Europe ‘Can No Longer Trust US For Protection.’ Good, says Ron Paul

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron are upset that US President Donald Trump pulled the US out of the Iran nuclear agreement. We agree that it was a dumb move on his part that will likely bring us closer to yet another war, but when Merkel said the Europeans needed to start taking care of their own security and stop relying on the Americans, a silver lining was revealed in an otherwise dark cloud. European countries spend very little on defense compared to the US and benefit from the US picking up more than one-fifth the total NATO budget. A Europe that takes care of its own security would likely be less belligerent toward Russia, thus lowering the risks of a catastrophic war. More silver linings in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

11 thoughts on “Europe ‘Can No Longer Trust US For Protection.’ Good, says Ron Paul”

  1. Excellent silver lining on hoping the Euros show America to be willfully stupid by prospering in treating Iran and its government as legitimate entity that, while they may disagree with its political philosophy, they can deal with rationally.

  2. I agree that the USA should stay out of Europe. In fact they should have stayed out of Europe in WW I and WWII. If they had, the world would be in much better shape.

      1. You see Lars, if the USA would have stayed out of Europe during WWI there wouldn’t have been a Hitler. Hitler was the result of Versailles.

        1. You see Ernst, that’s a longshot. Depression in the US and Europe grow the basis for a political change, Versailles helped but was not the ground reason. You see even today there is a antisimitic movement . That was the driver also at that time.

  3. The choice between America and Iran is the choice between America and Asia which is the choice between the past and the future. Choose the future, Europe. Americans like me support you. Help us smash our empire by helping yourself escape it.

  4. Japan & Korea should also have leaders saying they should take care of their own defenses.Japan has been disarmed since WWII & spends even less on the military than Europe does. Most or all US bases in Japan are in Okinawa. Most of the people there including the governor want our bases out. The US & Japan insist on keeping our bases there.

  5. Good. Europe can protect itself. NATO ought to have been disbanded immediately after the Warsaw Pact dissolved. I do not wish to risk the loss of my city for the protection of places that quite frankly should never have been admitted to the alliance — or any other place that’s not under immediate attack in my own homeland.

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