out of hand and they have to step in. Sometimes these protests get “out of hand” because of police provocateurs too! All this Fake Media attention to “protests” in Iran only signifies to me that the Deep State, intent on neutralizing Iran’s influence or even destroying it, is in a sire mode of desperation!

      1. a DIRE mode of desperation that is . . .

        BTW- did Any nation on this planet complain when BATF and other USA op groups tortured then burned 85 women, children and men alive at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco in 1993 for just being there? The USA has NO moral ground to tell the world how to do anything anymore!

  2. Protests aren’t unusual in Iran. By Middle Eastern standards, they’re actually a fairly open society. It’s ingrained into Persian society which has always been very progressive on matters of art and gender. This culture of activism is not dissimilar to that of France. However, unlike France, Iran has very strong powers hellbent on destabilizing the Iranian Revolution, which actually originated as a union between Islamists and radical leftists. What this means is that one of Iranian culture’s strengths, public discourse, can very easily be manipulated to create chaos and that is what these protests have become about, creating chaos in a nation that has been one of the few sources of stability in a very unstable region.

    The Mullahs and their hardline allies are falling into a trap by attacking activists and activism as a premise in and of itself. Rouhani has sharply chosen to take a middle ground by championing the protests themselves while condemning the use of violence on both sides. In this there is an opportunity. If Rouhani comes through this holding the moral high ground he will degrade both the foreign agents and the Ayatollah himself and bring the Iranian Revolution closer to it’s republican roots. This thing may backfire on the US big time and leave Iran stronger than it was before. We need to pray for Rouhani. He may be walking in Ali Shariti’s footsteps.

    1. One more twist. It is not the Ayatollah vs. Rouhani-reformist story. This is a story of Iran that managed to cut the deal with US, and US used EU courtiers to “pressure” US to sign a deal. Not out of the goodness of the heart. Obama banked on Rouhani, the reformist with neoliberal economic goals, challenging Ahmedinejad’s social justice programs, and the end to subsidies that favored merchant classes. But the push against anything Shia in the region, in Bahrain, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, redirected Iran’s foreign policy towards Russia and China, and for their own self-defense, acted against both Al-Qaeda and ISIS, in the Middle East. The hopes in Rouhani being the agent of opening towards US were over. This did not happen by accident. Zionist pressures in US never liked the idea of Iran rapprochement with US, as Israel’s objectives are to eliminate all strong states in the Middle East, primarily secular ones like Iraq, Syria and Libya, and then by undermining Shia population throughout the region by using Saudi insecurities — eventually destroy Iran. With policy that was aimed from day one to undermine the deal, it was clear to Iran that this was the case of another Indian treaty, and only a matter of time before it is scrapped. Thus, economic and military relationships are forged within Eurasian region, and in the neighborhood. Trump knew that the deal was dead, as US did not get what it wanted from Rouhani, and the reason is — Israel did not want it to work. But even Trump has been taken down the road he never intended to travel. One problem, faulty deal, or the deal that did not meet expectations, is fixable. But Israel’s objection, was not. And so, before you know it, Iran is a sponsor of terrorism, never mind that not one case of terrorism, both in the middle East, or Europe and US, has been committed by Shia cults, and all have been committed by Sunni, Saudi sponsored militants and cults.

      Rouhani and Ayatollah have no problems — in fact, this has strengthened them both. Rouhani is being a statesman and a leader, but Ayatollah has been proven right — from the get go. He did not believe in US munificence, and did not believe that the signed agreement would have ever been fulfilled by US. He knew it, he was right. And his supporters, including hardline in military, as well as the academia that never believed in sincerity of US establishment to follow through with the removal of sanctions. However, Ayatollah did not stand in the way, when Rouhani’s presidential victory resulted in Rouhani’s strong hand in implementing some needless neoliberal economic reforms that pleased corporate profit takers, and damaged the lower income population. Rouhani had over time changed his trust in American intentions, and the process of integration within region — Russia, Turkey and China, was put in motion.
      This is now a long term strategy, born out of the experience of dealing with US, and now facing ridiculous accusations of terrorism to top it all off. This brings Rouhani back to the position of Ahmedinejad, whose reforms helped population, but displeased the merchant class and their wealthy offspring at Teheran University. Somethings never change. The Gucci crowd in Teheran is presumably defending the poor and their economic hardships, after they were in the forefront to bring in Rouhani, the reformer. Their man. However, there aren’t too many of these in Iran, confused between their personal class interests, and still dreaming of Shah days.

      Today, reformers have moved much closer to Ayatollah, then in any time in Iranian post-revolutionary history.

  3. Relevant Rouhani quote from the Tehran Times:

    “Recent protests seem to be a threat, but they are actually an
    opportunity to see what the problem is,” Rouhani said during a meeting
    with chairmen of the parliamentary committees.

  4. I am not a politician, but I can bet that the US is giving money and infiltrators in Iran to destabilize the country.

  5. The US needs distractions away from what is happening to us in our own domestic crisis. Practically ever economic indicator is calling for a major economic event to occur this year (depression). Further, political instability continues to escalate in Washington. Impeachment rumblings grow louder everyday now.
    This is not unique, however, to just us. It is also worldwide. Europe is going bankrupt as you can see 1/2 of the countries there are already artificially being propped up.
    The US in the last year has escalated their Sp. Opps expansion from 1/3 of the world’s countries to 75%. Africa especially is seeing most of the action.
    All we need is one key event to start a crash and the dominoes begin to fall.

  6. anti war has reached a whole new low to be allowing this certified bigot loved by the alt right to throw his irrelevant 2 cent comments into the mix.

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