One Bomb. 11 Children Killed. And the Evidence That Implicates the US

An investigative report from the New York Times. Warning: Graphic Video

6 thoughts on “One Bomb. 11 Children Killed. And the Evidence That Implicates the US”

  1. We need to start removing the goddamn pro-war, pro-Israel politicians…one way or another.

    1. Impeach, recall, vote em out. I thought another way might be shame them into resigning but then I remembered that they have no shame – they’re all OK with this savagery. I’d really like to know how the pilots and the drone operators sleep at night – they all know what they’re targeting and the results of the sorties. They’re no better than those who order the missions.

  2. We have lost our souls … That all this, and far more that is not reported at all, is tolerated without a whimper by the supine public is truly a testament to the effectiveness of the MIC and the MSM to normalize empire and savagery. At this point, the only thing that may stop the machine is financial bankruptcy.

  3. wow american military is lying outright with regards to death of children and when trump does it on wierd stuff people go bonkers

  4. The US is a rogue superpower and will do whatever it wants until it is stopped. Then it will likely collapse. And justifiably so.

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