Israel and Palestine: A Reexamination

Check out this great interview of Sheldon Richman about his new book Coming to Palestine on the Tom Woods show.

In this incredible volume of essays, collected over 30 years, Sheldon Richman exposes the true history of Israeli dispossession of the Palestinians. Coming to Palestine turns the typical story most Americans have been told about Israel’s founding on its head. It is a ringing endorsement of reason, freedom, peace, and toleration in Palestine and Israel.

Scott Horton Week on the Tom Woods Show

Libertarian author and podcaster Tom Woods hosted editorial director Scott Horton on his show all week this week as a fundraiser to support the writing of Scott’s upcoming book on the terror wars.

Listen to the interviews here:

Day One: Current War on Terrorism Overview

Day Two: Somalia

Day Three: Iraq War II

Day Four: Iraq War III and Syria

Day Five: Yemen

Veterans: Never Should Have Fought the Terror Wars

What a shame. You know, it didn’t have to be this way at all.

Forget that crank Al Gore winning instead. If Bush had only had anyone but Dick Cheney for VP and Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz over at Defense, then Colin Powell would have been his man on foreign policy and the whole damn thing would have ended in 2002.

Don’t get me wrong, Powell is still a war criminal for going along and lying us into war, but it wasn’t his policy to expand the war.

No Iraq War II means no war in Libya, Mali, Syria, no Islamic State or Iraq War III. He probably would have wanted to stay in Afghanistan though, and who knows what else, but it definitely didn’t have to be like this: 7,000 dead Americans; a million-plus dead innocent people who had nothing to do with attacking us; as many widows and orphans; Christian, Druze, Yazidi, Turkmen, Kurds, Tuaregs, and millions more Sunni and Shia Arabs displaced and “cleansed” from their homes where their tribes had lived for thousands of years; domestic police state solidified; budget completely busted; capitalism completely corrupted; lost everything anyway; America disgraced permanently.

That must be why the rest of yall drink so much.