New Photo Released of “Gloves,” One of the Two NATO Summit Undercover Cops

Occupy Chicago has released another photo of “Gloves,” one of the two undercover police informants from the May 2012 NATO Summit, which took place in Chicago, IL. They have placed it on Facebook and Twitter.

Gloves,” acting as an infiltrator in the run-up to the Summit, oversaw the operation that ended in three activists – now known as the “NATO 3” – being charged with “conspiracy to commit and act of domestic terrorism” under Illinois state law, the first time the charge has ever been utilized in the state’s history. Two more activists were also entrapped by “Gloves” and “Mo,” making the group of so-called “domestic terrorists” now coloquially known as the “NATO 5.”

The photo was obtained via a snapshot of a video of an October 2011 rally that is up on YouTube (at about 3:38 in), suggesting that “Gloves” has been hot on the trail of Occupy Chicago for months and was deeply familiar with the local activist scene, its culture and its intricacies months ahead of the NATO Summit.

“This photo is further evidence that our movement was not infiltrated by CPD to expose an existing plan for violence,” Occupy Chicago’s press liaison, Rachel Unterman told “It’s not a coincidence – they have been watching and seeking any excuse to discredit us from the start.”

The trial for the “NATO 3” will take place on Sept. 16, almost two years to the date after the official launch of Occupy Wall Street.

Rolling Stone‘s Rick Perlstein explained in a story back in May – after the “Cleveland 5” had been arrested for conspiracy to commit an act of “domestic terrorism” on May Day – that no “domestic terrorism” charge has ever been overturned in the post-9/11 era.