Iraq Pipeline Watch

Found an interesting website which keeps track of attacks on oil pipelines, installations and industry personnel in Iraq, starting in June of 2003 … here

Apparently this past month, June 2004, has been the worst, at least in terms of the number of incidents.

Taliban Still Killing

Reports continue to come in of Taliban terror attacks designed to disrupt the upcoming fall elections in Afghanistan – no one is spared: men, women, children, reporters. However, voters also continue to register although the original end-of-July deadline has passed.

Very intriguing interview with Elinor Burkett, author of So Many Enemies, So Little Time, appears today in A self-identified long-time lefty, she opines – and it seems obvious – that the real danger to women is fundamentalism. And she’s been there and seen it in Afghanistan and Iran. She has been amazed, as have I also, at U.S. feminists’ (NOW for instance) overwhelmingly Americentric perspective. But, hey, that’s just us Americans, right?

Tom Palmer’s Foreign Policy

My old associate Tom Palmer, who is now a Senior Fellow (formerly Vice-President) of the Cato Institute, explains his foreign policy:

Our Enemies’ Handiwork
The radical Islamicists have shown us again what they really are. The world should see the photos they released of their latest act of savagery. What else can one do but find and kill all of them before they kill all the rest of us, Muslim and non-Muslim alike?

Thanks to Lew Rockwell for this story.

Propaganda and History

Monday was the 90th anniversary of the Sarajevo assassination, the event that sparked (but did not cause) World War One. Though most media were trying to deal with the early transfer of bogus sovereignty to the puppet regime in Iraq, wire services found time to note the anniversary. Some, like the Associate Press, used boilerplate propaganda denying Austria-Hungary’s aggressive designs and instead claiming that Gavrilo Princip, the young assassin, was one of the “Serb nationalists who saw their own nation as the rightful master of the region.”
AP even quotes a former Izetbegovic henchman, Muhamed Filipovic, saying that “the same force drove Princip in 1914 as drove Milosevic and his henchmen in 1992 – ‘the idea of using force to create … a greater Serbia’.”
Austria-Hungary has been dead for 86 years, but that Vienna-spawned lie not only lives still, but has grown in the telling.

On the other hand, Agence France-Presse (AFP) put together an article entirely devoid of propaganda. Found thanks to Google News , it was published in the Philippines’ Manila Times. No indication any US paper picked it up, though it is possible; at least three US papers carried the AP story. Continue reading “Propaganda and History”