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Updated June 17, 2024 - 7:55 PM EDT
Netanyahu Ends War Cabinet, Consolidates Power
  Netanyahu, Ben-Gvir Oppose Army Pauses in Parts of Gaza
  WaPo: Pentagon Ramping Up Intelligence-Sharing With Israel
  CENTCOM Moves Gaza Pier and Halts Aid Deliveries
  Israel Claims To Open Aid Corridor Near Rafah
  In One Hour, Israeli Snipers Killed 7 Bystanders at the Jenin Camp
NATO Mulling Increasing Nuclear Deployments
  NATO: 500,000 Troops on High Readiness for War With Russia
  NATO To Control Ukraine Aid To 'Trump-Proof' Arms Shipments
  US, Canadian Warships in Cuba During Russian Naval Deployment
Ukraine's War Backers Hold 'Peace' Conference
  Putin Makes Public Peace Offer to Ukraine
  Documents: Putin Was Willing To Compromise To End War in 2022
Israel Uses Phosphorous Bombs on S. Lebanon Towns
  US Threatens To 'Increase Pressure' on Iran Over Nuclear Program
Pentagon Ran Secret Campaign To Smear China Covid Vax
Congress Moves Toward Automatic Draft Registration
item Despite Right's Victory in Europe, the War Will Go On
 by James W. Carden
item America Isolated: Why Some Western Capitals Are Shifting Positions on Gaza  by Ramzy Baroud
item The Ukrainian Border War Folly  by David Stockman
item 'Trumpists and Communists' on Ukrainian NGO List Fight Back  by Ella Johnson

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Judges Named for Assange Appeal
US Sanctions Israel Group Attacking Aid Shipments
Former MP Invokes Hitler in Call To Expel Gaza's 'Islamo-Nazi' Population
Israel Holding 9,300 Palestinians in Prisons, Jails
Eight Israeli Soldiers Killed in Southern Gaza Ambush; Deadliest Day in Months
Two More Israeli Reservists Killed in North Gaza
Jordan Conducts Three Airdrops in Southern Gaza
Raided Nuseirat House Does Not Belong to Al-Jazeera Journalist's Family
50,000 Gaza Children Require Urgent Treatment for Malnutrition: UN
Ben-Gvir's Attempts To Remove Police Protection for Gaza Aid 'Unlawful Interference': Israeli State Prosecutor
These 'Tent Massacre' Survivors Couldn't Afford To Leave Rafah. The Next Israeli Attack Nearly Wiped Their Family Out.
Gaza Students Fight To Keep Learning Amid Israeli 'Scholasticide'
'The Opposite of Hope' – UNICEF Spokesman Says War in Gaza Is a War on Children
One in Three People Are Boycotting Brands Over Israel's War on Gaza, Poll Finds
Military Action Alone Won't Rescue Gaza Captives: Israeli Army Spokesperson
Palestine's First Ever Olympian Dies in Gaza From Lack of Treatment Due to Israel's War
Wikipedia War: Fierce Row Erupts Over Israel's Deadly Nuseirat Assault
Millions Start Hajj in Shadow of Israel's War on Gaza
Israel Blocks Hajj for 2,500 Palestinian Pilgrims From Gaza
'No One Has Any Idea' How Many Hostages Are Still Alive, Hamas Official Says
Intense Israeli Raids Destroy Homes, Bury Civilians Alive Across Gaza
Fighting Will Continue in Rafah Until Hamas Is Defeated There, Says IDF General
Erdogan Says Biden Faces a Test of Sincerity in Handling of the Gaza War
The Israeli Plot To Pit the West Bank Resistance Against the Palestinian Authority
Israeli Forces Violently Block Palestinians From Al-Aqsa Mosque on Eid
Israeli Protesters Block Major Highways and Interchanges in Call for Early Elections
Israeli Protesters Announce Week of Action, Demand Captives Deal
Israeli Cabinet Expected to Further Extend Emergency Law Raising Reservists' Retirement Age
Israel's 'Economic War' Chokes Occupied West Bank
Israel Troops Kill Teen in West Bank Raid: Palestine Ministry
Israel 'Cut Water Supplies' to East Jerusalem Neighborhood Amid Deadly Heatwave
Palestinians 'in Mourning' as Muslims Mark Eid Al-Adha
IDF Upgrades Old Helicopters, Utilizes Them for War Amid Lack of Newer Models
Israel DM Rejects Macron's Proposed Trilateral Task Force To Defuse Hezbollah Tensions
Israeli Forces Kill Three Palestinians in West Bank, Use Bulldozers To Dump Body
G7 Calls on Israel To Stop Hobbling Palestinian Authority
Palestinians Urge Probe Into Israeli Jails as Released Detainees Recount Torture, Medical Neglect
'A Solution' – Israel Freezes Work Permits for 80,000 West Bank Workers
Israel FM: France Not Hostile to Israel, Gallant Doesn't Decide Diplomacy
Extremist Israeli Settlers To Hold Meeting on 'Occupying South Lebanon'
Israel Warns of Escalation From Cross-Border Fire From Hezbollah
ISIS Kills Five SDF Members in East Syria: Monitor
With Saudi Ties Restored, Syrians Fulfil Hajj Dreams
US Military Targets Houthi Radar Sites in Yemen After a Merchant Sailor Goes Missing
Yemen's Houthis Say They Attacked Two Ships and American Destroyer
Yemen Says 145 Ships Targeted in Support of Gaza as US Laments 'Deadly' Threat
Middle East
Iran, Sweden Exchange Prisoners in Omani-Mediated Deal
In Recent Weeks More Than 60 People Executed in Iraq
Ireland To Supply Non-Lethal Military Vehicle Fleet to Ukraine
US VP Harris Announces $1.5 Billion in Ukraine Aid at Switzerland Peace Summit
Ukrainian Families Cross Europe To Plead for Prisoners Held by Russia
Short on Troops, Ukraine Is Freeing Criminals To Fight
Ukraine Says Arrests Dozens Trying To Avoid Military Draft at Border
Canada to Ship More Military Equipment to Ukraine
Key Global Powers Fail to Sign Up to Ukraine Peace Summit Communique
Russian Forces Storm Detention Center, Free Hostages, Kill ISIS-Linked Assailants
United Kingdom
British Far-Right and Pro-Israel Activists Are Fighting the Palestinian Movement Together
UK Navy Pilot: I Had Nine Cancers Removed After Toxic Fumes Exposure
UK Court Okays Rights Groups' Fight To Halt Arms Exports to Israel
EU Agrees on Start of Accession Talks With Ukraine, Moldova
Swiss Summit Divides: Neutrality Under Fire Amid Ukraine Conference
Greek Army Considering Procuring US Precision Strike Missile
British Meddling in Macedonia Backfires, Exposing Coup Machinations
Could China's Drone Fleet Overpower US Strategies?
China Premier Li Says Australia Ties 'Back on Track' as He Embarks on Visit
China Premier Li Backs 'Dialogue, Not Confrontation' in New Zealand
South Korea, US 'Closely Monitoring' Potential Putin-Kim Meeting in Pyongyang
North Korea Building Roads, Walls Inside Demilitarized Zone: Yonhap
Asia Pacific
'Both Parties Must Find It Acceptable for Peace': India Declines to Sign Ukraine Peace Communiqué
Japan Says Its Ospreys Will Keep Flying Unrestricted Despite US Qualms
Myanmar's Embattled Military Government Cracks Down on Free Flow of News by Blocking VPNs
Pakistani Taliban Announce a Three-Day Cease-Fire With Security Forces on Eid Al-Adha Holiday
Taliban Govt Says To Attend Next Round of UN Talks in Doha
New Caledonia Reopening Its International Airport and Shortening Curfew as Unrest Continues To Ebb
First Australian Navy Team To Train in US on AUKUS Sub Ops
Sudan's Army Says It Has Killed US-Sanctioned Darfur Commander
Sudan's Army Repels Major Assault on El-Fasher; Kills RSF Commander
RSF Downplays Loss of Key Commander, Vows To Continue Fighting in Sudan
Water Crisis Batters War-Torn Sudan as Temperatures Soar
US Ramps Up Sudan Aid, Warning of Historic Famine
FBI Director Makes Rare Visit to Africa as Terrorism Threat Grows
Al-Qaeda Affiliate Claims Responsibility for June Attack in Burkina Faso
Surge in Rebel Attacks Sparks Deadly Protests in DR Congo
Strongman Haftar and Sons Tighten Grip on Eastern Libya
'Double Attack': The Curse of Natural Gas and Armed Groups in Mozambique
Niger's Highest Court Lifts Immunity of Deposed President Mohamed Bazoum
The Americas
Canada's Defense Investment Plans Put It on Track To Meet NATO Guideline, Minister Says
Colombia Aims for Peace Deal With Segunda Marquetalia Within Two Years
Honduras To Build 20,000-Inmate 'Megaprison' as Part of Gang Crackdown
The War at Home
Judge Orders Retrial of Civil Case Against Contractor Accused of Abuse at Abu Ghraib
VA To Add Three Cancers to List of Conditions Presumed Connected to Military Service
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