Conflicts of Interest: Israel Uses US Bombs to Massacre Families in Gaza

ON COI #509, Kyle Anzalone discusses Ukraine and Israel.

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23 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Israel Uses US Bombs to Massacre Families in Gaza”

  1. And I thought Ukrainians had it badly… Leading story on this site: amputee toddlers. Oh my gosh.

    The only way I could make peace with it is if I try to see them as less than human. Oh my gosh. The race of martyrs… Truly the race of martyrs. They mayn’t even leave if they wish to. Trapped in a concrete prison bombing gallery. Eventually, the exit will be opened, and they’ll mostly exit. That’s Israel’s strategy…

    1. Visualizing toddler amputees puts me in a rage. A silent tearful rage. The other day I saw pictures of the dead babies, in stages of decomposition. In incubators. The pictures were blotted so as to not see the maggots crawling out of the bodies. The pictures need to be shown without cover so the world can see. I do not like my country. I am in a rage against the Biden administration, members of both parties who support the genocide of women, children……………….babies.

      1. Ends justify the means? One time I read a supposed radical Paleo warn that revolutions lead only to change, which can be good or bad. And any changes are short lived. Few things endure. Change is always happening.

        So, his warning, as I remember anyway, was to not do horrible things, that ends don’t justify means. And this was one of the most extreme Paleos.

        Israel is willing to break an egg to make its omelette. But 50 years from now, what will be the result? Maybe eggs shouldn’t be so broken.

        That’s not to say all actions are futile, but results are often different from what we intend and expect. And change is always taking place; few things endure for long.

        However, the permanent things are still worth defending in my view.

        1. I don’t think we’ll have to wait 50 years to see the result. At least not if this savagery continues for any length of time.

  2. I actually know otherwise friendly, nice, good people who deeply support Israel right now, probably not Jewish though I don’t really know details of others.

    1. Ask them why they support Israel.

      Not in a confrontational, “F**k is WRONG with you” kind of way. No; in an open, “I see – why is that ?” kind of way.

      And drill down on the reasons they give. Don’t let falsities or fallacies slide, don’t accept propaganda as reasons and identify it to them for what it is, if that’s what they happen to cite.

      A big reason people adopt dumbs**t positions is because they’re never challenged to explain or defend their reasoning (if any).

      If they have sensible, logical, defensible rationale, great. If not, I’d press why they’d continue with any policy not evidently true OR evidently not true.

      1. I try sometimes to talk with Evangelicals… It’s a lost cause. I wasn’t thinking of them here though.

        I debate when reasonably possible.

        1. The Wannabelievers (if your eyes saw ‘Wahhabi’ that’s no error) have found an imaginary version of reality they like better. They’ll cling to its warm-&-fuzzy haze rather’n cold hard truth.

      2. But if those people only get their information from the MSM, how do you convince them that the MSM is lying to them?

        1. Excellent point, Wars Russel.

          In a head-to-head discussion with a garden-variety MSM consumer on a topic, meeting them at their level, I think, inevitably devolves into a convo-breaking “haul out the Google Machine” (either online, or in person) exchange of posting, or physically showing phone screens, of Their Source Says X vs. My Source Says Y. Which further disintegrates into arguing over trust in Source A or Source B and the rabbit hole is truly delved.

          1. My direction is to start off in a different place. And I draw inspiration from the truly amazing Nolan film ‘Inception’.

            Already knowing WHAT the other person believes (it is their thesis after all) I am inclined to explore, with them, WHY they believe it. It may not – will not – get the other person (an Evangelical; an Right- or Left-Authoritarian; an anti-Russian racist; a ‘less-brown = more-better’ Zionist) to change their mind…but it WILL seed a kernel of something in their subconscious.

            Either recognition of their own accepted biases (political, up to racial); or the logical irrationality they brush aside to hold fast to a position they like; or straight-up cognitive dissonance.

          2. In a discussion with a person who holds a position a) not demonstrably true, b) demonstrably NOT true, or c) both, I like to establish some shared maxims (adopted from great thinkers and skeptics; if you recognize the sources you win a prize !)

            1. We want to believe as many TRUE things as possible, and as few FALSE things as possible.

            2. The truth is what the facts are.

            3. We share a testable, verifiable, fact-based reality.

            4. Being wrong about one thing does not make a person wrong about everything; being right about one thing does not make a person right about everything.

            5. We should seek to change and correct mistakes in our thinking and our views that have come from, and/or lead to, false conclusions about reality.

          3. From this basis, if the other person agrees that rational discourse on these principles is logical and sound, then we may proceed to examine WHY they hold positions (with the goal of introducing self-doubt within them, “why DO I support {position X} ???”) and let their id, ego, superego / conscious & subconscious fight each other.

            Or, if the other person just Wannabelieves, we can ESC (or alt-F4, alt-X) out of a waste of time and safely ascribe Irrationality to that person, and discount the value of their opinion toward determining truth on a topic. We can still TRY for the sheer amusement of it, but knowing not to throw ‘good money after bad’ remains our option.

    2. Perhaps they do not know the history of Palestine, the 100 year history of the battle to Palestinian lands by the Zionists, or the occupation, humiliation, attacks, raids, cutting off of electricity, cutting off of potable water, limiting the amount of food allowed into the Gaza. All they know is the “official” history force fed them.

      1. Oh, very few understand. It’s not simply a matter of lack of opportunities: External money funds destructive groups within Palestine, like Hamas. So, there’s no hope without the ability to close off that external influence. Israel wants them dysfunctional, impoverished.

        And there are likely other factors that I only vaguely understand. Human societies are complicated. Or we make them complicated due to the delusions we live by in our own lives.

        I wish we could design social structures which led to productive, positive societies.

      2. I had someone tell me that they couldn’t be so poor due to living in nice apartments rather than shanty towns. But what it really reveals is there are just many poor in the world who have very few opportunities. And they’re densely populated, need apartments to house them all.

        I don’t know how Gaza recovers from this. We might be witnessing a new modern technique being developed for how to remove a population, something that will be learned and reused elsewhere.

  3. The US needs to get its head out of its own ass…. By providing Israel with so many US weapons, we are helping to enable potential genocide…

    1. The problem with America, is this is what they do, look at the trail of bloody conflicts they’ve imposed on the world. It started with ethnic cleansing the natives, now look at them. Ukraine and Israel are u.s. wars, they pretend otherwise, but without good old uncle sams $ and war machines things would be different. I do worry, as the world turns against the u.s. , could they have finally gone too far. Already the attscks against u.s. military bases in the middle east have gone way up, eventually theyll sink a ship, sailors dead and the war is on. All for what? Zionists fanatics or war profits? Such stupidity and arrogance from biden and his morons. It leaves one with little hope for peace anytime soon.

  4. The morally corrupt Biden administration, by giving money, weapons and diplomatic cover to Israel, is an active accomplice to the ethnic genocide committed by the criminal Netanyahu government in the Gaza Strip.
    Since polls show that 60% of Americans want a ceasefire in Palestine, the Biden administration is not representing the wishes of the American people.
    On Friday Dec, 1st, the Biden administration was the only member to vote against a ceasefire in Gaza, during a meeting of the UN Security Council, while France, Japan and 11 other countries voted in favor. That is a new low for Joe Biden.

  5. Israel uses the USA’s veto power to shield it from it from International laws that the US has used against many other countries.

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