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Updated February 29, 2024 - 8:56 PM EST
Israeli Troops Kill 100 Palestinians Seeking Food
Austin: Israel Killed 25,000 Women and Children
  100,000 Vote 'Uncommitted' to Pressure Biden on Gaza
  Mainstream British Journalists Demand Access to Gaza
  Six Children Die of Malnutrition in Gaza Hospitals: Health Ministry
NATO Special Operations Forces Still in Ukraine
  Democrats Willing to Protect Speaker Johnson for Ukraine Aid
  France Rejects US Call to Give Russian Central Bank Funds to Ukraine
EU Official: Israel Created Hamas to Divide Palestinians
  Israeli Airstrikes Hit Syria, Causing 'Material Losses'
Houthis to Reassess Red Sea Attacks If Gaza Ceasefire
item Netanyahu's Last Battle Promises No Victory, Just Slaughter in Rafah  by Ramzy Baroud
item Ukraine's Tragedies: A 'Good Deal' for Some War Supporters  by Branko Marcetic
item Washington DC: War Capital of the World  by David Stockman
item We Must Pass Defend the Guard Act Into Law  by Wendy Rogers

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Turkish Drones Kill Three in an Attack on a Local Christian Militia in NE Syria
Bakeries Smashed in Israel Bombardment Key to Gaza Hunger Crisis
Israel Refuses to Recognize Palestinian Villages It Plans to Confiscate
UK To Replenish Ukraine's Artillery Ammunition
Six-Year-Old Girl, Priest Killed as Russia Bombs Northeast Ukraine
Some US Military Aid Is Still Trickling Into Ukraine Via Arms Dealers, Contracts Suggest
Ukraine Needs $3 Billion in Financial Aid Per Month in 2024, Kyiv Says
Zelensky Seeks Support, Arms at Albania Summit of Balkan Nations
Germany Still Discussing Sending Long-Range Weapons to Ukraine
US Consular Officials Visit Paul Whelan in Russia Prison: Embassy
Jail Sentence on Russia Activist Orlov 'Politically Motivated', Nobel Body Says
Russia Says It Will Take Military-Technical Steps in Response to Sweden's NATO Accession
Soviet Ex-Premier Nikolai Ryzhkov, Who Vainly Tried to Prevent USSR's Economic Meltdown, Dies at 94
US Closely Watching Moldovan Breakaway Region After Request for Russian Help
German Minister Wants to Use Proceeds From Frozen Russian Assets for Ukraine
Germany Hosts Peace Talks Between Armenia and Azerbaijan
German Police Defuse Grenade Found in Red Army Faction Suspect's Home
United Kingdom
Gaza Ceasefire Campaigners Accuse UK Politicians of Stoking 'Social Panic' Over Protests
'Mob Rule' Replacing Democracy in Britain, Warns PM Sunak
Armenia to Boycott Meetings of Russia-Led Alliance After Membership Freeze
NATO-Member Denmark to Appoint New Army Chief After Incumbent Steps Down
A Top EU Official Calls for a New Defense Industry Strategy With Locally Made Arms at Its Heart
Eight EU Countries Call for Sanctions on Russian Judiciary Over Navalny's Death
Northern Ireland Judge Rules 'Troubles' Violence Amnesty Breaches Rights
Helicopter Crash Lands in Ocean Off Norway, All 6 Aboard Rescued
Poland in Talks With Ukraine on Closing Border, PM Tusk Says
Maps Explain How Sweden Could Alter NATO's Security
Italy Getting Further Away From NATO 2% Defence Spending Target, Minister Says
Asylum Seekers in Europe Reached a 7-Year High Last Year. Syrians and Afghans File Most Claims
China Lauds Russia Relations and Calls for Strengthened Asia-Pacific Role
China's Embattled Former Foreign Minister Steps Down as Member of the Legislature
Taliban's Restrictions on Women 'Human Rights Violation': Blinken
Two Pakistanis Charged Over Calls for Dutch Far-Right Leader's Killing
Tuvalu's New Govt Commits to Continued Diplomatic Ties With Taiwan Instead of Beijing
At Least Nine Killed in Police Raids in Rio De Janeiro Favelas
Former Paramilitary Leader Returned to Colombia Following US Jailing
Five Suspects in Ecuador Presidential Candidate Killing to Go on Trial, Attorney General Says
US Sentences Florida Resident for Smuggling Guns to Haiti Gang, Embassy Says
Police From US, Mexico, Guatemala to Collaborate on Border Security
Venezuelan Govt, Allies and Other Groups Propose More Than 20 Dates for Presidential Election
Two Killed, Seven Wounded – Israeli Army Announces Losses in Northern Gaza
Scores of Palestinians Killed, Wounded as Israeli Massacres Continue
Biden Admin Considers Airdropping Aid Into Gaza
Food Aid Reaches North Gaza for First Time in Weeks
Palestinians Rush to Shore as Aircraft Drop Aid Into Gaza Amid Israel War
Masked Men in Gaza Enforce Prices in Street Markets
EU Diplomats Condemn Israeli Demolitions in Jerusalem
Israel Voters Give Tel Aviv, Jerusalem Mayors New Terms
Families of Hostages Held in Gaza, Supporters, Launch 4-Day March From Southern Israel

Qatar's Emir Warns of 'Race Against Time' for Gaza Hostages

Palestinian FM Says Hamas Knows It Cannot Be in New Govt
US Urges Israel to Let Muslims Worship at Al-Aqsa During Ramadan
Palestinian Minister: No 'Miracles' Expected at Talks on Unified Government
Hamas Claims Rocket Attack From Lebanon on Northern Israel
Israeli Airstrikes Hit Lebanon
UN Urged to Probe Deadly Israel Strikes Against Journalists in Lebanon

US Extends Detention of Captain Accused of Shipping Weapons to Houthis

German Frigate Mistakenly Fires on US Reaper, Downs Two Houthi Drones in Red Sea
Irish-Iraqi Activist Yasser Eljuboori Detained in Baghdad
Iraq Set To Finish Syria Border Security Wall by Year's End
UN Peacekeepers Begin Pullout From War-Torn DR Congo
Burundi Detains Dozens of Soldiers Who Refused Deployment in Fight Against M23 Rebels in DR Congo
Chad Announces Several Deaths After Foiled Intelligence Office Attack
US Pushes for UN Security Council Action to End War in Sudan
Jihadist Attacks Displace Thousands in Mozambique Province of Cabo Delgado
Activists Urge Nigeria to Delay Shell's $2.4 Billion Sale of Assets in Deeply Polluted Niger Delta
South Sudan Blames Fighting in Sudan and Red Sea Attacks for Its Economic Crisis
ICC Awards $56 Million in Reparations to Thousands of Victims of Convicted Ugandan Rebel Commander
South Korea to Send Military Doctors to Hospitals Amid Doctors' Protest

North Korea's First Spy Satellite Is 'Alive', Can Manoeuvre, Expert Says

The War at Home
Mitch McConnell to Step Down as Republican Leader in US Senate
US Army Adds 7,500 Air Defense Jobs but Cuts 24,000 Active Duty Spots
Congressional Leaders Strike Partial Budget Deal
Here Are the Winners and Losers in US Army's Force Structure Change
Air Force Must Learn From Suicides, Chief Says in Wake of Airman's Self-Immolation Over Gaza
Personnel Files Show Maine Reservist Who Killed 18 in Maine Had Glowing Reviews
Protesters at NYC Vigil Hope Aaron Bushnell's Death Inspires Moral Reckoning on Gaza
Federal Court Expedites Appeal of Genocide Lawsuit Against Biden
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Netanyahu’s Last Battle Promises No Victory, Just Slaughter in Rafah

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Washington DC: War Capital of the World

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Selecting Syrsky: The Untold Half of the Zaluzhny Story

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The Israeli State’s Assault on Gaza Must Stop

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Refusing To Admit US Foreign Policy Blunders

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Throwing Good Money After Bad in Ukraine?

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Biden’s Calls for Israel to Mind the Laws Appear Feeble, and Ignored

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Biden Makes Americans Targets in the Middle East, Then Campaigns on Their Deaths

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Without the State, Who’d Drag Us Into Other People’s Wars?

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To Avoid a War With China Over Taiwan, the US Needs To Back Down

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How Much Is US Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

Patrick J. Buchanan
Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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