Venezuela, North Korea, or Iran: Which One Is Next?

When it comes to the next war that the United States engages in, it appears that the government is experiencing a bit of flip flop syndrome. It is like a child who cannot decide what it wants. "Mommy, I don’t want war with North Korea anymore. I want to go into Iran…I mean Venezuela…no, North Korea is better…Wait…no, I want Iran." War is inevitable, and to appease the military-industrial complex, it is a necessary, yet imprudent, aspect of our war culture. We as Americans have been convinced that we must be the dominant empire and must dictate what other countries can and cannot do. It is just a question of where the next war will be, not whether one will occur, because not every country on the planet will roll over for its master. Will the next war be with North Korea, Iran, or Venezuela? Which one would you bet on?

Venezuela became the crowd favorite early this year because of the disaster plaguing the oil-rich South American nation. After years of economic mismanagement through socialism and the effects of American-imposed sanctions that were intended to coerce the current president from his position, self-declared president, Juan Guaido, attempted to seize power from the actually-elected Nicolas Maduro. This scenario would be like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declaring that President Trump was illegitimately elected and that she is the interim president of the United States. Then, most of the major countries around the world would recognize the Pelosi regime over the Trump one. This is ludicrous, yet, the United States and its allies have supported just that in Venezuela. The neoconservatives, like National Security Advisor John Bolton, have been waiting for the right moment to be able to justify military action. After the failed coup attempt by the American-backed rebels, it appears that the United States government may have to focus on another war front for now.

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Montenegro Is About To Fall Into Orbit

Have you had enough of the Russia bashing yet? The anti-Russia rhetoric can be heard frequently in the mainstream media, and the new issue at hand is the expansion of NATO further into the Balkans. The Cold War-era alliance is looking to grab its third constituent country from the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Although opinion polls within Montenegro show a huge split between those in favor of membership and those opposed, this will not stop the American-dominated alliance from infuriating the giant Russian bear. Perhaps Senator Rand Paul can fly the bald eagle in the right direction.

NATO has been moving into what was formerly seen as the Russian sphere of influence since the end of the Cold War, and the promise made by President George H. W. Bush that this expansion would not occur in exchange for the reunification of Germany and the end of the conflict was broken with the admission of the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland in 1999 (some American officials like to argue that this promise did not occur to justify their actions). This obviously had implications that have led to deteriorated relations between the United States and Russia. It can, therefore, be argued that so-called intrusions by Russia into countries like Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine are responses to the United States creeping ever-closer to the Russian border. Plus, Russia has not invaded these countries, but has rather intervened in response to situations and conflicts that arise there between the governments and pro-Russian citizens.

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