Conflicts of Interest: Biden Dumps Another Billion in Weapons on the Ukrainian Battlefield

On COI #290, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman cover the continuing U.S. escalations against Russia and Iran.

Kyle breaks down the recently announced $1 billion U.S. military aid package headed for Kiev. It includes, for the first time, Harpoon anti-ship missiles as well as increased munitions for the long-range rocket systems sent earlier this month. Rep. Adam Smith, head of the House Armed Services Committee, is saying the administration is being  “too cautious.” Smith demands “aggressive” military aid including killer drones and longer range munitions for the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems.

Connor covers boiling tensions between Iran and Israel. Tehran reportedly believes Tel Aviv has killed two additional scientists and potentially two more IRGC members. Israel is using the fallout from last week’s IAEA Board of Governors meeting to call for a renewed effort to build up an anti-Iran, U.S.-led, NATO-style alliance with the Gulf States. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is saying the “only outcome” of Iran’s current “path” will be “further economic and political isolation.”

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7 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Biden Dumps Another Billion in Weapons on the Ukrainian Battlefield”

  1. I gather it would cost about $20 billion to fix the homeless crisis in the U.S. But the MIC is sending over $40 billion to the military industry and Ukraine. They are going to get walloped in the midterms.

    1. No amount of raw cash would “fix the homeless crisis in the US,” because there’s more than lack of money involved in that crisis — everything from restrictive zoning to mental illness to constantly changing labor markets plays into it.

      1. Sounds like the biblical “the poor will always be with us.” That’s nonsense.

        1. Well, yes, your characterization of what I said surely is nonsense.

          I didn’t say that “the homeless will always be with us.”

          I just said that throwing $X at the problem of homelessness won’t magically solve the problem of homelessness.

          1. Well funded public programs are not magic, and I did not of course say they are or work through magic. Well funded public programs are needed to support the non-economic and economic social support infrastructures that help people. Scoffing at funding is is just conservative austerian agitprop. Buckley and Reagan.

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