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Updated December 12, 2018 - 8:44 PM EST
Senate Votes to Proceed on Yemen War Resolution
  House GOP Leadership Again Blocks Debate and Vote on Yemen
  State Dept: Ending Yemen War 'Sends a Wrong Message'
  US Senate to Consider Resolution Condemning Saudi Crown Prince
  Yemen: 60,000 Dead in Armed Violence Since 2016: Research Group
Iraqi Warplanes Strike Two ISIS Buildings in E. Syria
  ISIS and al-Qaeda Clash on the Battlefield, and in Their Propaganda
Trump Offers to Intervene in Huawei Case for Trade Deal
  Huawei Executive Meng Wanzhou Released on Bail in Canada
Attacks Across Afghanistan Leave at Least 30 Dead
Gunman Kills Three People in French Christmas Market
item Fateful Arrest That Could Poison America's Relationship With China  by Doug Bandow
item Real Face of Justin Trudeau: Are Palestinians Canada's New Jews?  by Ramzy Baroud
item After 17 Years of War, Afghanistan All but Forgotten  by William Rivers Pitt
item Hunting Human Beings Is Not the Good Life  by Laurie Calhoun
item Selling Murder as the Greater Good  by Gary D. Barnett
item Congressional Move on Israel Anti-Boycott Act Alarms Activists  by Peter Feld

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Israel Lobby Bills May Pass Thru Congress by Stealth
Twitter Enforcing Israeli Military Censorship
US Judge Delays Plea Hearing for Accused Russian Agent Butina
Rand Paul 'Disturbed' by AG Nominee's Views
Saudis Helped Assassinate Arafat, Former Aide Says
Yemen Government and Houthi Rebels List 15,000 Names for Prisoner Swap
Yemeni Prisoner Swap Will Take Weeks, Red Cross Says
Yemen War: Billions in Aid, but Where's It Going?
UNICEF: 'Close to 2 Million Yemeni Children Are Acutely Malnourished'
'Yemenis Are Left So Poor They Kill Themselves Before the Hunger Does'
Two Missile Launchers Found in Yemen Appear to Be From Iran: UN
Militants Attack Federal Police Unit; Seven Killed in Iraq
Iraq Premier Says Lagging Govt Formation 'Not His Decision'
Iraq Seeks Exemption From US Sanctions on Iran, PM Says
Energy Secretary Pledges US Support to Wean Iraq Off Iranian Gas
Trump Signs Bill to Help Religious Minorities in Iraq, Syria
Syrian Civilians Seize Oil Wells From Rebel Group
Damascus Accuses US, French, Turkish Troops, Allies of Plundering Antiquities
Russia Says 114,000 Syrians Returned Home in 2018
Seven Mass Graves Found in Former ISIS Stronghold in Eastern Syria
Iran's FM Reiterates UN Resolution Not Banning Iranian Missile Program
British Envoy Says 11,000 Lebanese Soldiers Will Be Trained in 2019
DR Congo
Nine Killed in Democratic Republic of Congo Raid Blamed on ADF
Two Dead at Rally for Democratic Republic of Congo Opposition Candidate
Egyptian Lawyer Held for Wearing Yellow Vest as Sales Restricted: Activist
UN Says ISIS Kills Six Captives in Libya
Tunisia Military Court Dismisses Coup Case Filed Against Prime Minister
France Gives Weapons to Central African Republic, Favors End to Embargo
Kremlin Calls US Criticism of Russian Military Flights to Venezuela Wrong
Venezuela's Deals to Shield Citgo From Creditors Now in Doubt
Argentine Court Convicts Former Ford Executives for Rights Abuses
Honduran Lawmaker Pleads Guilty to Drug Charges in US
Palestinians: Qatar Seeking to Establish Palestinian State in Gaza
Palestinian Child Dies of Wounds After Border Clash: Gaza Ministry
Netanyahu: Oman to Allow Israeli Planes to Use Airspace
Israeli Officers Kill Suspected Palestinian Attacker
Rights Group Disputes Israeli Army on West Bank Killing
Airbnb Is Preventing Palestinian Hosts From Listing Their Homes in the Occupied West Bank
Australian Government Discusses Moving Israel Embassy to Jerusalem
Blast Targets Security Forces Convoy in Kabul; 12 Killed
Officials Warn Over Taliban's Access to Modern Weapons
Afghan Govt Announces High Advisory Board for Peace
Khalilzad Meets Uzbekistan's Officials on Afghan Peace
US Weighs China Travel Warning Over Huawei Case
China Detains Former Canadian Diplomat
Google Has 'No Plans' to Launch Chinese Search Engine: CEO
Japan to Ramp Up Defense Spending to Pay for New Fighters, Radar
Upgrade Would Arm Japan With First Aircraft Carriers Since WWII
Thai Junta Lifts Military-Imposed Ban on Political Activities
Thailand to Hold Much-Delayed Election on February 24
US Returns War Trophy Bells to Philippines
US Should Not Give Even a Dollar to Pakistan: Nikki Haley
Four Policemen Killed in Terror Attack in Kashmir
Separatists in Indonesia's Papua Reject Surrender, Demand Referendum
Cambodia Union Leaders Convicted Over Protests, Jail Terms Suspended
North Korean State Media Lashes Out After Donald Trump Hits Kim Jong-UN Regime on Human Rights
Putin: My Spy Chiefs Know Nothing About Alleged Agent Butina in US
Russian National Guard Chief Sues Opposition Leader Navalny
Spain Threatens to Send National Police to Catalonia After Protests
US Military
Five Marines Declared Dead After Service Calls Off Search for KC-130J Crew in Sea of Japan
US Shoots Down Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile in Space
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