Weaponized Keynesians?

A regular reader of Antiwar.com writes, “Professor Joe Salerno, academic vice president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute in a recorded talk from the institute’s 30th anniversary celebration, talks about the Keynesian architects of the US Warfare state. Salerno explains how Keynesian economics teaches that wasteful consumption of all kinds, including warfare, generates additional income which makes society wealthier. For this reason, academic and government Keynesian economists have recommended additional military spending to help the economy out of the current recession.”

Listen to the podcast.

Antiwar.com’s Week in Review | September 30, 2011

Antiwar.com’s Week in Review | September 30, 2011

Watch Justin Raimondo talk with Judge Andrew Napolitano about Obama’s secret wars and the FBI investigation of Antiwar.com at the Antiwar.com blog. Don’t miss Scott Horton interview Glenn Greenwald for Antiwar Radio live tonight 6:30pm PT/9:30pm PT at Pacifica’s KPFK 90.7FM Los Angeles.


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Scott Horton on Fox Business Channel (video)

Scott Horton, host of Antiwar Radio was the featured guest tonight (11/29) on Fox Business News’ Freedom Watch, hosted by Judge Andrew Napolitano. The show airs daily Monday through Friday at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific.

Scott discussed the latest Wikileaks release. Judge Napolitano’s earlier interviews with Justin Raimondo can be found here and here.

Watch the clip:

Network for Peace

Is your student group featuring an antiwar speaker? Does your place of worship host a weekly peace vigil? Does your anti-empire group have a mailing list or a schedule of upcoming events?

We want to let others know about your work for peace. Please email Angela Keaton at akeaton@antiwar.com with the latest on your local activism.

Eric Garris on Bill Meyer Show

Antiwar.com founder and webmaster Eric Garris will be interviewed on the Bill Meyer Show Wednesday, July 7th at 7:05am Pacific/10:05am Eastern. The topic will be the recent comments by Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele on Afghanistan.

Listeners can enjoy the audio stream as well as a video feed from the host here.

Update: Mr. Garris also discussed the case of Michael Steele on The Karel Show on Green960 AM earlier today (July 6th.) Alternate format here.