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Updated June 13, 2024 - 8:53 PM EDT
G7 To Send Ukraine $50B Frozen Russian Assets
  US, Ukraine To Sign Long-Term Military Deal
  Rep. Gaetz and Sen. Vance Probe Ukraine 'Enemies List'
  US To Send Another Patriot Missile Battery to Ukraine
Blinken Slams Hamas Ceasefire Response
  Hezbollah Fires 215 Rockets at Northern Israel
UN Report Details Israeli War Crimes
  UN Finds IDF Killed at Least 14 Israeli Civilians on October 7
  US Claim It Has No Info on Israeli Torture 'Remarkable and Wrong'
US Sanctions Chinese Firms Over Russia Trade
  China Drones Can Counter US 'Hellscape' in Taiwan Strait: Analysts
Stoltenberg: NATO Is 'Adapting' Nuclear Arsenal
Global Opinion of US Goes Down the Toilet
item Media Keeps Playing Along With Fiction There Is an 'Israeli Ceasefire Deal'  by Adam Johnson
item Does the Constitution Apply to Biden's War in Ukraine?  by Andrew P. Napolitano
item The Day the West Defined 'Success' as a Massacre of 270 Palestinians  by Jonathan Cook
item Using Ukraine Since 1948  by Joe Lauria

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Israel Social Media Account Declares 'There Are No Innocent Civilians' in Gaza
Protests Erupt as Armenia Nears Peace Deal With Azerbaijan
Gaza Families Desperate for Water With No Relief in Sight
Russian Nuclear-Powered Submarine Arrives in Cuba
US and Ukraine's EU Allies Rush To Agree Deal on Russian Assets Ahead of G7
Russian Missile Attack Kills Eight, Injures 21 in Ukraine's Kryvyi Rih
France's Macron Says Citizen Held in Iran Released
Macron Suspends Controversial Voting Reform in New Caledonia

German Court Rejects Palestinian Groups' Request To Block Arms Exports to Israel

Germany Plans Revamped Military Service Model
Armenia To Leave Russia-Led Security Bloc, Says PM
Azerbaijan Says Russian Peacekeepers Have Completed Withdrawal
Hungary To Allow NATO Aid To Flow to Ukraine
US Sanctions Head of Moldova's Gagauzia Autonomous Region
Polish Firm Inaugurates Patriot Missile Launcher Facility
RAF Aircrew 'Raised Fears of Toxic Helicopter Fumes 20 Years Ago'
Senior US Diplomat Believes China Determined To Stabilize Relations
Australia Anticipates China Will Lift Final Obstacle for Exports as They Ease Past 2020 Row
Countries Pledge $842 Million in Aid for Afghanistan at Brussels Meeting
Coca-Cola Ad in Bangladesh Sparks Backlash for 'Denying Ties With Israel'
Two Suspected Militants, Trooper Killed in Indian Kashmir Clashes
Japan Looks To Revamp Defense Industry After Years of Downsizing
The War at Home
Coast Guard Official Says Leaders Sabotaged Reports of Assault
V-22 Ospreys Barred From Full Mission Capability Until 'Mid-2025': NAVAIR Boss
70 Percent of Gaza Destroyed: Dozens Killed, Wounded in Israeli Strikes
Blinken Says US To Lay Out 'Concrete' Post-War Gaza Proposals
Almost 3,000 Malnourished Children in Gaza at Risk of 'Dying Before Their Families' Eyes'
US CENTCOM Commander Visited Israel During Nuseirat Camp Massacre
Child Victims of War Spiked in 2023 Amid Gaza, Sudan Crises: UN Report
A Palestinian Professor Spoke Out Against the Gaza War. Israel Detained Her.
Palestine Football Chief Says He Was Denied Australia Visa Over 'Terrorism' Links
Palestine and Barbados Officially Establish Diplomatic Relations
Anger Over Apple Matching Scheme 'Encouraging Staff' To Donate to Israel
US Promises $400 Million in Palestinian Aid as Ceasefire Push Grows
Qatar PM Meets Hamas, PIJ Officials in Doha
Palestinian Loses Eye in 'Pointless Attack' by Israeli Police
Palestinian Detainees Say They Faced Abuse in Israeli Jails
Israeli Cabinet Discusses Punitive Measures Against UN Agencies
US Military Urges De-Escalation as Israel-Lebanon Tensions Rise
US Holds Meeting With Israeli and Arab Generals Amid Gaza War
Yazidi Nationality Bill Sparks Controversy in Iraqi Parliament
Human Rights Group Exposes Surge in Secret Executions in Iraq
Middle East
Sixteen Syrian Soldiers Killed by ISIS
Yemen's Houthis Attacked Nearly 30 Ships in First Five Months of the Year
Over 1.5 Million Foreign Muslims Arrive in Mecca for Hajj
Egyptians Mock Sisi Over Deleting Posts on Unfulfilled Vows
El Fasher Conflict Forces Mass Displacement, as Sudan's Humanitarian Crisis Deepens
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