Roberts and Roberts Extend Black Friday Sale Through Monday, November 30th

Extending its Black Friday offer, Roberts and Roberts Brokerage will be donating all profit from every sale made to through November 30th. Every dollar over the wholesale cost of all products sold will go to support Please call 800-874-9760 or visit on line at

You can listen to Roberts and Roberts owner Tim Frey discuss peace activism on the Angel Clark show for here.

Justin Raimondo to speak at Students for Liberty Conference Saturday, November 21st

Justin Raimondo, editorial director of, will be giving the keynote speech at the Students for Liberty Northern California Regional Conference in Cupertino, California this Saturday, November 21st. The conference which begins at 10am will be held at De Anza College. Please register here.

Casey Given, Students for Liberty Director of Communication, writes “Justin has a long history in the liberty movement as an early member of both the Libertarian Party and Young Americans for Freedom. A personal friend of Murray Rothbard before his death, Justin wrote the first biography of the libertarian giant in 2000. Justin rarely speaks at public events nowadays, so his confirmation is very generous. We hope you’ll seize this opportunity to hear first-hand from one of the West Coast’s preeminent libertarians.”

Justin Raimondo’s speech will be at 7pm. For details, please contact Kevin Suarez at’s Eric Garris on Fox Radio News: ‘We Will See An ISIS/al-Qaeda Merger’

Tuesday on Fox Radio News’ “The Alan Colmes Show,” Alan spoke with founder Eric Garris about President Obama asking Congress for the authorization for the use of military force to take on ISIS.

Garris has urged citizens to call their representatives to oppose this use of force, and explained to Alan why the Obama administration are only trying to scare people into supporting war. They also discussed why such a move would only unify ISIS and al-Qaeda against the United States because we will be seen as a common enemy.

Listen to the interview here:

Ralph Nader’s Left/Right Against War and More

On Tuesday May 27, 2014 from 9AM-5PM, Ralph Nader and the Center for Study of Responsive Law will be hosting a free all day event on war, civil liberties and crony capitalism at Carnegie Institute of Washington at 1530 P Street NW Washington, D.C. Registration begins at 8:30 AM. Many speakers familiar to readers of will be part of panels on defense budgets and empire: Daniel McCarthy, Medea Benjamin, Chris Preble, Bruce Fein, Ron Unz and many more. RSVP to Matthew Marran at


Protest against U.S. Intervention In Ukraine

Attorney Phillip Crawford and’s economist David Henderson are spearheading a protest Opposing U.S. Intervention in Ukraine. The demonstration is scheduled for Tuesday, May 13 staring at 4:00 PM. The protest held at Window-on-the-bay in Monterey, California on Del Monte Blvd near Camino El Estero, across from the McDonald’s restaurant. Professor Henderson is the co-chair of the Peace Coalition of Monterey County and a leader in Libertarians for Peace. Libertarians have been in the forefront against the countless wars conducted by United States against nations that have not attacked America.

For more information, please contact Lawrence Samuels, Co-chair of Libertarians for Peace of Monterey County at 831-238-5058.