Defending Their Right To Slaughter Men, Women and Children

In this tragic instance the men, women and children of Palestine by the tens of thousands carried out by Israel and the United States.

This slaughter of Palestinians is based on the assertion that the United States and Israel have the right to murder anyone, anywhere on the planet with impunity. American presidents have made this abundantly clear in Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam. To the world’s collective shame, no one has ever held them to account – until now.

Sadly for the world and especially the Palestinians, Israel has crossed a red line, the world has awoken to the slaughter in Gaza. Kudos to South Africa for starting the process at the ICJ to end this tragic genocide and cult of impunity.

But the real and greater threat from the ICJ’s ruling is it will not only be applied to Israel but to America as well. That is a red line for the war criminals in the west.

This battle between war and peace is the struggle of our generation. Its time to ask yourself, which side are you on: slaughter forever or PEACE and ACCOUNTABILITY?

Countries under attack from the US and Israel certainly have the right of self-defense. Traveling 6,000 miles around the globe to drop bombs and missiles on the locals is NOT self-defense.

It is currently impossible to defeat the pentagon with violence.

And as a Buddhist i refuse to advocate for violence which only begets more violence; as the US and allies have so clearly demonstrated with their war on terror. Non-violent action must be the way forward.

For example, demand an immediate embargo on components and raw materials necessary to maintain the armed forces of Israel and the United States. For example, components for the F35 are made in the UK, components for Hellfire missiles are made in Mexico.

I implore you to put on your thinking cap and come up with more creative nonviolent ways to end this massacre in Gaza.

While western leaders repeat the pentagon’s talking points, the overwhelming number of citizens of the world are opposed to the genocide in Gaza and the US destroying countries in the middle east in general.

TIME FOR ACTION NOW. Our leaders throughout the west must be held to account for their support of genocide against the Palestinian peoples. Peace is within our grasp. But only if only enough people (WE!) take a stand for peace now.

Gordon Parnell is a retired software developer and currently making sculptures with flour and newspaper, and is an advocate for meditation and Buddhist philosophy.