The Incident at Benghazi (video)

Chris Stevens was an ambitious US State Department employee who volunteered to participate in the overthrow of the Libyan government in 2011. He covertly arrived in Libya in early 2011 aboard a Greek cargo ship with CIA personnel and set up operations in Benghazi to coordinate illegal shipments of weaponry into Libya and organized attacks on the Libyan army. After Africa’s most prosperous nation was in ruins, Stevens became the US Ambassador to Libya in Tripoli and was given a new mission of shipping tons of arms to Syria to destroy that nation. He traveled to Benghazi in September 2012 to check on progress and was attacked. Stevens was captured, beaten, and killed. The Obama administration hid these facts and proclaimed Chris Stevens an American hero who had traveled to Benghazi to mediate peace among warring factions when he was killed by terrorists.

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The Pandemic Hasn’t Stopped the War Party… We Won’t Let It Stop

Between the Covid-19 pandemic and the civil unrest here at home, even fewer eyes are on U.S. foreign policy than before. Unfortunately the Empire never sleeps.

The wars continue, from the new Cold War with China to the shadow war in Somalia, and is here to cover them all.

The War Party never lets a good crisis go to waste, and the Covid-19 pandemic has served as a useful tool to ramp up tensions with Beijing. Besides the rhetoric coming from the Trump administration, the US has increased its military presence in the Indo-Pacific, with massive Navy drills in the South China Sea and US spy planes buzzing near China’s coast. While only the fiercest hawks in Washington want a hot war with China, the increased US presence in the region makes a military confrontation more likely.

The US maintains crippling economic sanctions on countries like Venezuela, Iran, and Syria. History shows that economic warfare does nothing to depose the governments the US wants to overthrow and only hurts the civilian populations. In the early days of the pandemic, there were international calls for the US to lift sanctions to help the world fight Covid-19. But Washington did not comply. Instead, it has increased sanctions, most notably on Syria where new measures were put in place to prevent the Arab country from rebuilding after nine years of brutal war.

Hopes of a global ceasefire to combat the pandemic are long gone, and bombs from the US and its allies continue to fall across the Middle East. The most dire situation is in Yemen, where the U.S.-Saudi coalition have recently ramped up airstrikes. In recent weeks, bombs have obliterated civilian homes, killing men, women, and children. The humanitarian situation on the ground in Yemen is dire, with millions facing famine.

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Surprise! $29.4B in Pentagon Pork Tucked Into GOP Relief Bill

From The American Conservative:

Senate Republicans unveiled Monday their $1 trillion coronavirus stimulus package. Tucked inside is a $29.4 billion request for new defense spending, over $8 billion of which is for defense procurement and acquisition.

Critics point out that the bill does not delineate any new or urgent defense threat to justify the $30 billion request over and above the Pentagon’s ask.

Instead, the bill requests millions in new spending for things like missile defense money and F-35’s.

Here’s some of what Congress wants to spend money on:

$1,068,000,000 for additional Boeing P-8A Poseidon aircraft

$720,000,000 for additional Lockheed Martin C–130J aircraft

$686,000,000 for additional Lockheed Martin F–35A aircraft

$650,000,000 for wing replacements to the Boeing A–10

$375,000,000 for General Dynamics Stryker upgrades

$283,000,000 for additional Boeing AH–64 Apache Block IIIB helicopters

$243,270,000 and $76,325,000 for THAAD related items, the anti-ballistic missile defense system designed to shoot down short, medium, and intermediate-range ballistic missiles

$49,100,000 for Sonobuoys, a tactical sonar system for transmitting submarine activity

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UK ‘Russia Report’ Fear-Mongers About Meddling Yet Finds No Evidence

From The Grayzone

The report claims the UK government didn’t find evidence because it didn’t look for it, and backs increased powers for intelligence agencies and media censorship as a result. Afshin Rattansi, a British journalist and host of RT’s Going Underground, responds.

The British government has released a long-awaited report on whether Russia has interfered in UK domestic politics. For years, establishment Western voices warned that Russia may have duped British voters into supporting Brexit in 2016 – just like Russia, we were told, also decided the US election that same year.

In November 2017, the New York Times even warned that reports of Russian meddling “could raise questions about the legitimacy of the [Brexit] referendum” itself. That same month, then-British Prime Minister Theresa May issued a stern warning to the Kremlin.

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The Unbearable Violence of Being American

From ScheerPost

America’s military industrial complex and multiple presidential administrations have funnelled several generations of soldiers through unwinnable wars from Vietnam to Afghanistan and Iraq seemingly without qualms. What has emerged from these tragedies are thousands of traumatized young Americans bringing home wars and leaving behind millions of innocent civilians killed, wounded and forced to become refugees. But some of these former soldiers also came home with an urgent new perspective to share with their compatriots. That is the case of the two veterans on this week’s “Scheer Intelligence” episode: Oscar-winning film director Oliver Stone and journalist Maj. Danny Sjursen.

Although they served in the U.S. military with very different ranks and decades apart, the two share one important commonality: dissent. Before pursuing a career in film, that ultimately would win him many awards and accolades, despite often tackling controversial topics, Stone worked first on a U.S. Merchant Marine ship in 1966, and later joined the U.S. Army and requested to be sent into combat. Sjursen took another route, becoming  a military officer at the prestigious West Point Academy before being sent overseas for several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and recently retiring after nearly two decades of service.

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The American Annexation of Okinawa (video)

The Potsdam Declaration of 1945, which set out the Allied Powers’ terms for Japan’s surrender, deprived Japan of all its overseas territories. Taiwan was a Japanese territory that was freed after World War II. The nearby Ryukyu Islands that include the large island of Okinawa were also a territory the Japanese empire had invaded in 1872 and imposed its language and culture. One-third of Okinawa’s population was killed during the American invasion in 1945, yet it was not freed. The Treaty of San Francisco in 1951 granted these islands to the United States so the US military could seize land to build a massive military base complex that displaced 250,000 Okinawans; almost half the population. Objections to the large US military presence continues to grow as Okinawans refuse to accept a perpetual occupation by foreign troops.

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