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Last week, we were pleased to announce the first iPhone app, developed by Doug Sparling and available here. We know, however, that not everyone has an iPhone so our website manager Mike Ewens has been working to make the site more mobile-friendly. Any visit from the homepage to columnists, news, blog or Antiwar Radio will now detect your mobile device and make the text more readable. Please send feedback to mike at antiwar dot com.

Announcing the creation, by one Anders Knight of the UK, of Antiwar Radio’s new YouTube channel.

So far, he’s made videos out of last week’s interviews of actor John Cusack and casus belli debunker Gareth Porter and my most recent interview of Michael Scheuer from April 17. A new one of Ron Paul is on the way…

Update: Ron Paul interview from last August 17 posted below.

Stay tuned to’s new video channel at

John Cusack:

Gareth Porter:

Michael Scheuer:

Ron Paul: