Madeleine Albright, Mass Murder, and the Medal of Freedom

Former Secretary of State under President Clinton Madeleine Albright will be awarded “the highest honor” that America bestows upon civilians — the Presidential Medal of Freedom. No, really. The woman who expressed unapologetic approval of the murder of 500,000 children will be decorated with an award denoting something to do with human freedom.

See here and here for more on the Iraq sanctions of the 1990s.

65 thoughts on “Madeleine Albright, Mass Murder, and the Medal of Freedom”

  1. If people only knew what a monster this old crone really is! Makes sense that Hitlary would have her by her side…didn’t work…but then again their collective INCOMPETANCE would make sense as bedfellows and old NECROMANCERS. FINALLY people are waking up to what monsters our leaders really are!

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