Israel Lobby Orgs Grab Covid-19 CARES Act Funds for Itself, IDF Facilities, and Sketchy Israeli Companies

Israel lobby organizations such as the Zionist Organization of America ($2-5 million), Friends of the IDF ($2-5 million) and the Israeli American Council ($1-2 million) are grabbing huge 100% forgivable loans from the CARES Act PPP program.

According to SBA data released on Monday, Israeli’s Bank Leumi has doled out a quarter to a half billion dollars under the PPP program, despite being called out for operating in the occupied West Bank.

Leumi has given sweetheart deals to fellow Israeli companies Oran Safety Glass (which defrauded the US Army on bulletproof glass contracts) and Energix, which operates power plants in the occupied Golan Heights and West Bank.

This exchange took place today on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal.

This video clip with additional information is available on IRmep’s YouTube Channel.

Grant F. Smith is the author of the new book The Israel Lobby Enters State Government. He is director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy IRmep in Washington, D.C. which co-organizes IsraelLobbyCon each year at the National Press Club.

11 thoughts on “Israel Lobby Orgs Grab Covid-19 CARES Act Funds for Itself, IDF Facilities, and Sketchy Israeli Companies”

  1. What Israel using a massive public fraud campaign to funnel us tax payer monies to Israeli companies that put US troops in danger…..
    I am SHOCKED!

  2. That money is for the American people!!! Will an American politician step up to the plate and decry this? Crickets……………………………………………..
    (Blowers’ comments are blah, blah, blah, and blah

  3. A half of a billion US dollars would pay for all US citizens medical cost, or education; and Israeli interest are being granted “forgiveable loans” ; how many working people in US are given “forgivable loans”?
    When hundreds of thousands of US college graduates are barely able to repay student loans and Congress refuses to allow forgiving. Of Student Loans , by bankruptcy and others have to file bankruptcy due to medical cost; maybe it is time to rethink of where our citizenship is actually located
    Christian Zionist over 40 million U S members, cheered Trumps move of recognizing Jerusalem as capital of Israel one should wonder just where their Capital is located, in the US or Israel.
    Israel is not some poor beggar nation, it is presently around 7th in military hardware sales, has highest per capita rating in regards to export of Digital Programming with 19 of US largest hard and software firms located there and is in early stages of an oil and gas export boom that far exceeds all direct cash and military grants from US.
    Money outflow to Israel causes no real visible direct cost to US taxpayers and no mass questioning of why if one wants to get elected or appointed to a Federal position they must, “must be approved by AIPAC and millions of American Jewery with its over 200 lobby groups.
    So stop the gripes , take your $1200 check, $600 unemployment increase, food stamp increases and just STFU!
    You elected and have accepted your political leaders kissing Israeli domestic and foreign interest, and being rewarded by them, for many years now, and last I knew no one held a gun to your head while in voting booth.

    1. “A half of a billion US dollars would pay for all US citizens medical cost, or education”

      A half a billion dollars comes to less than two dollars per US citizen.

      1. not all US population has medical expenses, especially necessary medical needs.
        There is less than 10 cents worth of materal matter in a pill or capsulesUS Catholic Church got 3 billion of last gov cash dispursal and Jewish NGO and lobby groups got 20 million.

        1. Saying there’s only ten cents worth of material in a pill is not the same thing as saying the pill is only worth ten cents. In fact, saying that is sort of the opposite of the Labor Theory of Value that most socialists accept.

          If you think $2 comes close to the average American’s “necessary medical needs” under any rational definition and for any significant period of time, it’s not the cost of pills you’re concerned with, it’s the cost of the extremely high-THC dope you’re smoking.

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