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Updated March 28, 2024 - 9:14 PM EDT
Most Americans Oppose Israel's Military Actions
  US Official Resigns Over Biden's Support for Gaza Slaughter
  US Smears Author of Israel Genocide report as Anti-Semitic
Netanyahu Reschedules Delegation to US for Rafah
  IDF Officer: 'We Are Demolishing Everything Before Entering'
  Israeli Soldier Admits To Implementing the 'Hannibal Directive'
  Israeli Source of 'Executed Children' Lie Admits Story Was Untrue
Israeli Airstrikes Kills 9 More in South Lebanon
  Israel Attacks Lebanon Paramedic Center, Killing 7
UK Couldn't Fight Russia for More Than 2 Months
  UK Faces Mounting Challenges on Arms Sales to Israel
DoD Denies Using Occupied Yemeni Island To Fight Houthis
item Gaza War Is Pushing Support for Israel to Historic Lows  by Rep. John J. Duncan, Jr.
item Squeezed by African Coups,
Biden Cozies Up to the
World's Worst Dictator
 by Nick Turse
item Is America a Rogue Superpower?  by Ted Snider
item Here's Why Biden's Floating Pier Plan Is, at Best, a Stunt  by Giorgio Cafiero

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Russia Says US 'Boxed Itself Into Corner' by Blaming ISIS for Moscow Terror Attack
Starvation: Anatomy of
'A Very Cruel, Slow Death' in Gaza and Sudan
Leader of a US Pacific Territory Tells of 'Lonely' Pivot Away From China
Russian Investigators to Study Request to Probe Western Involvement in 'Terrorism'
Putin Slams Allegations About Russia's Plans to Invade Europe as Utter Nonsense
UN Says Russian POW Tortured in Ukraine Between Dec-Feb
UN Report: Credible Allegations Ukrainian POWs Have Been Tortured by Russian Forces
Poland To Double Its Contribution to Czech Ammunition Plan for Ukraine, Says Minister
UK Firm Supports Ukrainian Armed Forces in Drone Tech Race
Ukraine's President Replaces a Top Security Official in Latest Reshuffle
Three Killed in Russian Attacks on Ukraine as Kyiv Calls for More Weapons
The RAF's Nuclear Flights Over Britain and the Atlantic
French Court Hands Former Liberian Commander 30-Year Sentence
Germany's New Citizenship Test To Include Questions on Holocaust and Israel's Founding
People Form a Human Chain Around Slovakia's Public Broadcaster That Government Wants To Take Over
Sweden's Saab to Expand US Footprint With New Munitions Facility
India Party Calls for Opposition Unity After Leader's Arrest Ahead of Vote
India Rejects Remarks by US, Germany on Opposition Leader Kejriwal's Arrest
India to Spend $3.7 Billion to Fence Myanmar Border, Source Says
Pakistan's Jurists Accuse Intel Agency ISI of Intimidation
Pakistan Unveils Aircraft and Rocket Programs, Parades Military Tech
Myanmar Army Behind Facebook Pages Spewing Hate Speech: UN Probe
Myanmar Junta Chief Calls for Unity, Says Military Holding Power 'Temporarily'
China's Xi Issues a Positive Message in Meeting With US Business Leaders as Relations Improve

Strategic Support Force: China's Mission To Win Future Wars Hinges on This Shadowy Military Branch

US Emphasizes Taliban's Role in Fighting Terrorism in Afghanistan
South Korea Plans $2.9 Billion
F-15K Capability Upgrades
Taiwan Commissions Two New Navy Ships
Civilian Casualties Mount as Gaza Hospitals Are Under Attack
Illegal Outpost to Be Legalized, Joined to Nearby Settlement, Says Israeli Agency
Israeli Army Forces Family To Leave 94-Year-Old Grandmother Behind
'Everyone Is Hungry': Desperate Gazans Fight for Food After Airdrop Deaths
Netanyahu Says Hamas Should Understand International Pressure on Israel Will Not Work
US Refuses To Halt Gaza Airdrops as 18 Die in Stampedes
US Urges Israel To 'Transparently Investigate' Marwan Barghouti Abuse Allegations
Spain Air Drops 26 Tonnes of Humanitarian Aid to Gaza
UN Expert in Israel Genocide Accusation Says She Has Been Threatened
US Overlooks Israeli Abuses in Gaza To Justify Arms Transfers: Advocates
Abandoned Israeli Farms Cling to Life in Evacuation Zone
Three Palestinians Killed in West Bank During Israeli Raid, Palestinian Ministry Says
Israel 'At Risk of Sanctions' if It Ignores UNSC Gaza Truce
Middle East
Turkey Denies Allegations of Arms Exports to Israel
New Leader for Al-Qaeda's Infamous but Struggling Yemen Branch
US Launches Bid To Increase African Food Imports
Senegal Hails New Anti-Establishment President
South Sudan Seeks UAE Help to End Sudan War, Citing Economic Strain
Togo's Opposition Calls for Protests To Stop President From Signing Off on a New Constitution
Four Sentenced to Death in Tunisia for a 2013 Assassination of a Politician
Australia/New Zealand
Australia Buys Laser Weapon That Shoots Down 50 Drones in One Charge
Secret US Intel Operation in New Zealand Exposed
The War at Home
Biden on Pro-Palestinian Protests: 'They Have a Point'
Army Mulls Introducing Robot Platoon Into Armored Brigades
US Army Suffers Third Apache Helicopter Crash in Two Months
US Army Wants Cavalry Scouts, Military Police To Reclass and Fill Shortages
Latin America
Argentina-Venezuela Tensions Escalate After Diplomatic Spat
Colombia Army Says at Least Eight Rebels Killed Since Truce Walk-Back
The Navy Is Using Robot Ships To Deter Human Smuggling Out of Haiti
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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs.

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