Conflicts of Interest: Israel Uses US Bombs to Massacre Families in Gaza

ON COI #509, Kyle Anzalone discusses Ukraine and Israel.

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17 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Israel Uses US Bombs to Massacre Families in Gaza”

  1. The US needs to get its head out of its own ass…. By providing Israel with so many US weapons, we are helping to enable potential genocide…

    1. The problem with America, is this is what they do, look at the trail of bloody conflicts they’ve imposed on the world. It started with ethnic cleansing the natives, now look at them. Ukraine and Israel are u.s. wars, they pretend otherwise, but without good old uncle sams $ and war machines things would be different. I do worry, as the world turns against the u.s. , could they have finally gone too far. Already the attscks against u.s. military bases in the middle east have gone way up, eventually theyll sink a ship, sailors dead and the war is on. All for what? Zionists fanatics or war profits? Such stupidity and arrogance from biden and his morons. It leaves one with little hope for peace anytime soon.

  2. The morally corrupt Biden administration, by giving money, weapons and diplomatic cover to Israel, is an active accomplice to the ethnic genocide committed by the criminal Netanyahu government in the Gaza Strip.
    Since polls show that 60% of Americans want a ceasefire in Palestine, the Biden administration is not representing the wishes of the American people.
    On Friday Dec, 1st, the Biden administration was the only member to vote against a ceasefire in Gaza, during a meeting of the UN Security Council, while France, Japan and 11 other countries voted in favor. That is a new low for Joe Biden.

  3. Israel uses the USA’s veto power to shield it from it from International laws that the US has used against many other countries.

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