The Devastation of Gaza

Backing the war to the hilt has been an outrageous moral failure, and it is also an incredibly stupid policy because it just paves the way for more conflict and suffering in the future.

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The Financial Times reports on the scale of destruction in Gaza:

Citing estimates of damage to urban areas, military analysts say the destruction of northern Gaza in less than seven weeks has approached that caused by the years-long carpet-bombing of German cities during the second world war [bold mine-DL].

“Dresden, Hamburg, Cologne – some of the world’s heaviest-ever bombings are remembered by their place names,” said Robert Pape, a US military historian and author of Bombing to Win, a landmark survey of 20th century bombing campaigns. “Gaza will also go down as a place name denoting one of history’s heaviest conventional bombing campaigns.”

Like the many other bombing campaigns before it, this one wreaks havoc on the civilian population without doing much to achieve the stated goals of the government doing the bombing. Pape wrote a recent article for Foreign Affairs in which he spelled out the failure of the Israeli bombing campaign:

Whatever the ultimate goal, Israel’s collective devastation of Gaza raises deep moral problems. But even judged purely in strategic terms, Israel’s approach is doomed to failure – and indeed, it is already failing.

Like other policies of collective punishment, bombing the civilian population typically fails to weaken the regime or group that the policy is supposed to be targeting. Instead of turning the population against the regime or group, it naturally intensifies the population’s hostility to those responsible for the bombing. To the extent that bombing has an effect on the population’s political views, it will tend to drive them into the arms of hardliners. Even if some significant percentage of Hamas fighters are killed in this war, the IDF has been acting as the lead recruiter for militant groups with its brutal and criminal bombing campaign.

The immediate consequences for the population are dire. Now that the military campaign has moved to southern Gaza, there is every reason to expect the same extent of destruction there. Palestinians in southern Gaza have said that the pace of strikes by the Israeli military is even faster than it was before the truce. Some in our government fear that the campaign in the south could be even worse than it was in the north:

Despite repeated calls for Israeli restraint from senior figures in the Biden administration, U.S. intelligence assesses the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are committed to “business as usual,” with only limited concern about civilian casualties, a U.S. official said, and there are suspicions the renewed campaign is actually bloodier than the previous offensive in northern Gaza.

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8 thoughts on “The Devastation of Gaza”

  1. I have all three volumes by the late Chalmers Johnson. I doubt the idiots in D.C. that supposedly represent our interests have even heard of him. Then again, even if they did, and if they read his volumes, I doubt it would be enough to erase the idiocy in D.C.

  2. If they drive Gazans into Egypt, I assume it’s a victory, maybe a pyrrhic one if world/US/Arab sentiment turns as a result. Pumping ocean water into the tunnels apparently ruins the groundwater.

    Israel is just proving that it can strike anywhere with impunity, and no one will hinder or punish them. Israel wants to terrify the Gazans so they flee. And it wants to terrify its neighbors.

    Who is Hamas? They can capture/kill most anyone, then label them “Hamas.” Did the Germans have a concept of Amalek?

    Saint Porphyrios destroyed and central archive destroyed.

    1. “If they drive Gazans into Egypt, I assume it’s a victory…”

      If that is the ASI’s intention, I dunno if they have thought it through.

      Yes, pushing the Palestinians of Gaza into the desert of the Sinai gets them out of Gaza. But the Sinai desert is Egyptian territory (much like in the did-not-actually-happen Exodus fable, where Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt into…territory controlled by Egypt).

      And if Hamas survives and manages to rebuild and rearm in the Sinai desert diaspora, then to destroy this reanimated Hamas, the IDF finds itself needing to launch airstrikes and military incursions…onto Egyptian sovereign soil.

  3. Dec 9, 2023 The Internet vs. Apartheid: How the World is Helping Gaza Stay Online

    Telecommunication services have been cut off in the Gaza Strip. The telecom provider Paltel said the bombardment caused “complete disruption” of internet, cellular and landline services, plunging Gaza’s 2.3 million people into further isolation as Israel continues its genocidal campaign.

  4. 1904: Zionist Theodore Herzl: “The area of the Jewish State stretches, “From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates.”
    1940: Vladimir Jabotinsky: demanded an independent Jewish state with historical boundaries of Palestine on both sides of the Jordan River.
    1947: Rabbi Fischmann, “the Promised Land extends from the River of Egypt up to the Euphrates, it includes parts of Syria and Lebanon.”

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