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Updated June 5, 2019 - 9:56 PM EDT
Sudan Crackdown: 100 Dead and Toll Still Rising
US OK'd Saudi Nuclear Transfers After Khashoggi
  US Lawmakers to Push Back Against Trump on Saudi Weapons Sales
  French Arms Sales to Saudis Jumped 50 Percent in 2018
Russia Intercepts US Spy Plane Off Syria Coast
  Farmlands Burn in North Syria; Both Sides Trade Blame
How US 'Good Guys' Wiped Out an Afghan Family
  One Bomb, 11 Children Killed, and the Evidence That Implicates US
Republicans May Block Trump's Mexico Tariffs
Don't Try Our Patience, North Korea Tells US
Chaos as Trump Bans Cruises From Visiting Cuba
item Rep. Duncan Hunter: My Marine Unit 'Killed Probably Hundreds of Civilians' in Iraq  by Brett Wilkins
item Repeal the Espionage Act  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Why US Iran Policy Doesn't Have Int'l Support  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item The American Cult of Bombing and Endless War  by William J. Astore
item US Wages a Scientific War Against Iran  by Ivan Kesić
item The McMaster Disaster  by Edward D. Chang

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Saudi Arabia

by Conor Friedersdorf
Rand Paul: I Don't Support Trump Having Congress's Constitutional Power
SecDef Won't Punish Senior Officers in Niger Ambush
Canada Court to Hear Huawei Extradition Case Details June 6
Huawei Willing to Sign 'No-Spy Agreement' With US, Chairman Says
US to Launch Program to Fight Philippines Extremism
Iran's Khamenei: Tehran Will Not Abandon Its Missile Program
Xi Worried as 'Extreme' US Pressure on Iran Raises Tensions
US Seeks Russian Support on Iran at Key Israel Meeting: Source
Saudis Say They Evacuated Crew Member of Iranian Ship
Iraq Daily Roundup: Random ISIS Attacks Near Baghdad; Eight Killed
Baghdad's Green Zone Reopens to the Public After 16 Years
Middle East
Turkey's Erdogan Says No Backtracking on S-400 Deal With Russia
Save the Children CEO Says Toll of Yemen War Facing Indifference
A Secret Pay Raise by Cabinet Angers Palestinian Public
Nearly 200 Afghan Civilians Killed in Ramadan
Rural Afghans Bear Brutal Cost of Endless War
Afghan President Pledges to Release Nearly 900 Prisoners
PM Imran Khan Lauds Pakistan Military for Voluntarily Cutting Defense Budget
China Issues Travel Alerts, Slams US 'Interference'
Suspected Indonesian Militant Wounded in Failed Suicide Bombing
Japan Ends Search for Missing F-35A Stealth Fighter Jet
Ukraine's New President Seeks Pro-Western Course, Peace With Russia
New Ukraine President Commits to NATO, EU Membership
Spanish Prosecutor Says Catalan Leaders Attempted Coup in Independence Case
$1.7 Billion Sale to Bulgaria of 8 F-16 Fighter Jets Approved by US
Some 100,000 Join Demo to Demand Czech PM's Resignation
The War at Home
House Panel Members Butt Heads Over Bill Blocking Low-Yield Nukes
Congress Presses Again for Space Force Details
Trump's Space Command Nominee Warns of 'Substantial' Set-Up Challenges
Watchdog Says FBI Has Access to About 640m Photographs
Marine Charged With Special Forces Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar's Death to Plead Guilty to Negligent Homicide
Cancer-Causing Foam Could Be Banned in Military Training Next Year, Off Military Bases Entirely by 2029
Sudan Military 'Attacks Hospital, Expels Wounded Protesters'
Sudanese Forces Clamp Down in Capital, Clash With Protesters
Two Killed as Sudan Forces Try to Disperse Protesters: Witnesses, TV
Sudan Protesters Mark Eid With Funeral Prayers After Khartoum Massacre
Sudan Military Cancels Civilian Transition Deal After Deadly Crackdown on Protesters
Sudan Opposition Rejects Military's Transition Plan After Day of Violence
Sudan's Opposition Calls on Arab States to End Support for Military Council
ISIS Claims Deadly Attack in East DR Congo's Ebola Zone
South Sudan: Government Forces Abusing Civilians
Attacks Foiled in Niamey and Diffa, Niger Defense Ministry Says
Malawi Opposition Supporters Storm State Offices Over Disputed Election Outcome
UN Report Calls for Maintaining Mali Mission, Bolstering Mopti Deployment
Brazil's Bolsonaro Formally Recognizes Venezuelan Opposition Envoy
Kremlin Dismisses Trump Tweet on Alleged Venezuela Withdrawal
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