Scandal! UN Officials Faked Syria Gas ‘Attack’ Report!

A startling development in the alleged gas attack in Douma, Syria in April, 2018: Whistleblowing inspectors from the OPCW – the UN Agency that investigated the attack – have come forward to claim that the original report has been doctored and distorted to falsely blame the Syrian government. Will the mainstream media touch this scandal with a ten foot pole? Watch today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “Scandal! UN Officials Faked Syria Gas ‘Attack’ Report!”

  1. I do not trust and will not watch something which is available only in video format. Not only do videos take 5-10 times as long to listen to than read, but in an effort to appeal to the listening class they are typically filled with irrelevancies. Worst of all, the title is too often clickbait, but one must listen to the very end to find out that the producers have not even begun to prove their point. If its not in writing, I’m ignoring it. Given the fact that there are services such as which will transcribe videos overnight at minimal cost, there is simply no excuse for any serious producer not providing a transcript for those of us, unlike POTUS, can, and in fact, prefer reading to watching.

  2. Never forget the first time I saw Dr Paul giving a speech on TV, wow I’m not alone in this world, thank you Dr Ron Paul. I’ve come to the conclusion after years of beating my head against a stone wall that when we turn our concerns over to God things start to fall into place. Ask God to take charge and believe, and pray, pray, pray.

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